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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! What a long week. Looking forward to 2 days off of work and sleeping past 8am.  Biggrin

Eff off to: 

  • Mosquitos. Tourist season is pretty much over. Shouldn't you bloodsuckers be done until next year? Sheesh.
  • King Pita. We couldn't understand half of what you said. Funny that no one is asking you to repeat it because we've all had enough of your yammering for the week.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend! *give_rose*



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I am feeling super stressed this week and I don't know why.  I think its perimenopause and wonky hormones so EFF OFF to perimenopause.

We have a nice quiet weekend at home with no plans.  I am looking forward to the downtime.

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Enjoy your w/e and destress. 

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1. To last-minute meeting attendees - begging people to allow me to help them? Pffft!

2. To fling. I hate filing.

3. To Toxic Troll for having a wonky schedule now that shes finally, after 2 plus years unemployed, working.

4. Too much to do and not enough time or energy to do it.

5. Too much stuff. I need to start releasing my stuff that I just HAVE, and dont use.

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I completely get the too much stuff thing.  It's cathartic to send it to a good new home.

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Okay. I agree on the mosquitos.

1. Eff off to messages from guys when I'm trying to isolate and work on house stuff but for some reason think, even though they literally mean nothing to you, that pestering you to "be involved" is going to work.

2. Eff off the creeps who say they'll wait after you told them you're not interested

3. Eff off to my job lately.

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OMG. I've been trying to solve a problem involving multiple departments at work for WEEKS. I am ready to take hostages. I almost quit on the spot yesterday.  

Eff off to stupid payroll issues. 

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I should consider that strategy LOL...

Seriously hope there's some progress soon.  At least its almost time for happy hour Smile

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I have a meeting at 3:15, If this doesn't solve it, I'm telling my people they aren't getting paid and then they can scream and yell until someone figures it out. 

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Well, to be fair, it's extra pay - they'd get their base pay, not the pay for the extra shifts.

My meeting did solve part of the issue.

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Well done on solving at least part of the problem.  It sounds beyond painful.

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Yikes, tog!

There must be something in the air when our most stable STer is ready to ‘almost quit on the spot yesterday’. ‘Hostages’ sounds good; go get ‘em girl! Aggressive


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Eff off to worrying about my baby girl kitty. She's not doing great with multiple health issues, but she's not doing bad either. My issue is that we are leaving on a family required trip for the first week of November and I'm struggling with what to do. Right now, if we were not leaving I wouldn't consider saying goodbye to her yet. I'm able to manage her meds and arthritis pain levels.

But if we are gone for a week, she's not going to handle that well due to the stress of me being gone.

Then, I have to consider the pet sitter (2x per day and I don't want her in a position to have to do any emergency measures) and our boy kitty. If I wait until just before we leave to say goodbye to her he doesn't have a chance to recover from it; I don't what her to be gone then suddenly we're gone and he's all alone.  I have basically one week to decide all this.

I'm going to have to talk to the vet I think.



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What a horrible dilemma.  It is so hard with fur-babies.  Is it an option to board her at your vet for the week or would that be too much stress for her?

(Hugs) and (Pets) to the kitties...

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If this was me... unless it was for a funeral for a family member... I would not go. 

Just in the event you choose this and get flack for it. Some people do not understand the bond. 

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It's my mother's 80th birthday - basically all family will be there, first time in two years we've got together. Otherwise I would cancel. DH has been great about some non-trips for us this fall.

My mom's not in great health either so this is a necessary one.

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Ugh, sorry. This is going to be difficult. I would keep kitty for you if I could! Do you have anyone that can house/kitty sit? My coworker does that as a side hussle. 

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Oh Cover, Hon,

What a heart-breaking mess to be in! Poor you. *sad* Discussing the situation with your vet is the most sensible course of action. Please let us know how it goes, Hon; you're in my thoughts.

 A thousand (((((HUGS)))))

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Vet is doing a house call for a check on her Wednesday morning.  So I'll have an updated assessment then.

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This is an option for me and I'm willing to change my dates; DH can go down earlier if we wants to and I've let him know this.

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Eff off to the arthritic shoulder that has made my life hell for the last 3 weeks. Had a shoulder replacement a decade ago (OUCH, did that hurt!) and am destined to now have the other side repaired. What did folks do before knees and shoulders became restorable? On the plus side, I’m grateful for residing in Canada, where first-rate health care is free! 


Ani, if there is a single mosquito in the area, she will find me. I react so violently to the bites that I’m forced to keep hydroxyzine handy. It really works (tho’ you’ll be slightly groggy) so it might be worthwhile to discuss a prescription with your MD. 


