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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! This has been another long week and Friday couldn't get here fast enough. Three more hours and I can blow this pop stand!

Eff off to:

  • Zoom. Ermagawd, I am sooooooo tired of Zoom meetings. The only time I would actually LIKE a Zoom meeting is...
  • Neverending emails. Instead of going back and forth 358 times, do an effing Zoom meeting and get this shizzit resolved. Sheesh. It's not rocket science, people!
  • Dorks who insist you did something that you would not do in a thousand lifetimes. I do NOT eat lutefisk. I have NEVER eaten lutefisk. Do not tell me that I ate lutefisk AND offered you some. I would rather have my hoo-hah double-pierced on the hottest day of Summer than eat lutefisk. *bad* *bad* *bad*
  • Cooks who change your recipe, then beeyotch that you did not share the actual recipe. Dill Seed and dill Weed are not the same. Tomato Sauce and tomato Soup are not the same effing thing. You are in serious need of Remedial Reading classes.


On the flip side, I - a devoted whiskey drinker - bought my first bottle of scotch. I'd tried scotch in the past, but never cared for it. However... my Mom was a scotch drinker, so - since your taste buds completely regenerate every 7 years - I decided to give it a whirl and got a 12yo Highland scotch. Mmmmmm... No regrets.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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EFF off to today.  I've done about 10 min of work so far....yeah....gotta do some stuff. Trying to log off by 4:00 today!  Don't want to work. 

EFF off to the still lingering smoke. Waiting for the promised storms STILL....


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It's a good thing I can put my phone on speaker or I'd be half-crazed by now, having to hold the bloody thing to my ear. 

Praying for those storms... xoxo

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Eff off to feeling stressed and being stuck at work.  I need a job that keeps me on my feet more Smile


Sorry about the endless zoom meetings, mine's just been neverending conference calls!

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PA, the ONE good thing about WFH is that I'm "mobile". My laptop allows me to move throughout the house. One of my fave places to work is in the kitchen. I put a cooling rack over the sink and put my laptop on it so I have a window view. When I'm in the kitchen on Zoom, I am pacing around the kitchen - sometimes high-steppin'. 

Our Zoom meetings are often conference calls. I just got off of a Demonstration that was 50 minutes instead of 30. SSDD. Blech.

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I am one of those people that get it just by walking past it.  I have an appointment at Urgent Care @4:30 on a Friday because I am experiencing yet another round of intolerable rash on my ankles, arms and back.  Yes I wear long sleeves & pants tucked into boots when I am working in the yard.  Yes I strip down very carefully and shower with a special soap.  Yet here I am again.  It sucks because I love the outdoors.  Ughhh. 
and eff off to Teams.  I have been on back to back meetings all day tethered to my laptop by my headset because we aren't permitted to use wireless headsets.  I had to take the whole damn set up into the bathroom because sometimes a girl has to go!

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Damn, hon, I am sorry to hear that! I'm highly allergic to the leaflets three. My lifesaver? Zanfel. I'd be a scabby mess without it.

LOL! I've done the same thing. Just don't forget to Mute yourself!

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Every time I read one of your blogs about work I laugh. Only because you get it and know more than your boss aka manager. Or who ever it is.Happy friday Aniki...have a glorious weekend. Go swimming!!!!



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Queen, I believe my boss is trying to have a smooth ride until she retires. IOQ, she "overlooks" things intentionally. 

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Eff off to...yep, my job and my new bosses. The wife is a psycho bitch with a split personality. I can't work for these people.

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Ugh, I'm sorry, hon. If King Pita ever becomes my boss, I'll have to find a new job. 

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I would rather have my hoo-hah double-pierced on the hottest day of Summer than eat lutefisk. 

Woman my phone has tequila all over it now!! Damn.

Eff off to this quarantine biz. County keeps bouncing back and forth. Friends across the river have it worse tho.. Too many folks worried they're gonna lose their jobs or business. Sucks.

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Sorry, WM. NOT! *lol*

I hear you. I'm so tired of 2020 that I think we should skip 'falling back' for DST so we can get this year over with!

DPW's picture to Round 2 of the virus here in Canada. We are on our way. We are going to lose our business if there is another shutdown. to the cold weather and not being able to enjoy the end of summer. It's the only thing I look forward to and it was one month long. We had frost on our car windows yesterday morning. to SO's health issues. He's at the hospital right now. With my new job, the business, closing down camp, harvesting the garden, I can't do it all on my own and I don't know where I can get help.


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DPW, we recently had a hard frost here. Winter may come sooner than expected. 

If I could, I would be there to help you close camp and harvest. Sad {{{hugs}}}

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haste makes waste.  In my efforts to hurry along with the rental, i tugged at the shop vac not realizing how close i was to the porch edge, promptly falling off and landing on my head.  Now in concussion protocol.