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Question on being equal

Biscuit87's picture

Hi All only joined this week, got some really good advice and very grateful for people's help. Been reading through loads of blogs and have a question if someone could help me please. I see a lot of blogs about wanting to come first or not wanting to be equal with skids wanting to be more. I agree with the equal thing as I believe adults are ultimately the one in control of the house, responsibilities, what is acceptable etc. I personally don't feel there should be equality to such a degree in those things because well then skids rule the roost really.


nathaly pretty's picture

i would never date guys with guys ever again, my bf is great, we get along like no other, he could potentially be the man of my life with the only exception of his kids, baby mama, his own mom, he is surrounded by drama but for him  its normal because thats where hes been all along.


Child support payment question

NotThatTypical's picture

This past week we found out why it takes so long for SO’s payments to show on the CS website. Turns out the company has to mail a paper check to the CS office. We just found out because Monday I almost tore SO a new one because his child support payment still wasn’t showing and I thought he failed to make sure his company withheld it like they’ve done in the past. Well I get home and he shows me the paystub which clearly shows the full amount was withheld but over 10 days later it still wasn’t showing up on the website.

BM Messaged Me

Ursula's picture

I am so mad right now.  So BM just messaged me with an incredibly rude message.  I'm not responding but I'm furious.  Basically SD went back and gave BM the run down of things that happened at our house over the weekend, and she made up some stuff too apparently.  Part of BMs message to me was to Never slam the door on my daughter again!  I never slammed a door but if I want to slam a door in my own house I can do that!  BM also said that I'm jealous of her, and called me fat.  Good lord, this woman is so miserable.  And I have to see her tomorrow.  

Am I misinterpreting this as odd?

Zenmode's picture

So after years of chasing OSD I stopped reaching out about two years ago. I used to regularly (for about 3 years) invite her over and try to have her come spend one on one time with either me, her dad or us both. Reality finally dawned and after these years of dismissivness and  where it appeared we were going to get together and it flopped due to her unintererest, I stopped.

Ugh...Why more pets..just why

halo1998's picture

SD has informed us...that GWR has adopted two kittens.  Ugh...why more pets..just why...

Apparently Beaver is not onboard with the kitten adoptions so I'm waiting for these two poor souls to make an exit just like the last two cats did.  The minute these two need vet care they will be gone or suffer.

The list of poor unfortunate souls...include

Roll up roll up

Dc3sc2's picture

Place your bets now!!!!

As it's Friday I'm taking bets on what sd10 will do this week odds are as follows-

Not come at all 2/1

Come but get mummy to pick her up tomorrow 2/1

Come but remember she has somewhere to be Sunday morning so NEEDS to go home Saturday so daddy HAS to take her home 2/1

Come for the whole weekend 1000000/1



SS is on his way to a Ph.D!

tog redux's picture

So apparently, SS21 now has his green card (through BM) and is taking 4 classes at BM's college. I don't know how you do that without matriculating, and I know damn well he didn't get into that school with his crap grades in high school and failed year in community college. Last we heard he was planning on a degree in Nanotechnology, going for a Ph.D - which will take eight years, he says (eight more years of being under BM's rule, since he has to be a dependent on her taxes to get free tuition, and I'm not even sure it applies to graduate school tuition)

Setting New Boundaries for SS & BM

Vee00's picture

***First post alert*** My 12yo SS and his BM moved from another state a little less than a year ago to be closer. This is a decision that BM decided on her own without much conversation with us prior to the move. She also decided where she would live which is walking distance from my DH and I. Overall we don't have a bad relationship but it could definitely be better. Throughout this past year we have been trying to  adjust to the changes while trying to do our best to keep the peace. My DH and I have been together for going on 6 years and married for almost 2 years.