Clove, I hear you with the 'too much stuff'! Now that I'm 76 years old, I do my best to discourage gifts since I'm trying to downsize; I've been donating unused items to our local 'SallyAnne' and 'Habitat for Humanity',  a win/win.

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Eff off to quarter end reporting and ahole international coworkers that do not know how to cowork.

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We're in mid HY reporting and it is a complete pain

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Eff off to all thoughts of skids. I can't quit make that eviction notice stick. 

and eff off to custody schedule changes.

and eff off to overly long meetings that should've just been an email.


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I love seeing my DD march in the halftime show.  I'm so proud of her!  What I don't like is all the running here and there and everywhere.  I'm a stay at home mom, my dh  works long hours, so it's just me.  But I know I'll miss this probably next year when/if she gets her license and a car.  Then I'll get to do it all over again with my son until he can drive himself.  So eff off to stress, too much to do and not enough energy to do it.  

Eff off sinus problems and allergies!

Eff off anxiety!

Eff off messy guinea pig cage!  I love the guinea pigs but hate the mess they make.  They are on fleece bedding so their cage gets swept out every day.  It's a pain but supposed to be cleaner.   And I do wish that Princess Popcorn and Princess Twerp would stop bothering Queen Squeaky.  She's old.  There's no respect for elders even in the animal kingdom.  Sigh...

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Hey, PetSpoiler,

Thanks for the visual of

~ And I do wish that Princess Popcorn and Princess Twerp would stop bothering Queen Squeaky.  She's old.  There's no respect for elders even in the animal kingdom. ~

which was comically insightful and had me, literally, laughing out loud.

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Eff off to this stressful week. I can't wait for the extra hour of sleep that's coming!

Eff off to the mansplaining agency I have to deal with. I love what I do but I really can't stand people not putting in efforts into the job. Not to mention being lectured by them when they don't even produce half of the quality of my work.

Eff off my sky rocketing anxiety. I've been having stomachs this whole week.

Happy Friday everyone..

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ARGH!!!  Should be a banned activity.

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Two eff offs from me today.  Sorry but this will be long as I need to vent.  Feel free to skip.

Eff off to work.  The work I've been doing for the last 11 months has been transitioning from my old role to what I'm working on day to day today.  Rather than just changing my job title to reflect the new activity, HR (apologies to any HR professionals but I really dislike the team in my company.  They are screwing up my life, two of my teams lives and a major project I'm trying to deliver) in their ultimate wisdom decided that I needed to apply for the job I was already doing because it was "new" and that it had to be advertised openly across the group to any one else who might like to apply.

So since the job is really interesting, at least for a finance role - think nothing to do with month end or auditors, all project based, a cast of thousands applied.

I had to waste two hours of my life doing a competency based interview with my current boss and stupid HR lady.  it was the biggest farce/kabuki theater.  I've just have a half year review where I was graded outstanding.  But made more annoying by the HR lady insisting that I describe things like how I manage competing priorities and me saying that's like describing how to breath, I just do.  Let's just say I wasn't a jolly interviewee.

Then after days of suspense (not really) my boss phones last thing on Friday to say I still have my job.  BUT and here's the kicker they are changing my T&Cs.  He didn't have the details but from what I've heard from others they'll be looking to halve the employer pension contribution (similar to 401k) and take away my car allowance.  Not sure what will happen to my bonus.  The pension and car is about a 10% reduction in my package pre bonus...I think this might be at the root of the whole thing.

Eff off to my friend.  I have a friend that I met on the first day I moved to this country.  We've been through thick and thin.  My first proper depression episode, her divorce, her kids, etc, etc, etc.

I reached out over the summer and asked her to give me any dates she had so I could arrange something around her availability.  She didn't respond until after the it was pointless.  I didn't have the event and ignored her for a bit so I wouldn't say something really rude.  However, I did still send her kids their usual birthday presents over the summer because I'm not that petty. *diablo*

She knows that she'd completely f'd up so she's been trying to make up for it and suggested that we have a day out today just the two of us.  Her first suggestion was lunch somewhere nice and a chance for a 1-2-1 catch up.

Then earlier this week she sent a whatapp and said that her daughter (my god daughter) is playing field hockey at my neighborhood sports ground and would I like to attend with her family.

Seriously, this is not equivalent.  Standing in a field watching teenagers play a game I hate and avoided like the plague in school is not my idea of fun. 

I don't want to throw away nearly 30 years but I'm very peeved at the moment and the whole thing makes me cry.