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Parental Alienation

Craig_1984's picture

PLEASE PLEASE READ CAREFULY AND HELP - Dear All, I hope you are all well and keeping strong. I REALLY need help and as a father I would like to genuinely know if am in the wrong.. its a long story so a lot of you may read every second word but if you have the time please read and be as honest as possible. I need genuinely answers and if I'm in the wrong I'd really like to know , critique but please try be heartful as I've been in a bad place for a long time about this.


Arkansas Child Support

GamingBuddy's picture

Has anyone here experienced requesting a support adjustment for Arkansas using the new laws.

We have alot of new events that need to be considered and the old order is about 3 years old.

My partner has a new job and will also start carrying the kids insurance.

We're also worried BM is about to quit her job. She's starting school which is fine but it's not right for her to do nothing and expect him to do everything.

Feeling down

Moralofthestory's picture

I really need some words of encouragement because I am struggling to see better days.... 


I'm a SAHM with my dd who is 9 months who is exclusive breastfeeding . My ss is 5 and has started living with us full time last year. I feel so overwhelmed because I've been a full time nanny to ss while the pandemic had kids home. It's new to me caring full time for a ss who has the problems and influence he has from being raised by his mom. It's a constant struggle


Stupid games waiting on stupid prizes

NotThatTypical's picture

So apparently child support is waiting on BM to return some paperwork. As such SO is over paying but has been assured it will be refunded at some point. Of course it’s annoying because I’d rather we have the money now but if she doesn’t get her crap together soon it will be over a month worth of child support she won’t get.

I’m sure when she fails to get paid one month she’ll cry that it hurts the children but it’s her fault because she just wants to rid out the clock and not respond.

A bit of an update on SD's tonsils

NotYourAverageStepMama's picture

So for those of you who read the blogs regarding SD and her tonsils, SD had a second opinion appointment today. 

1. BM did not tell us SD had this appointment until we asked BM 

2. BM gave us the date of the appointment, but no time or other information until BM was asked yesterday

3. BM took SD to the appointment and then did not share any information about the appointment until messaged 3 hours after the appointment when BM did not send any information

School Schedule v4

Cover1W's picture

DH is a lucky, lucky man.


We had friends stayting with us this weekend who were in the last stages of packing a moving truck and moving across country today. She mentioned that they had decided to get rid of thier older car, just sell it cheap or donate it. Wait a sec....DH said, how much? I'm interested!  So viola DH now has a car that cost less than $1K, perfect for local trips, serviced at a local shop, taken care of by people we know.

He's relieved and less stressed already. As am I.


Feral Forger SD22 and her needles

CLove's picture

I posted earlier this week about Feral Forger, and her wanting to move back in with us...because Toxic Troll and her have been fighting and shes been told she needs to move out. For probably the 10,000th time.

I just know this because of her broadcast text to DH Clan Group text thread, where she screen captured TT telling her "F U, I cant stand you, you need to get out in 5 days..." etc. And she got some sympathy - 2 out of the 20 plus family called DH about it, and he had to explain "Life Choices Feral Forger-style".

A trip to Skidville -- will it happen or not?

Merry's picture

Interesting conversation with DH over the weekend.

Let me first preface that DH hasn't seen his adult kids since Christmas 2019, when we traveled to Skidville (800 mile trip). Then no travel due to COVID. SD had planned a trip to visit us in late summer, but then her family was exposed so they cancelled. DH was disappointed, but knows it was the right decision.

Also, SS recently got a new job and bought his first house. We're very proud of him--he's really turned his life around. He is now about 3 hours from SD, instead of one.

Using kids to perpetuate abusive behavior

Jcksjj's picture

Most of my relationship with DH I've questioned if BM was alienating SD or if SDs reaction to DH and myself was just a natural response to the situation. Over the past year it's become glaringly obvious that yes, it was alienation and it sounds like it started before DH even left BM (only BM knew the correct way to handle SD and criticized anything DH did, SD only ever wanted BM, etc). 

Feeling Stressed

CastleJJ's picture

I am 17 weeks pregnant and DH and I are expecting a little girl in February 2022. When we found out I was pregnant, DH and I sat down and discussed how and when we would tell SS9. We decided, due to the nature of dealing with our HCBM, we would wait to tell SS until we saw him in person for Christmas this year. DH and I felt this would be best because it allows us to control the narrative.