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Aly Fran's picture

DH and I were together for a total of 5 years. If I were to recall our relationship then I'll have to say the bad outweighs the good. 

We have a daughter together and I stayed and fought for the sake of out daughter. But I can't do this anymore, I have reached the end of the road there's no turning back and there's Bo where to go.

My dearest steptalk friends

bananaseedo's picture

A quick note as an update. Things are starting to look up, even though our marriage may be ending. 

Btw, my SD 22 is doing very well, she is livinf with her mom with the grandson.  Her baby daddy moved back home to another state but they are coparenting very cordially, the little one goes there every 6 or so weeks and stays 2-3 weeks for visits. They arranged CS and  custody between them no court.   She took a  CNA crash course and landed a job at a well known hospital. Im so  very proud of her and happy!  We stay in touch often

SS11 Visit Update

CastleJJ's picture

SS11 arrived last Saturday for his two week stint of visitation. On the 4 hour drive down to BM's house, BM texts DH to let him know that she is at the emergency vet with SS' elderly pet who she wasn't sure was going to make it. BM said that SS was really upset about it. DH was concerned about this elderly pet derailing pick-up or devastating SS and ruining the visit, since we were leaving same day to travel to Florida. DH arrived to BM's house; she was home and the pet was fine. SS said that pet had an abscess and had to have a tooth pulled.

Drained, emotionally & physically

TheRealHouseWife's picture

We went a whole day without speaking. Picked up my daughter after work, came home to change and my DD and I headed out. After a few hours, came home, nice enough to bring food for EVERYONE, but still SO and I arent speaking. SO is in the bedroom and I'm in the family room. Just before bed he comes out. He doesnt understand what is going on with us, with me. He feels as if I'm pulling away from him. All I can do is cry as this man sits here and tells me that he feels like I dont love him anymore. The conversation doesnt end well. I cant sleep.

Is leaving my only option?

TheRealHouseWife's picture

I’ve not been on this site for very long, but in the time that I have I’ve felt so much relief. Not only to be able to vent but to have so many people understand and be experiencing the same issues. I have been doing a lot of reading of other situations similar to mine and am a little saddened to see most of the advice given is to leave. And as much as that is usually the smartest and healthiest option, it is most difficult. I love my SO and it makes it that much harder that after trying for so long, we are finally having a child.

Two BMS - One Week

ICanMakeIt's picture

Sorry to double post back to back - 

As a PSA when you marry a guy with two ex's with kids be has a way of making jokes.

Not only do I get to see the OG EXWife, I get to see the Mega High Conflict one too, all in one week.

Wedding for eldest, promotion ceremony for youngest - in a 4 day spread. 

Who's the luckiest StepTalker of the month? *wacko*


Upcoming Nuptials

ICanMakeIt's picture

I normally come here regarding DH younger set of kids. 

Today is different, he also has two older children (different BM) UGH I know.  I'm just venting I suppose. 

Anyhow for a little background, Eldest SD is getting married soon. He has been divorced from her mother for 30 years. Her sister and DH have been estranged for about 10 years and although he has attempted to reach several times, remain estranged. 

Last post update

Jmariel8's picture

To recap the party was fine be it all very uncomfortable. I know what I got myself into with DH but the first two years we all were very separate for birthdays and everything. The only thing that brought us together was school and sports which is of course understandable and fine. However last year, 2 months before I became pregnant I asked if he wanted a big happy family w her her husband and her parents, in laws etc or would he have boundaries and keep it kind and cordial. He said boundaries, kind and cordial.


The two Bs: Boys & Bathrooms

TheRealHouseWife's picture

We have a 3 bed 2 bath. My DD now has to completely share a bathroom with my SO and me because my SS is disgusting & dirty. He is now the sole user of our main bathroom, which he is not keeping clean. He is supposed to be cleaning it at least 2x a week, and still needs to be told to do so. It’s so embarrassing when I have company because he has his hair ALL OVER! I hate when I get surprise visits because I know my bathroom is dirty. Not only that, but he will be in there for up to an hour-hour and a half. He sits in there on his phone.