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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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TGIF!!! What a poopie work week this has been. Who else is ready for a vacation? *help*

Eff off to:

  • That absolute buttmunch, King Pita. This dude has issues. I am already innundated with emails and here comes KP forwarding me emails I already receive. And I have told him several times that I get these effing emails and he does not need to forward them. Does he listen. Obviously not. Yesterday alone, he forwarded seven duplicates. Once again, I email him saying he does not need to forward them as I am on the recipient list. His response? "I think that is fine." WTH does that mean??? KP makes me want to day drink. *dash1*
  • Mosquitoes. Aren't you biting beeyotches dead yet?? I've donated enough blood this year.
  • People who constantly fail in reading comprehension. It's 3 short sentences. THREE. Do not read 1 &2, then ask me what to do because I will tell you to go back and read #3 (which bloody well tells you what to do). 
  • Spammers. May a thousand mosquitoes bite each and every one of you in the most inconvenient places on your bodies.


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. It's cool and rainy (48 degrees is NOT cold, you whiners. Save it for -17.)

With Fall knocking at the door, what is the first thing you're in the mood to cook (or go to a restaurant to eat)? As a Finn and a fish lover, I am now itching to make some Lohikeitto. For you non-Finnish speakers, that's Salmon Soup. Homemade fish stock, potatoes, carrots, chunks of salmon, cream, and fresh dill... Oh, yeah. With hot, buttered Rieska. Nom nom nom...


I'm thinking about spiking my coffee before the upcoming Doom, er Zoom, meeting with KP...

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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EFF OFF to weirdo friends.  Going away with a friend next weekend, just the 2 of us and she tells me we can't say anything to friend #3 because she will be pissed?  #1 we are in our 50's #2 friend #3 does things all the time without us and #3 i WILL not lie nor keep the trip under wraps.  I am not someones dirty little secret! WTF?

EFF OFF to the clients that go nutsy when full moon is coming (Sept 20th). ohhhh its going to be a lonnnnggg day.

Food - its baking weather for me.  My favorite time of the year.  open the windows and let those pies bake 

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Wow, that's like being back in high school. Ridiculous. And I would tell her you are not someone's dirty little secret and have nothing to hide. Frankly, she needs to grow TF up. Sheesh.

Mmmmmmm...pie. What flavor? I also like to bake bread pudding in Fall. Biggrin

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I am being invited to a wedding that I know is going to piss off my BFF. I haven't said anything to her yet.. the wedding is in April. It's our friends sisters wedding...Now our friend and BFF have been friends since middle school..  I met said friend through my BFF 15 years ago and became close. BFF isn't invited to the wedding because she isn't close to them like I became...

It will be interesting to see how she reacts. 

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F off to my nutso cracko colleague. It's the same one who made suicide threats and had an epic meltdown a week or two ago. Well, she's done it again. At least my manager, who is both Nutso's and my supervisor, takes over and doesn't leave it to me to tend to Nutso. I wouldn't anyway. I use disengagement at work and it's amazing. It works very well in the workplace. 

After a drought and unusually hot summer, we're finally getting all the rain we're supposed to have. It's gotten cool and it's obvious that Fall has set in. I love working from home because on my morning coffee break, I whip out my InstantPot and throw in a bunch of vegetables and cook them. I use different bases for stock, like tomoto paste one day, a can of pureed butternut squash the next. I'll add smoked tofu or beans and various spices. Yesterday, I used the butternut squash, Bragg's Liquid Aminos, a bit of sesame oil and Chinese black vinegar. OMG! It was good! I love making huge batches of soup on my work from home days when it's cool and wet outside. 

Aniki, your salmon soup sounds amazing! I have a seafood subscription delivery scheduled for today and I'm getting salmon. I'd love to make the soup! 

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Evil, confession: I bought an InstantPot during an incredible Cyber Monday deal... and it's still in the box. *blush*

This time of year, I love to make soups, stews, and chili and bake fresh bread. I have a cherry beer that I've been wanting to use in my beer bread recipe and make it sweet instead of savory.

Here is a good recipe:

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EFF of to it sort of not being Friday as I will have to work a bit over the weekend. It's part of the job and it's a super busy time of year for me. Plus I'm training someone so that takes hours away. I think I'm in line for a good raise though!

EFF off to my last outdoor swim of the year.... it's now rainy and too cool.

EFF off to YSD weekend. Of course not on calendar. Looks like she may have given up on the crazy school schedule and is going for EOWE. Which is fine. But put it on calendar!! I'll be very busy with my own stuff....

Fall forn:

I had a whole bunch of apples from a local tree, some good eating some to cake! I love baking. And slow cooker anything. I did a slow and low cooked marinated pork shoulder and cannot wait to do it again.

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Cover, I'm not quite done with swimming. The forecast is calling for low 80s on Sunday (mid 50s Wednesday!) If it's sunny and mid/upper 60s, I'll go for a quick dip. But I have slush for blood. Biggrin

I'm a slow cooker fan! One of these days, I want to try some Mexican pork dishes. 

