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BM fails to realize she's a sh*t parent.

Jcksjj's picture

BM posted a meme that was something to the effect of: Of course you judge parents in restaurants before you have kids. That's how the human race survives, everyone thinks they can do it better and no they can't. 

Uhhh no BM. YOU can't do it better. You can't even do it average. While I agree with the meme, they're probably talking about like 2- 4 year olds. If you're getting judged in a restaurant for your neurotypical fifth graders behavior, it's a you problem. 

The ongoing vegetarian struggle

stepmomnorth's picture

It all began around 3 years ago when my 11 year old skid proudly declared they are vegetarian! Their mother was on and off vegan through the years. Our family has always ate meat. We had to quickly try to come up with some ideas and vegetarian options! It was pretty bad at the beginning. We'd make meals and she threw tantrums. Partner or I would make meals for her and turn up her nose in dismay. Partner and I had numerous discussions. I suggested these ideas to him: take her grocery shopping on the Friday so she can be involved in what food she eats that weekend.

SD has sticky fingers

TheNotSoBonusMom's picture

We cannot get SD (9) to quit stealing. It always starts off with small things like food (Ik that's not that big of a deal, but with SD it becomes a snowball effect). Once she starts stealing more and more food that's when she starts stealing either from classmates or from us. Her stealing has spiked recently and it's starting to become even more alarming. Last week she stole one of my old phones and when she got caught with it, we explained that in order to use a phone it has to have cell service/WiFi and at this rate we'll never tell her the WiFi password if she keeps acting like this..



Dharma108's picture

Hi, I'm new to this group, and almost 4 years into my step-motherhood. My 11 year old step daughter is a little monster. She hurts my feelings and frustrates me on a daily basis and I can't talk to my partner about it because they get defensive and tells me I shouldn't get so upset. I feel alone a lot of the time, and Like I'm not allowed to have feelings about the SD. I love both of the kids, but I don't like who the 11 year old is becoming.

What do you think?

stepmom92's picture

So recently we got a new neighbor. She is pretty, single and has a teen. She introduced herself to my step kids and my husband. I was working. He did mention me while talking to her. I asked him what her name was and he told me but couldn't really pronounce the last name. I looked her up on Facebook and he said he had added her that day. That really bothered me because I hadn't even met her yet. He told me he would never do anything like that (have affair). I think her ex was helping her move in the other night. Anyway, should it bother me that he added her on Facebook?

"No" vs "I can't afford it" - What I wish we had known

Skimonkey's picture

DH grew up with nothing, taught himself a trade, and has built a business over 40 years (with my help for last 20) that finally does well for us.  (I also have always had a steady, corporate job that provides a respectable salary and benefits.  When my SS's were young, DH couldn't afford a lot for them, but always did his best.  Kids were frankly quite privileged. SS's had ski passes & equipment every year, played club soccer and club ice hockey and related summer camps and travel teams.  They had dirt bikes and road trip/camping vacations.

the Fishing Trip and Disengagement

CLove's picture

Hi all,

Well, Dh has another 3-day fishing trip, and Im actually looking forward to missing him if that makes sense. 

And its Toxic Troll's week with SD15. And Im not doing any school transport. Dh has organized a friend and his sister who lives near to the school as help in transport because TT is now working, but really odd hours and cannot do it herself without DH's help.


Beggar with a shotgun

SeeYouNever's picture

SD14 has been talking about getting a car for her 16th birthday since she was 9 or 10. 

Well I have a 2016 car that would line up well to give her since we'll probably want a new one around then. For now it's DHs daily commuter car and we have another bigger family car that I drive daily and we drive on the weekends.  I offered it but DH said she's expecting a new car and probably won't want it. Of course we then talked about how neither of us got new cars as teenagers and if she expects a new car then it's BM or her parents problem to buy her one. 

Divorce and other things

stepmomnorth's picture

My partner and I have been together over 6 years now. He's filed divorce paperwork around 2.5 years ago. There was a mixup with a new secretary who filed the unsigned paperwork and it sat there for literally months. Then they messed up again. Finally got the papers to his ex. She started to use the divorce as leverage because they were also working through a finalized separation agreement to include post secondary details. Well basically they had almost everything settled now but his ex lawyer just got back to him with more bullcrap stuff to deal with and still no signed divorce.