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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It's been a weird week and I'm ready for the weekend to get here so I can rest up in preparation for the shiteshow next week will be as I have to do my job AND Ol' Cranky Pants'. Yippee-ki-yay. And as much as I like my dentist, I do NOT like going! LOL

I am thankful for:

  • Kahvi. That's 'coffee' for you non-Finnish speakers. The aroma alone changes my grimace to a smile.
  • Not owing anything on our taxes this year.  Woo hoo!
  • Culinary creativeness. Leftover fish and leftover potatoes were turned into a tasty Fish Hash for dinner last night. The runny egg yolk was sheer perfection and this is a keeper recipe! 
  • Zoom NOT working. I wanted to weep for joy when I could not get Zoom to work this morning. That kept me out of two uber-boring presentation meetings. 
  • King Pita postponing his weekly Me Fest, er, Zoom, until tomorrow. Evil Aniki has her fingers crossed that Zoom will continue to eff up for the remainder of the week.
  • My DH. Despite an aching back, he insisted on giving me a foot massage. I love that man! <3


What are YOU thankful for today?


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My kids waste a lot of food.  I also want to do meal prepping for fast and healthy food options.  I ordered a food saver on Amazon Prime and it arrived last night.  My coworkers and I have been playing with it this morning.  WE vaccuumed and sealed some cooked sauage from breakfast.  We vaccuumed and sealed my pork chops form yesterday.  It was so much fun!!  


It's the little things.  Thankful for my new food saver!!  Hopefully it'll help me lose weight


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NoWire, I would be interested in a food saver for meat! I am always amazed by how much food is wasted these days. When I was a kid, it was a rare day indeed when something was thrown away. I try to make it a point to plan meals around bulk veggies to avoid wasting them. A bunch of celery means tuna salad, beef stir fry, Greek stew, fish creole... 

Now I want tuna salad. LOL

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We love our foodsaver.  We got it for Christmas 5 years ago.  We buy whole roasts, cut them to whatever portions we want and suck them up.  We save so much money on meat that we even bought a seperate freezer.

We also will do meal prep for camping.  Marinate the meats, put in the sucky bag and in the cooler they go. Easy!

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We also have a separate freezer and it's great! No way we could store many leftovers or bulk items in that little refrigerator one!

Okay. Now I want one!

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Never heard of a food saver but it sounds great if you have kids.  With just DH and I meal plan and we nearly never throw food out. Except for the pesky carrots that keep wilting on me.

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TASM, when those pesky carrots (or celery) wilt, I use them in stir fries or soups/stews.

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So do I normally, but they are literally going from "oh I better make a soup tomorrow" to mush overnight.  Trying storing them in the fridge in water which seems to be working so far.

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Good suggestions but I have no critters and I don't have outside space.  What I really need to do is buy smaller amounts more often which is entirely possible from the small shop at the end of my road. But in the meantime that latest batch are surviving in their waterbath in the fridge and are still crunchy enough to be a snack.  

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My sister and I used to buy bulk items and split them. Do you know anyone who'd be willing to do that?

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I am thankful for DH's health. He's been dealing with both depression and unexplained nausea/weightloss for a couple months. I was SURE the weight loss was from something dramatic and he'd be gone in six months. I was really worried about him. Him being sick or dead simply does not fit into my plans. 

Doc changed his head meds and he felt MUCH better within 24 hours. And discovered he had a UTI. Took several days for the antibiotics to kick in, but the nausea is gone. NOW I wish he would keep the extra weight off.

But no matter, I am thankful for his health.

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Infections can do icky things to your body. SO glad your DH's new head meds are doing the trick!

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I'm thankful that:

  • DH and I are relatively introverted so this odd year has been ok
  • When I went to the dentist yesterday I had no problems.  Yippee and good luck Aniki
  • The new series of the great british sewing bee started yesterday.  Its cotton candy for the mind but it is such a non competitive competion.  Last year's series was epic (on Britbox for folks in the US) so I hope I'm not disappointed this time.
  • I'm having Carbonara for dinner.  Yumm bacon
  • Lockdown has eased and I'm going to do an outdoor Sunday Brunch with DH at a fab place that has a huge garden that they are using for dining.

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Great British Sewing Bee!!  What!?

We are on the final episode of Season 3 of the Pottery Throwdown and I was SO BUMMED about a certain talented, technical potter going home.  I won't say the name in case it spoils for anyone else.  I love when Keith cries though, it is somehow so charming.

You are the best source of relaxing weeknight shows for us, I am going to have to hunt this one down.

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That was such a bummer.  But the show was still great.  I'm so please you are enjoying it

If you find the sewing bee be sure to watch last year's season.  It was a quiet delight.  There is also a new jewellery design show that has just started but I haven't seen it yet.  I was thinking of you when I saw it advertised as it might align with your DDs creativity even though you've said she's into ceramics.