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EFF OFF to school traffic.  It seems that no matter how early I leave, one of the kids will be late.  Sure, I could put them on the bus but it runs RIDICULOUSLY early.  So now we need to try to leave yet a few minutes earlier.  There's always too much traffic though, no matter what we do.  The city wants to move all these people in, but don't want to widen roads to accommodate the traffic.  

EFF OFF to my washing machine.  It keeps getting off balance then takes forever to stop so I can TRY to adjust the load distribution.  

EFF OFF to my hormones.  Yes it's that lovely time of the month where my anxiety has been ramping up here lately, so I get to deal with irrational fear.  And I get down in the dumps so I have more to cry about. 

I am in counseling so I'm getting help and so far I like my therapist.  But I say EFF OFF to anxiety, EFF OFF to panic attacks, EFF OFF to all negative emotions.  

EFF OFF to post Covid fatigue, how I hate you.  My Covid symptoms were mild.  Fatigue has been AWFUL.  I'm getting better though.  I've been able to cook and do laundry.  Still not sure if I can do all the housework.  My son is looking to make some easy money though, so he is supposed to help me this weekend.  It was my idea.  

EFF OFF to my school district.  Maybe if you had put the mask mandate in place at the start of the year then less kids would have gotten sick, including my 11 year old son who shared it with me.  Thanks to you, my daughter also had to quarantine and missed marching in two football games and is still trying to catch up on her work.  My husband also had to quarantine and didn't get much of a paycheck two weeks in  a row.  That is what happens when people act like there isn't a pandemic. My son is fine.  He breezed through Covid and for him it was like a regular cold.  

My appetite isn't what it used to be but I used to love when my daughter would bake some brownies.  She also would make cheesecake, or pasta salad.  

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King PA is forwarding the emails as a CYA technique.  If anyone asks him how something is progressing, he can say "Oh yes, I passed that on to Aniki".  I hate this behaviour.

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TASM, it's utterly ridiculous because I'm already on the damn email chain. I just got out of a Zoom with the effer. It was supposed to be 30 minutes. 92 minutes later... Yep; 1.5 HOURS. And he wants to have another meeting at 2pm. I'm seriously considering telling my boss, "Family emergency; have to leave early". 

I have worked with some total jerks and asshats in my time, but KP takes the freakin' cake. I bloody well LOATHE him and, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to change my mindset and deal with his asshattery. This has never happened to me before. *dash1*

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Aniki, that's the worst!  I don't have any great ideas but can you book a "project call" in at the end of each of his meetings so at least you have a hard stop and can get out.  Even if the "project call" is semi made up?????

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OH, KP does not care! He will either schedule another Zoom or send invites for others to join another (unrelated) Zoom and take control.  

He was insisting in that meeting that Nice Guy request access to software for some MVPs. Nice Guy said, "Uh, no. I'm not comfortable with that." And who would be?? So I emailed the group the instructions for KP to pass on to the MVPs so they can request their own access. OR MVPs can give the okay for KP or Nice Guy or Yosemite Sam's burning biscuits to request access for them. But peons do NOT willynilly request access for MVPs. 

So what does KP reply to my emailed instructions? "Nice Guy, you request access for MVPs." Nice Guy is currently at lunch. I wonder if he will cave or stand his ground...

I love what I do, am excellent at my job, and like or have no issues with any of my coworkers - with the exception of KP. Never in my life have I loved my job and desperately wanted to quit at the same time. 

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I don't know what to suggest.  I forget is KPA the leader or a peer?

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I'd pay aliens to abduct him. KP is not my boss, but is the boss's lackey and above all of us peons. The boss knows KP is a King Pita, but is stuck with him. Major screwage. *dash1*

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So many eff offs, so little time

Eff of to having to go into work/office. 

  • 40 minutes on the subway each way
  • having to put on going out clothes rather than just a nice top
  • having to wear dress shoes
  • having to wear make up and a mask
  • having to pretend to be happy to see everyone in real life
  • having people drop by my desk "just to ask a quick question" which isn't at all quick and not being able to dodge them coz there is nowhere to hide (we don't do cubicles so think completely open plan)
  • spending a fortune on lunch (yes, I know I could pack my own but I'm still getting into the swing of being back in the office)

Eff off to the woman at work who went into the restroom at the same time as me.  She just wanted hand towels as substitute tissues.  She then proceeded to blow her nose BUT then didn't WASH her hands.  Has the last year not taught people anything about hygiene?

Not sure this is forn but I'm making smoked salmon sushi bowls for dinner with avocado, seaweed and pickled ginger.

