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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Better late than never! TGIF, STalkers. Let's get down to it.

Eff off to: 

  • Zoom. Gadzooks, I am sooooooooo sick of Zoom. Yes, it's a handy tool and I believe some businesses will continue to use zoom over the expense of travel. But effin' eff, I a tired of multiple calls a day that go OVER the allotted time - mostly due to...
  • King Pita. Effer, please get abducted by aliens. Or kidnapped by the Cartel. Or go on vacation for a damn week. On Pluto. ANYTHING so I don't have to listen to you yammer on and on and on and on and on and on....
  • Car Warranty scam effers. I haven't owned that car since 2012! 
  • Everything political. I swear that the next time someone tries to get into a political discussion with me (with the sole purpose of trying to sway me to their way of thinking) I will literally scream at the top of lungs. Right in their face. Let's talk about lack of snowfall this year, puppies, softball-sized hemorrhoids, 3-foot spiders... but NO EFFING POLITICS. 


Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend! 

~powersniffs calming lavender while dreaming of Sea Glass sauvignon blanc~



I deleted a comment because it had specific political references. It was not a rude comment, but names of politicians, political parties, etc, are no-go. Sorry. If you want a political discussion, please create a blog for it. *give_rose*


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Ugh, politics and religion and what side you are on re: covid... I said to SO the other day, I'm not talking to anyone about these three subjects. I will be Switzerland. Act neutral when brought up and inch my way out of the room. People are too hyped up. 

Eff off to... everything. Just one of those days.

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DPW. Sister! Yesterday I said to DH, "This Finn is now effing Switzerland. I've bloody well HAD IT."

I am so sick of the effing hyped up effers that I am dreaming of going off grid.

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TGIF. Honestly everyday seems the same this week. Crazy. But everything I needed to get done today was done my 1pm. So my weekend has started.

Not a lot of snow YET! It could be coming.Brace yourself!

Puppies are something to make you feel good. And love if you have one.


Who doesn't love puppies.

On to softball-sized hemorrhoids, yes I must say I do know a few people like that. Just a real pain in my @ss.

No politics today and wishing you a great weekend.


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Queen, I'm ready to cancel my subscription to 2021. Ugh.

We are seriously lacking in snow. There has been talk this might be a record low year. Dammit! However, I also read an article about the polar vortex splitting "which may lead to weeks of wild winter weather". Bring it on, Mother Nature!

Well, there are actually some people who do not like puppies. Weirdos! 

xoxo *give_rose*

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We have almost no snow over the water as well. I bought SO and I some snowshoes to get me excited about SOMETHING over this to-be-dreadful winter and alas, no snow!

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DH loves to talk about what's going on, he's a big government studies person, knows about ALOT of each presidency, etc. He does this for fun. So he's been non-stop watching and reading about the current state of the "union."

I cannot keep up.  i have work. I have my personal stuff to manage. I read up when I can just not to the level he does.

I have told him I cannot handle a big involved enigmatic energetic discussion right now, which does not mean I don't care.

I am NOT making dinner tonight. Eff it. I'm getting out my wine, maybe some soup and crackers, and that's it. We'll see how he does as I've been cooking non-stop all week for us.  YSD comes back on Monday after two weeks and I will NOT be doing most of the grocery shopping/cooking like I have been. He's going to throw a tantrum.  Have at it DH.

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Cover, my DH reads news constantly. I had a mini tantrum the other day when we got in the car for a drive and he turned up the news. I said, "DH, if you're going to listen to the effing news, you can take me back home. We're taking a drive to RELAX." He popped in a ELO CD. *dirol*

I will bits here and there, but rely on DH to tell me "the important stuff". We are going through some major changes at work, I've been dealing with my sister being a craptastic arsehole, and I'm tired. I care. But I'm worn the eff out. 

DH is buying me Mexican tonight. That's mucho points in his favor because he will also get me a top shelf margarita. Estoy lista!

You go girl. xoxo

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Political junkie here. But I can't TALK about this stuff with anyone other than DH. Goes off the rails way too fast. I would like to come back in about a hundred years to see what historians say about this period.

A giant eff off to people who don't even consider that a point of view other than their own might have some merit.

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Merry, I can talk about it with DH because we discuss. Too many are incapable. 

I am always open to listening when it is a respectful discussion. Once someone gets p!ssy and aggressive, I'm out.

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Get about 3 robocalls a day