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BM wants Kudos

CastleJJ's picture

DH got a text from BM at 4 a.m. this morning... SS woke up around 2 a.m. complaining of a sore throat so BM rushed him to the ER. BM sent several more texts between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m. saying that SS was diagnosed with croup, given an inhaler, sent home and is doing better. When DH woke up this morning and received the messages, he just responded "Thank you for keeping me updated. I'm glad to hear SS is improving." 

Does your husband have a favorite?

Stepmama1234's picture

My husband has 4 kids (my 2 SKs and our 2 kids). His oldest is his favorite. He will admit it and honestly I think it's noticeable, at least to me a mom to some of his children. She can do no wrong. She isn't a bad kid but she does do shitty things from time to time like all kids do. But she is perfect in his eyes and never does any wrong. His other 3 kids he has no problem telling me when they do something he doesn't like. Like it's a fault in their personality. 

OT- Anxiety sucks- nervous for my doggo girl.

bananaseedo's picture

So tomorrow is the day my girl Weimy is getting spayed.  She is 3.5 yrs old-we've navigated many heats with our intact male and know how to avoid unwanted pups- we have it down to a science and only 1 week of the 3 is the hellish one.  But it's time, it's been long enough, she's old enough -growth plates close by 2yrs- She had a false pregnancy this last heat and of course risk of pyometra the older she gets.

What should I do?

bowlingalli's picture

I'm a newly married stepmom. We have been married for a few months now, but have dated for years. My husband's former spouse who he shares a child with has always been mentally unstable. She and her former husband (now deceased) have threatened myself and my husband numerous times with physical violence. We simply ignored it and refused to partake in the immature bickering. However it is becoming worse and worse.

Is it better if they get along?

Hannah32's picture

BM has always been HC. 

After a particularly explosive episode OH was at a point where he was not having any interaction with her at PU/DO. He waited in the car. (This was at her request).

I noticed that when BM picked the kids up yesterday he went to her car (he normally waits by our door and watches them walk to the car carrying their stuff). A few words were exchanged and he came back inside.

Leaves the house

Mixed feelings's picture

Hi there, my partner of almost 9 years leaves the house (my house) when we argue.  He texts after a few hours to continue with the argument but does not face to face.  he is now gone for a week.  now contacting only my daughter (not his bio) to say good night.  this is not the first time he did this and he says he feels sorry afterwards.  he says he does it because he is too hurt. I cannot keep up with this childish behavior.  i think this is bullying me to get my apology.  makes me feel like I'm walking on egg shells! what do you think I should do?

Separated & appreciating...

StepUltimate's picture

...  peace & calm, as DH agreed to move out temporarily. No mantrums, love-bombing, or daily infomercials on newly-purchased expensive stuff (specific outdoor/sport activity equipment & gear, think REI on steroids). No anxiety counting down until DH comes home, because he's not here. Rented a place from his friend, temporary but at least he's gone. 


I'm not okay...

sleepymeg's picture

Bf and I had "the talk" last night. He said if I'm not happy and need to be free I have his blessing. Even though this is what I need it's what I want. It's just so final. My heart is hurting for the things that will never be: vacations, holidays, our future children...a lifetime together that I thought we agreed to and both wanted.


How do you discipline when privileges don’t matter?

ExhaustedByItAll's picture

SS was still causing havoc this weekend. He didn’t try to physically hurt T, I also kept T away from him for the most part or stood over them playing like a hawk. He did however take any and all opportunity to be a complete and utter dickhead to everyone in the house.