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Didn’t know BM had a say on my wedding

Momof6WI's picture

So for obvious reasons we had to make changes to our wedding due to the pandemic. We planned on a very small ceremony with just a few guests. 6. Because that is all that was allowed at the time. Since then the mandate has been lifted and were allowed more, not many more but more family can attend. We decided on letting the four older kids participate, my BD20, BS16, BS13 and SD11. We decided on not having SS5 and SS3 attend the ceremony so other family members can attend such as parents and grandparents.

Omfg, what next?

Jcksjj's picture

So in today's version of how much drama can SD cause in only being here 2 days out of the last month - she's been searching inappropriate things on YouTube. Things that I have no clue why a nearly 9 year old would be searching and highly inappropriate. Luckily, there was parental controls on so the searches didnt yield much, but still. This kid is only in 3rd grade and fits the checklist for a teen with histrionic PD to a T. 


Virgo85Nurse's picture

Ok a little background. My Stepdaughters mom went to school for nursing when she was 2 weeks old. She was always handed off to her grandmother or her dad until nursing school was over. Soon after she went back to school. We had her a lot due to her mom always working night shift. If we didn't have her the grandmother did. When her biomom went back to school for 18 months she basically lived with her grandmother and came to see us Thursday to Monday when we dropped her off to school. They lived an hour away and my husband moved his job there to be able to drop her off to school easier.

Holiday Inn

LivMommy's picture

This is a rant but advice appreciated. So if any of you read my last post, I've majorly backed off with SD8. Last night we watched a movie together and that's the most time I've spent with her since my big blow up. This weekend I've had to go shopping and spend my own money on skids which makes me feel very resentful. They don't even like me. This weekend they told me I'm not fun. Why do I have to go shopping for their clothes and shoes. Every weekend they show up, complain, make a huge mess, and leave. I told my SD8 I'm not her personal maid and made her clean up her bathroom mess.

Skid is embarassing

Jcksjj's picture

So we moved into a new house last summer. Just recently started having neighbors move in.

Skid is here one weekend and we're probably already known as the house with that kid. I've never met a kid that begs for attention the degree she does. Literally never. I can think of girl I went to school with that had some similar behaviors, but not to this extent. 

Input needed not sure what to do

Blatza's picture

So, my boyfriend is mad because I will not watch his kid while he is at work because his ex needs a break.  I have 2 kids one with special needs. They are with me all day. My boyfriend other then acting decently he ignores my kids. He is not expected to watch them etc. but he wants his kid here he expects me to watch him even though the kid is raised completely different. I pay my rent I pay my bills I do not expect my boyfriend to do it but yet I am expected to watch his kid. My son and daughter adore my boyfriend who we all live together but his son is only here every two weeks.

SD’s BF has stayed away but not without a price

Thisisnotus's picture

And by price I mean I literal price tag!

DH held firm that we would not be having house guests. I know it killed him not to have to tell SD17 the word NO that her boyfriend can't come over....BF has been allowed out for about 3 weeks now.

i mistakingly suggested she get in DHs car and go hang out somewhere with the BF and that he Simply wasn't coming here. Go to the damn beach or something it's free!

Waiting for ????

Sam2's picture

Wasn't sure what to title this entry, really just a rant.  All started a couple of weeks ago.   I had posted about SD heading out with friends and staying overnight.  Well she went for two and half days , coming home about 5:00 PM on the last day.    Ok , we're not supposed to be going out etc but?   Well she's 21 and an adult was the reply.   Two weeks went by and my son texted me, could he hang out with his friend.  I replied maybe if outside practicing the social distancing etc, however my DH said abosultely not.  Mind you this is after his daughter goes away for 2 1/2 days to  hang out

Anxiety I can't shake..

missginger's picture

Someone posted about being anxious about this weekend. Funny I've been anxious for a couple weeks now and I cant shake it. 

I keep thnking how SD16 is going to be starting 11th grade next year and my fear is that things will be just like they have been: I don't see DH or BM doing jack shit to get her prepared for college. I see them getting her a car (BM just called DH about that on Mothers DAy. The bitch texted at 8:30 am about it. Like what? You wanted to remind DH on Mother's Day that you're the amazing woman that brought his precious daughter into the world?)