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TASM, when I have to wear a mask, my makeup is a little concealer under the eyes and eyeliner. Not wasting $$ makeup for it to rub off on the damn mask! Biggrin

Woman, that IS forn!!! *yahoo*

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That soup sounds right up my alley! Fellow fish lover here. My local fish soup is Cullen skink - smoked haddock (the real stuff, not that appalling orange dyed crap), potatoes in chunks, sliced onions, tons of black pepper simmered in milk (add cream at the end if liked). Sometimes, eggs are poached with it all. YUM! 

These days I live somewhere completely different (near Marseille) and the local fish soup is FABULOUS! It's a smooth soup made with loads of tiny fish of all colours and served with croutons, aioli, and grated cheese. 

I won't dwell on the other local fish specialty, Boulliabaisse... (to die for.. ). I tend to make it on Xmas Eve :) 

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One of the best soups I ever had was Cioppino from Crab & Fin in Sarasota, FL. One of these days, I'm going to start working on replicating that divine dish. 

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doggie number 3 has epilepsy...severe epilepsy.  I have spent more time at the er vets with the pup in the last two weeks than I care to admit.  The universe can eff off because this sweet guy doens't deserve this.  He is now on 3 anit seizure meds and crossing our fingers this works.  If we can't get these under control poor doggie number 3 might not make it.  His seizures are very traumatic for DH...and he has cluster seizures so its really not fun.

Side effect of one doggie seizure med..makes doggie number 3 more aggressive.  What is normally my'm going to sleep on the couch doggie...turns into "let me annoy the shiznit out of doggie number 2 till doggie number 2 snaps"  End result of this...doggie number 2 and doggie number 3 ended up in death match 2021.  I came home to SD screaming in the back yard and doggie number 3 trying to kill doggie number 2.  (We are talking 70 pound boxers here)  Resulting in doggie number 2 needing a vet visit, meds and the cone of shame while he healed from bite wounds.  Oh yeah me...

Then after 3 months of waiting for the house painters  they say we will be there in the a.m. to painn.  This is at 4 p.m. the day before...SAY WHAT NOW...yea no.  They haven't done the repairs to the trim the wood pecker of hell has added more holes in the last 3 months.  Oh and I had to get the effin bird nests out of the vents before the am when they were "supposed"  to be here to paint...which required me to go into the attic.  That required me to retreive my taller ladder from the kids condo..because my short @ss can't use a regular ladder to get in the attic.  All in a span of 4 hours since it was about 6 p.m. by the time I could get to the kids condo to get said ladder.  

All of this has caused my anxiety to reach stratsophere limits...and I had a breakdown over the effing bird nests.  Only to find out the carpenter hadn't been here to give an estimate..and now due to the woodpecker of going to cost me 1600+ more dollars.  KILL ME NOW...oh and now they won't be paining till the trim is replace..AND I WENT INTO THE ATTIC ON A MOMENTS NOTICE FOR NOTHING.

The attic wasn't necessarily an issue..the OMG got to do this NOW...was/is the problem.    The anxiety has led me to insomnia because I'm worried about the painting and the repair work and the dog.  Its an endless cycle.....

Fast forward to today...DH decided to go out with a friend last for the coming home at midnight three sheets to the wind.  Ugh....that means he will be useless today....and queue Halo taking up the slack.  Halo is tapped out people...

The final straw that broke my back this morning..Doggie number 2 decided to eat an entire bag of pretzels..which made his stomach upset.  Said doggie DOES NOT VOMIT unless  you make him.  So...out comes the hydrogen peroxide to get him to cough up the f*cking pretzels.  SERIOUSLY...not one day without having to worry about something.  I quite literally was in my backyard crying because I could not take anymore.  Doggie number 2 finally decided to hork up some of the pretzels so hopefullly he will feel better in a little while.  

And now my mom is texting because my dad hurt his back and she got stung by a bee.  they live an hour away ...WTF am I supposed to do about a bee sting and my dad resfusing to see a doctor.  As I have said for MONTHS NOW...MOVE FREAKING CLOSER....I CANNOT RUN OUT THERE EVERYTIME.  I WORK....AND HAVE A HOUSEHOLD TO RUN AS WELL.  

Not enough calgon in the WORLD to take me away...and I don't even think we have enough bourbon in the house to help either.


So the universe can go EFF off and stop Effing with me.  I'm tired and stressed out and all I want to do is read my effing book or watch the final episodes of Lucifer.  This has got to be my hell loop.........someome tell me how to get out if please.......


My food p%rn....all I can dream of is some pie.  Any pie...chocolate cream, apple, pumpkin....lemon...whatever.  I will dive face first into any of them.  It would be even better if the pies and me were somewhere where there are no dogs, no DH and no parents..just me and pie.  


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Aw, halo. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

I think you need a couple of tasty pies in a cushy hotel room. 

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My heart aches for you right now, and for your dogs!

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I don't want to get into eff offs cuz just eff off to everthing... except.

The corn chowder I am going to make this weekend. Yum. With roasted poblano peppers. 

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Saw Pumpkin spice cheerios in the store!  Going to nashville next week.  Gonna try hot chicken.