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"The Most Educated Generation"

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aka Generation Edible Tide Pod (Gen Zers).   Chef was at a convenience store the other day when there were no less than four Gen Z employees (doing something close to nothing as the song says), so one older woman decides to test their "knowledge."  Asked them how many eggs are in a HALF dozen? 

They all stood around stupefied until one decided to google it.  

I am not making this up!!!!

O/T Dodgy Websites Part II The Repercussions!

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So to update to my latest post on Chef just ordering a hard to find locally part from a dodgy website (still haven't received the tracking number since 8/10 after promise of delivery in 5-7 biz days)  I had scheduled for a new plow to be installed weeks ago on 8/26.   He is still down his work van because of not receiving this part.  Wouldn't you know Chef texts me and asks me to "reschedule the plow install" as he has too many things going blah blah.

O/T Reseaching Before Buying Online (vent)

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AAARRGGHH!  Chef NEVER looks at reviews of a company before buying from them.  This is at least the 2nd time that Chef has purchased  hard-to-find locally vehicle parts from a dodgy online company. 

Usually well past the date he was to receive the item, I ask where he purchased it from and to my horror after quickly checking the reviews for said company, there are endless negative reviews about never receiving the part etc. 

Adult Skids Suspects in StepDAD's Demise

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The backstory not mentioned in this article is that the step dad recently lost his wife, possibly the actual BM,  and was starting to downsize and sell off his rather large property.   You can pretty much connect the dots after that.


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So most of the school districts around here start school at the same time (except for Girville--they start a day later than anyone else--rolling eyes).  Same holidays, etc.   Normally I receive a school calendar in the mail from the local school district (one county over from Girville) despite the fact that I have no school aged children.

Only 124 More Payments Left!!

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123.97 to be exact.   That's a total of $8,801.97 more to flush UNLESS the HousesHitter legitimately emancipates before then. (Odds are low).   To be "fair"  this is much lower than what Chef used to pay for all three skids.  He was making $18 an hour and bringing home maybe $60-$100 a week after non arrears CS and taxes and union dues.  It was as much as $360-$390 a week not including extra medical payments and money he'd give to them.  

UPDATE: Today is the Big Day!

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For whatever reason, the Girhippo wants YSS (HousesHitter 18.5) to emancipate without a full time job and without being out of the house.  As a refresher, CS automatically goes to age 21 no matter what the "child" is doing.  There are very few specific emancipation events that meet the criteria BEFORE age 21.  This is not one of them and the Gir should know that having been in the CPS biz, foster parent counseling, etc. etc.


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Awesomeson got a copy of his fav childhood book for DGD.  I stupidly gave my bios' copy of that (rare I might add) book to Chef's ferals and never saw it again as it left my doorstep.  This was before I disengaged.   Those brats never picked up a book and were never read to.

Probably destroyed it or was thrown away. 

Odes to StepDADS abound; StepMOMs? Not So Much

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While visiting my DIL and DGD this weekend over in the Buffalo area, yet another local news story pops up about how an SD (3 in fact) bought her stepDAD a classic car that he had his eyes on.  She goes on to praise her stepdad and someone who "stepped up" (overused cliche alert) blah blah blah.  And yes her bio dad is still living.

In fact, all through social media and YouTube videos are stories such as this but you'd be hard-pressed to find it in the reverse.  HMMMMM I wonder why?? (rhetoric tags OFF)