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Not as bad as she has built it up to be in her mind... so far.

Rags's picture

With the exception of the request to speak about it from the managing partner, the firm has been remakably professional in their interface with my DW.

The other tax manager in the firm reached out to DW upon learning of DW's 2wk notice. That person was supportive, offered to give DW a strong reference, and told her that when she is ready to go back to work that she knows of  firm that pays well and does not push for more than 45hrs/wk.  DW was flored as this individual was one she expected to scream, yell, and cuss out my DW.

Letty's funeral

WalkOnBy's picture

No plans announced just yet, but last night when I got home from work, I went up to DH's office and said, "you know, I think it might be good for you to go to the funeral with the skids.  There is NO WAY that the Beast will approach them if they are sitting next to you."

He said he agreed and also said that while it wasn't appropriate for him to go see Letty in hospice, it is completely appropriate that he attend the funeral to support his kids and his former sisters-in-law.  I told him I was glad to see that we were on the same page.

ICYMI BMs parents edition.

MissK03's picture

SD went over BMs parents house Sunday. She has seen them a few time within the last year... they also live 5 minutes from us. Prior to this the have done nothing with skids... I think more because of their relationship with BM. BMs mom is NOT a good person though..

Anyways... SD told SO that they  BMs dad.. who is a puppet of BMs mom... had surgery on his male part and he was recovering. 

I guess that is something you need to share with your 15 year old granddaughter.



16 years and Beaver is still petty af

halo1998's picture

16 years into this...and Beaver still is petty af.

SD..,as a normal 16 almost 17 year old likes to spend more time with her friends than her parents. Go Figure....

However, SD does not drive yet..she is scared to drive.  I get it and I had both kids scared to drive but I taught all three two and SS..aka GWR...and all are good drivers, etc.  So I can teach SD but its a NO so far.  Not my kid not my problem..and I don't play Uber for her.  DH handles all of that now....(therapy is WONDERFUL for pointing out to him SD is problem..not mine and I'm not her momma)

Need your wise advice

JRI's picture

You've all heard me rant about my SD61.  Emotional, high-maintenance, lying, manipulative.  I am trying to stay gray-rocked and detached.

She has 2 daughters, C & M.  Her relationship with M has been tenuous, I dont want to know the details altho she drained M"s college fund forcing M to take out student loans for her teaching education, for a starter.  I try to have my own individual relationships with C & M without criticizing SD.   

the Letty visit and now the funeral

WalkOnBy's picture

So - BabyVoice and Karate Kid successfully avoided the Beast last week when they went to see Letty.  The aunts told the Beast that she could come at a certain time, and since she lives two plus hours away, the skids had plenty of time to see Letty.  Letty was not awake and non-communicative, so BabyVoice sang to her and played her some songs on her ukelele.  She really has turned into a very sweet girl.

This week's fresh hell

TrueNorth77's picture

Skids came yesterday and as is apparently inevitable, it was an immediate shit show. Every single week, it's a f'ng debacle and I am so over it. I actually made dinner plans with friends so I could prolong seeing skids. 

I didn't get out the door fast enough so saw SD13 after she got home from school- she was in a good mood, said she was good and nothing was new, and I left.  

Ss23 to be a dad

SMto3's picture

Ss23 as you all may remember, moved out of our house last March. He had grown accustomed to being alone in the apartment we had (we had rented our house for Airbnb but then moved back in a few months later, leaving SS23 in the apartment). Ss23 never helped consistently so we were stuck paying our mortgage, the apartment rent and 2 light bills. 
Ss23 makes 800 dollars weekly. Certainly he could have helped with the bills, especially seeing as he stood alone in the apartment.