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Drying the tears digitally

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Last night while I was participating in my online tax class, SD15 B/M approached me with an emergency "I need your help request". It was her friend (a girl) and she was sobbing on the phone and having issues with her bio mother.

I dropped the call, but stayed logged into the lecture. What are you going to do? Im hardwired that way. A kiddo needs me, I come running. Well it was more like a stroll...

The situation was SD15 (yes shes back to munchkin for now...) has a friend we will call "G". This girl is also 15. And she was sobbing her little heart out.

Feral Forger SD22 and her needles

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I posted earlier this week about Feral Forger, and her wanting to move back in with us...because Toxic Troll and her have been fighting and shes been told she needs to move out. For probably the 10,000th time.

I just know this because of her broadcast text to DH Clan Group text thread, where she screen captured TT telling her "F U, I cant stand you, you need to get out in 5 days..." etc. And she got some sympathy - 2 out of the 20 plus family called DH about it, and he had to explain "Life Choices Feral Forger-style".

Alls Fair (or not)

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Hope everyone had a nice long restful labor day weekend.

Mine was...ok. But not at all restful.

The fairs in town.

I thought it would be a good idea to get a group together for the evening music and SD15 backstabber could meet her friends. Sounds nice, right?

A Dead Car Monday Morning

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So - happy Monday folks I made it through.

After a VERY busy weekend, of music and tribute to a local musician, we had to wake up to "Sd15 Backstabber is asking if I can pick her today. Her moms car is dead."

Arrrrg. The darn car. She likes it because its a flashy BMW convertible and her ex (DH -a mechanic that specialises in BMW's) can work on it cheaper than she can normally get. And because it in any way can hamper drop offs of skidd, she typically gets him to work on it or at least advise her. Its been on ongoing issue and Im letting it go...for now...

Another Fun event with a fly in my ointment

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Quickie vent here. So Husband gets a request last night (Friday) at school pick up drop off from SD15 B/M asking if she can get a ride to an event this afternoon(Saturday).

This event is HUGE, its the biggest free music/art festival of the entire year. An entire small city has all the streets blocked off. There will be a big tribute to a local musician who passed away last year, a friend of ours. This is our skid-free weekend. I bought us tickets to a concert afterwards.

The End of the Bunny Ta(i)l(e)

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Bad Bunny has been buried.

Yesterday, after DH picked up Sd15 B/M from school, he took her to a local beach down the road, she dug a hole in the sand, and they said a prayer as they piled the sand over BB.

He took photos of SD on a driftwood log, looking very sad. Some photos of the sun setting over the ocean. We all three reviewed them together, so that was very nice

I was not invited for some reason, but Im going to let that one go. Well, not really, but Im letting it go for now.

RIP Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny

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You had to go and kick the bucket didnt you? You couldnt do it next week (our off week), or last weekend...

A very sweet bunny, however this bunny has caused me much grief, without even trying. Not the garden variety "oh you ate my prized tree!" kind of grief.

The kind that spans the entire time Ive been in this - 7 years. Im having flashbacks of the arguments this bun bun has caused. The conflicts it is continuing to cause, even through his passing.

RIP to ... Disengagement?

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Ok, folks, so I have some things weighing heavily on my mind.

SD15 backstabber's bunny crossed the rainbow bridge today.

The last bunny that did this, it was from Toxic Trolls apartment, and we buried it in the backyard. Tears and all that.

This one is an older bunny, and again there will be tears.I merely said "Im really sorry".

I am disengaged, so I doubt that I will want to participate in another tear-filled Bunny Crossing. Or I guess this supercedes the disengagement manifesto?

Another thing is on my mind.


Planning 101

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Im a planner. I just really cant help it! And now, since I'm disengaged-disengaging, I'm curious about, with this disengagment, what everyone did once the skid "aged out". I hear all the time "it doesnt end when they age out!", but certain things certainly do.

Im just thinking, does a disengaged stepper plan and need to know the "launch process plans"?