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Getting things OUT

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So Ive been on this here Blog Steptalk Site for over 6 years!!!

Ive gotten a lot out of my system...things are a lot more peaceful. SD24 Feral Forger is forging her own life no dramz there. Toxic  Troll has been minding her own, and only 7 more payments. SD PowerSulk has been kind and nice and we stay out of each others way.

Super Blue Moon Humor

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Its not super humor, but here it is...

Since the BLBW (Burst Love Bubble Wedding) SDPowerSulk CPs has been REALLY friendly to me. I am reserved, but yes, am going with it. She wants to suddenly say "hi" "goodmorning" "goodnight", Im going with it. 

Last night, I didnt cook (skid time, clove no cook-ie) husband didnt want to cook. Tells me this. SDPS has been in her room. Its 9:30 pm. Husband sais "well theres a steak in the fridge..." trails off leaving it open to interpretation.

Love Bubble Bursting

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The aftermath.

So, in all honesty it wasnt that bad. And it was really sweet, and beautiful and the couple is truly lovely and in love.

Husband and I did a few shots of whiskey while there before things started. A few more were had during the day. Drama with Feral Forger (for me) never materialised.

Wedding Bliss Love Bubble

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With some new therapies that I am trying, I need to come up with good power words and visuals, to help with anxiety and all the other emotions.

As my previous post noted, TODAY is the big day. My power words are in my Blog Title.

Husband has texted SD17 and let her know he is picking her up at X time, what about her sister. She replied, yes sd24 FF wants to go too, and Im afraid of that. Wish he hadnt told me that part, but I am going to use my power words...Wedding Bliss Love Bubble.

He then texted SD24 FF and she is going with a cousin so doesnt need a ride.

Turn! turn! turn!

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A time to have weddings, apparently. (referencing the Byrds song)

This weekend I am preparing for stomach-turning stress. 

Husbands nephew is getting married to a very sweet gal Ive spoken to a few times.

It is taking place in his sisters backyard - nephews mothers backyard. Its huge and will be HOT. Its on Saturday - boo Ill be missing a popular festival Ive attended the past 15 plus years both days without fail.

After the Choices more choices

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Happy Saturday steptalkers. I thought I should document my Friday, because (surprise) no SD17 Powersulk! Yep. "And just like that..."

Friday at work ends. Im tired and kind of downhearted, but feeling a bit like I wanted to kick up my heels (or rev my engine?) doing some car week stuff. Husband comes home, tired and in shoulder pain. We kind of look at each other "what do you want to do? I dunno what do YOU want to do?"

Im tired and anxious about the skid thing. He can probably tell, even though I dont say anything.

Sour Grape Song "allelu-cha cha cha"

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Im re-reading some steptalk SOLID GOLD.

It started when I got a text from Sweetheart Niece. Shes having challenges: shes a large person of short stature with heart and breathing issues and was in rehab for a bit and had her 250,000 inheritance stolen by a "bad boyfriend".

She comes over every now and then.

Selective Amnesia Soup AKA Clean Slate Syndrome

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I am taking all the advice as given - and re reading daily to instill everything inside my brain. 

Funny story insertion.

Last night, after I came home from work a little tired, husband and I had our daily conversation about "what are we doing for dinner".

I had purchased pork ribs on sale, and we have our normal convo. He quips "and powersulk can do it tonight!" 

I got quiet and said nothing, smiled blankly and nodded vaguely.

Temper, Temper

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If you refer to someone's temper or say that they have a temper, you mean that they become angry very easily. He had a temper and could be nasty. His short temper had become notorious. Synonyms: irritability, anger, irascibility, passion More Synonyms of temper.

Referencing my previous Blog Post, I have withdrawn much, havent given into my desire for conversation, retribution, resolution, chore doing, nada.

I DID ask the reason for the conflict that was so bad Husband had to hero out and go rescue SD17 Power sulk from big bad momma Toxic Troll.