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Is this my insecurity?

BlueDiamond1986's picture

So we all get along with BM and her husband. We met with them and the kids to go eat and then us and the kids go home. We were all eating and my husband got a steak. As he was eating, BM said she remembered one time (when they were together) when he and her were eating and he got a steak that was dark red and looked bloody. My husband said “yeah and you were gagging the whole time.” Then I said something about how I had one similar to that one time. It was when me and my husband (her ex husband) were eating. He didn’t say anything about it when I brought it up.



anonymous2001's picture

I have posted on here before but had to get a new account since the old one was causing issues. 

I am a stepmom of 2, newly wed but have been in the lives of my stepkids for 3 years now. BM and myself had a great relationship last year and this year she is a completely different person. Once husband and I got married, she switched up her attitude. Husband had to file for contempt because she took the kids on his time and it has been okay but still rough since then. 



Two weeks until SD comes for Christmas Break

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

DH and I are very much looking forward to SD coming for Christmas Break which will be 12 days with us. SD's grades really aren't any better, she currently has 2 F's. Still no update on if SD is going to be tested from the school. The therapist emailed that SD's in office appointment was rescheduled to next week. Big surprise BM did not notify us, but the therapist also said she hopes to discuss with SD the anger issues and jealousy issues BM has told DH about. In addition to the time off for Christmas and New Years, DH is taking some time off and I am off the entire time SD is here.

HCMB Pregnancy Announcement

Dogmom1321's picture

SD13 told DH a while ago that BM was pregnant. BM made her "announcement" on FB and SD said it was a boy due around May/June I think. 

This will be BMs THIRD baby daddy (not married either). She has a 19 y/o son. SD13 (with DH). And now a baby boy on the way with a different Dad. 

BM has claimed in the past that she want to move back to her home state. And do more travel nursing to "see the world." Well guess that won't be happening anytime soon. Bady Daddy also has his own kid he shares custody of. 

New to this and wanting to bolt

EG94's picture

Well I am glad I found this site! For months I've been feeling alone and heartless because of the way the step kids make me feel. Generally nice kids but have been spoilt and I can't bare the entitled attitude they hold. 

oldest 12, youngest 8. The 8 year old I really dislike with a passion. 12 year old I can bare. 8 year old causes the most issues as my partner babies Jim so does his mother! They have no rules and boundaries and think that applies to my house - NO! 

When You Feel Second To His Ex and Kids....

Lillywy00's picture

This is constantly how I felt with my ex-fiance (more like 5th to his ex and kids) and one of the major reasons I could not move foward with marrying him. 

When I brought it up...I got accused of being 'jealous of his kids', got told "I'm doing this 'for the kids'"/"I feel guilty my kids are in 2 households"/"I don't want my kids to suffer"......  and any other excuse to justify the behavior with minimal improvements

With his ex-wife and kids everything was an emergency/a need/urgent

Not sure what to make of it

AlmostGone834's picture

... maturity?

LI (when asked what she wanted for Christmas... because DH and I have no clue what she's interested in these days) actually listed some "sensible" gift cards for once. She took forever to answer. DH just said to me "so... hmmm... necessities then".

On one hand, I wasn't expecting it. She usually asks for cards that can buy her maybe one luxury item- like a $40 mascara or something. So this is a change. Maybe she is maturing?