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Stoney Love

CLove's picture

In making plans for the weekend, I am coming upon the annual local festival that celebrates a dark green/black stone only found in this area - a festival I always love to go to, and Im assaulted by memories.

The last time I went, I cajoled Husband and SDthen12/13?Pouty McPouterson to go with me. Its about a 2 hour drive down. SD PMP wanted to go to a riverside inn I had taken her to during a spring break trip previously. It was on the way, and not really included in the destination.

DH's family inviting themselves over

missgingersnap2021's picture

This is just a quick vent becuase I am still so annoyed:

Saturday night we went out with DH's family for a belated bday celebration for SD. (She turned 18). I had a tooth extracted on Friday so I wasnt feeling so great but I went because DH would have been disappointed if I didnt go. 

First weekend after SD turned 18

missgingersnap2021's picture

I know it was probably just a fluke and won't happen again for a log time but the first weekend after SD turned 18 she didnt sleep over for 2 of her regular nights. Friday night she didnt come here at all (she had plans with her best friend that was home from college). And then she left Sunday at 6 to go out to dinner with her mom (belated bday dinner) and stayed at her moms. 

I'm sorry but getting  these extra nights was sheer HEAVEN!!!! 

If only this was going to be the new norm.....


Step son small update

stepmomnorth's picture

An update to my prior blog. So we didn't have step son at our wedding gathering at our house. We had my brothers family and his sisters family.  We had such a nice time with everyone, we hadn't seen them all in a long time. The kids are all younger and they were hilarious playing ping pong and whatnot, we all had fun.

Dh birthday went well

Lifer33's picture

Which is a surprise to me as much as anyone!

His bday is actually Wednesday. I was literally going to plan a gathering this coming weekend to include ss , dhs parents and brother Sil etc. They are just as slack as ss.

Ss waltzes in Thursday night and Says 'dad mums told me to tell you that we are away next weekend for (insert stepdads names) presentation...

Grateful for the help I've received here.

Rhiannon's picture

I haven't posted in a long time, mostly because I haven't really had anything to vent about. In part because I took the advice I got here, and found a way to connect with my step-daughter. It also helps that she's a great kid and DH is an amazing husband. He always made sure to include me in every decision. He always made time for me. It took a while for me to warm up to the whole being a step-parent thing. And it took a while for SD to warm up to me. (Also in part because we just cut out BM's parents entirely. Best decision of our life, I think. As harsh as it may have been.

MIL teaching SD to be a mini wife

Ashleytenorio17's picture

If you have read my blogs before you know the struggle I have with my over stepping MIL. Also SD has not been coming on her weekends and when she does she will stay at MIL house the entire weekend, good... Funny how SD all the sudden cares about MiL when she never ever did before . I also think SD is over there telling them lies as to why she does not wanna come to our house. SD has been extremely jealous of the fact the DH has other children, something that BM has also expressed .