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It is still great, I want DD to watch it so she can tell me if DH and I are full of it with our opinions, lol.

I was also sad to see a certain potter who liked to create whimsical animals go, I got attached to that quirky style and creativity.

Oh I bet she would like the sewing bee one very much and jewelry because she's also into metals (she took a welding class last semester as an elective and loved it - she gets along really well with the "metal kids").

Thanks so much for the info, shows like these are restorative because they aren't too heavy but they aren't full of gross fake drama either.

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A bake off sounds awesome. Ceramics, not so much. Now a quilting throwdown....!!!

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The ceramics one is really good, Ani.  They are all lovely people and they make some really cool stuff.

They also had a Best British Home Cook one with Mary Berry that was DELIGHTFUL and I wish there were more seasons.

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Aniki, you might like the sewing bee.  They don't make quilts but they do sew some excellent outfits.

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TASM, my DH and I are also introverts. Admittedly, we've been enjoying No Invites. *blush*

Mmmmmm...bacon. I have carrots, celery, and pork loin. It's mid 30s. I could make some Greek-style taverna stew today!

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The scent of coffee makes me happy too. It's the little thing's isnt it Aniki Smile

I am Thankful that a friend of mine has been given the gift of time with her very ill Father. Alhought she may not realize it.......Everyone thought he had dementia because he is in his 80's ...turns out to be a brain tumor. Scary isnt it? He is now at home on hospice care.. My heart is hurting for them. I pray she tells him all the wonderful things she always wanted to.  The gift of time is something some people do not have. Sad

So many things to be thankful for. Too many to list.






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Yes, Thumper, the little things. Some days, when The Black Dog is draped across my shoulders and weighing me down, those little things make a world of difference.

Ah, your friend. I'm so sorry. Time with a loved one at the end is very precious. *give_rose*

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Ani I'm thankful for you and your kindness and being a real good person all around.

Also thankful for a good tax refund. Big surprise!!

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Today I am just thankful for being me Smile

The food saver chat sounds interesting..I am going to check that out.

Make it a great Thursday!

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SteppefOff, that's a lovely thing to be thankful for. *give_rose*

I need to check out that food saver myself.

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IM Thankful for Thankful Thursday to take my mind off things it is currently on, but getting better at not being on, and more thinking of what hairstyle Im going to have this Saturday after my haircut...

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CLove, will it be a big hairstyle change? A friend of mine had hers cut VERY short and she love it! Wash and go. :D  I wish that style looked good on me.

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Ive not had "short" (a little past my shoulders) hair since I tried going platinum and fried it and had to cut much of it off.

Ive got long bushy curly brown hair, that hasnt seen scissors for a while, so its way down my back and hangs in my face in the morning.

MY hairstylist said "lets do FUN and flirty". DH will like that lol.

Im a condition, dry and go type. With curly hair its what it is.


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SO SO SO thankful for DH.  With my hip injury, I cannot do much of ANYTHING.  I lay on the couch, and must use the bathroom every so often....I can now get to the kitchen to get some water, but that's about it.

DH has done ALL the cooking, cleaning, cat litter, cat feeding, and catering to my needs.  He even helped me wash my hair last night in the kitchen sink (first time in a week - it was gross).  He's been fantabulous. And proves he CAN do it, but if I'm avaialble, he doesn't WANT to. 

Also - thankful I can work remotely or I'd be on leave.

And thankful for the pain meds and other pills my doctor prescribed that seem to be working.

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That's awesome, Cover! When you're sick or injured, how your partner cares for you (or doesn't) is very telling. *give_rose*

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True!  I was sick with the flu once when I was with my EX. I asked him to help me get some soup/crackers/juice (I could hardly get up off the couch) and he told me flat out, "No.  Get it yourself."  I think he eventually literally tossed me a bag of saltines later on but wow. I couldn't believe it.

I just heard DH tell YSD15 to check on me this afternoon.  We'll see if she does it.

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My psycho exH was such a wanker. He would make me pick up my meds when horribly ill. Would NOT get me so much as a glass of water, much less toss me a saltine. The nicest thing he did when I had the flu was FLING a box of kleenex at me from across the room. 

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My DH is one of the kindest guys around, but one night when I had a fever and was lying on the couch, he frowned and said "Does this mean you aren't making dinner?" and he almost died that day. 

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Gimmy, psycho exh would be FURIOUS if I was unable to make dinner. There were times I was racing back and forth between the bathroom and kitchen to avoid his wrath. 

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I ordered some whole beans from a roaster in SE Texas.  We stopped in to a cafe there and they had the best coffee! Failing that there is a local roaster 40 min away