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Some beacon of hope

Lady.Tremaine's picture

So last weekend went off awesome. BM does not have a bath at her home so I got the kids bath bombs and they loved it. Both were gracious and in a great mood all weekend.

We visited DHs family for a bit and went home where we watched space jam 2 ( which was awful) but we had an amazing time. My DH took pictures of us dancing around when the movie got boring as I wore my parody bugs bunny kigurimi ( basically large saggy pajamas )

Help with SS9 won’t look or talk to me

Football93's picture

Advice needed!!!!

when does the feeling of being a third wheel EVER get better?! We have SS 50% of the time and we can go weeks oR months having a great time and he treats me at least like a human being. But now all of the sudden, he won't look or acknowledge me when he is here. My DB says he does not have to like me and he will not force him to act or do anything he does not want.


‘I don’t want BM to find out about our minibreak’

Hannah32's picture

I really thought I had a breakthrough with my partner, I took him to see a blended family specialist to discuss his unhealthy, enabling, constantly living in fear of his ex parenting relationship. We have been together 4 years. BM is extremely HC.
The councillor drummed home to him that his ex does not dictate rules in our house, no matter how high conflict she acts, to ignore her unless it's about the kids etc. My partner was very engaged and seemed to take it all on board.

Feels like it's always me

Kisanmisme2's picture

SD17 and SS15 are on CO for visitation EOW and vacation time. The 2nd time they gave us a revised schedule of when they are going to visit this summer and we discussed it then. SD17 is very high maintenance and to get him to set some kind of schedule for the year and give us notice( not changing weekly) I make him take the day off when she is here. I thought this would deter him from allowing them to come over whenever. We live in an apartment, they are almost adults and I think giving notice to come visit is respectful. Anyways he took the days off but I am going to hide in my room.

Kind of interesting

Jcksjj's picture

BMs half brother (she didn't really have a relationship with him) died recently. From the obituary, along with some background info I already knew, I gathered this:

GBM got married, had a few kids, got divorced and left kids with dad. Got remarried and had another kid, divorced again and left that kid with dad. Remarried a third time (to BMs dad), had 2 more kids. Got divorced again, left the kids with dad and moved in with the man she's still with today. 

Keep Disengaged! Super enlightening from the other side

step-out's picture

Some of you told me before that after the "drama" with SD, that she would move on to new dramas. Boy, were you right! She's just off the phone with DH about how he did something or other (not important to bore you with details). She can no longer use me as her punching bag because I am not a part of her life emotionally any longer. It's amazing how DH and BM continue to give in to her constant crap. Not one person has told her to grow the !*#! up, stop living with Mommy and problem solve on your own. I'm sure next week, or maybe tomorrow, something new will pop up. 

Step-life Update & Woes of Pregnancy

CastleJJ's picture

Since SS left in early July, things have been calm in terms of steplife. I dont attend pick-ups/drop-offs because I don't care to interact with BM and prefer to be a mystery to her. I have had no contact with BM in over 2 years. But, BM picks SS up from our apartment clubhouse, which I can see clear as day from our living room window, so I always watch to see the exchange unfold. While saying goodbye, SS ran up to DH and gave him the biggest bear hug for a solid 2 minutes as BM watched awkwardly.

Should I introduce him to ST?

Kamore's picture

BM's BF has been complaining to US a lot lately about all he does for SS and how nobody thanks him foe all he does, blah blah blah. He says we need to help more with SS's care while he and BM work. Now we live about 45 minutes away in good traffic. He's expecting us to come get SS watch him while they work then bring SS back. I asked him what was he smoking and he got offended. He hasn't texted me since, lol