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OT - do you have a hidden phone?

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FEMA is testing the National Emergency Alert System today.

  • 11:20 AM Pacific Time
  • 12:30 PM Mountain Time
  • 1:20 PM Central Time
  • 2:29 PM Eastern Time 

If anyone in the US has a hidden phone because you are in a domestic violence situation (or any other reason), you should turn it OFF before the test and not turn it back on until you can do so safely.

OT - Security Cameras

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I'm looking for good security cameras. Specifically, to monitor outdoors. The property can only be accessed by a one-way road so 1 or 2 cameras would probably be sufficient.

There's a lot of info online, but I'm hoping someone knows of a tried-and-true.

Please pm me if you're not comfortable posting. Thank you!!!

ETA: The property line along the road is close to 200 yards long.