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Proposal to being blocked in 5 days!

dandelion wishes's picture

My previous blog mentioned that my ex-fiance proposed to me (again) via text. (Yeah.) He wanted to be married, but not live together.  Nope - that is not for me. Now he blocked me because of something written in my attorney's letter.  Wth?  I never reach out to my exF anyway.  He told me he was going to block me, but I "could feel free to email." This is such bizarre behavior.  Well, bipolar behavior I suppose.  He seems to be worsening.  I have to stop trying to rationalize the irrational.

Self harm- any advice?

floralsm's picture

So I had an epiphany just now. I just saw SD post something on her TikTok page about being clean or people being clean. Now I immediately thought 'ok strange she's posting about people being drug free'. This girl is 10 and a very young 10. Then the last post was about being clean again and a reference to cutting themselves. 

The Next Installment

la_dulce_vida's picture

As requested, here is the summary of the weekend with the nice man I met a week ago.

It's been a gift to meet this nice man. He has been CONSISTENTLY communicative, polite, apologetic, considerate, welcoming, gentlemanly, inclusive and kind. He's shown an example of word and action matching. Through conversation he's been transparent and forthcoming, as well as vulnerable. I cannot tell you how much knowing both this man and the other, younger guy has been nice. It's helped me see how some people are just wired to connect, and others just aren't wired for something deeper.

O/T - Ughh. Sitting at work, waiting....

Rags's picture

I have a contractor in the plant today doing some installation work.  So, I am sitting here on a Saturday finding anything I can to distract me from writing procedures. Which I detest writing.

The vision that my boss and the execs aligned on when I accepted the job was that I would define, build, tool, staff, lead, and replicate the organization I was hired to deliver. 

Well well well…

Rose_Pedal's picture

If it isn't the consequences of her own actions coming back to bite her in the ass.

Not that I am celebrating in somebody's misery, because I don't do that in general and that is not what this is about, but I certainly am glad that my SD 12 has finally had to face a real consequence of her own actions regarding her irresponsibility and inability to listen to what she has been told to do as well as be held accountable to follow through with something.

That Came Out of Left Field

CajunMom's picture

DH tells me that his son (second oldest) called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. It was left via voice mail as I was spending that special day with my two adult children, who treated me (and DH) to a lovely, expense free weekend out of town. DH played the message and sure enough, "I want to wish Ms. CajunMom a very Happy and Lovely Mother's Day."

O/T dog storm phobia

Merry's picture

My sweet Pittie mix has a terrible time with storms. Very little response to Prozac or Xanax and I think one other thing the vet tried. Thundershirt and hemp chewies also not effective.

She pants, drools, shakes, climbs on me, runs out into the storm if she gets half a chance. She really suffers, and so do I.

And my grumpy old lady border collie mix is super protective of me and doesn't share well.