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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! Better late than never, yes?

Eff off to:

  • Mosquitos. It's been warm and sunny this week and we've been doing some much-needed work outdoors. Which means the mosquitos are sucking my blood like the dregs of the world's tastiest blood milkshake. I even have bites between my fingers. Gaaaaaaaah!
  • Rain. The garage needs one more coat of paint, but it started raining about 20 minutes ago. Dangit.
  • BioHo. WTH does she think she needs to know if DH will be home Sunday? He's not her father. DH deleted the message and didn't reply. All of the skids are old enough to ask for themselves. ~eyeroll~

Hope you have a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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Mosquitos suck - if you will pardon the obvious.  Those little monsters go after me like Dracula on a virgin.  And each bite swells up to mammoth proportions that itch beyond the reach of any cream, pill, or tranquilizer dart.  DH has threatened to put one of the dog's E-Collar's (cone of shame) on me to prevent scratching but I am pretty sure that is more for his amusement than any actual help.

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No pardon needed! I am an official blood donor in the state of Michigan, courtesy of mosquitos. I walked out to grab the mail and got bitten. Dash 1

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Don't you love the "but I don't have a single bite!" from the other people around you?  No sh*t.  That is because they are ALL ON ME.  I think the phrase you are looking for is "thank you for being the human equivalent of a bug zapper!"

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Right?! One thousand people and one mosquito? I'll be bitten. I am CHUM! Dash 1

And that caca about who attracts the most? Like blood type. What hogwash. 

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LOL! We are in black fly and mosquito season over here - ugh. I literally considered drinking DEET last weekend at the cabin. Others thought I was joking.... I was not. I'm sick of looking like I have chicken pox!

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I have said the exact same thing.  Nearly bathing in it is ineffective so ingesting it seems the next logical step.  The "highly contagious skin condition" look is not nearly as sexy in person as it sounds......

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Black flies here, too, but they actually prefer my DH!

At my uncle's place, I once SPRINTED the 200 yards from sauna to house. SEVENTEEN mosquito bites. *shok*

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Ever take an eyeliner pencil and connect them to make "constellations?"  In my defense, I had been drinking.

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They swell up so much that I could color them in and resemble a dalmatian!

Its Friday. Cheers!

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I work with children. We apply bug spray every time we go outside. In the 3 minutes (maybe) it took me to apply bug spray the the 8 children I had before applying to myself, I got bit 7 times between my arms and legs! HOOOWWWWW???? 

I hate mosquitoes. Do they even have a purpose besides to make humans miserable???? Ok.  Rant over! Felt good to get that off my chest! 

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Eff off to...

Online meetings...I'm so drained after sitting through 6-8 hours of online meetings each day. I realize I should be happy to have a job, but still...staring at my co-workers on my laptop every day is getting to me. 

People who have decided that now social distancing doesn't matter - in particular, the man at the grocery store who was not wearing a mask, but also standing so close that we could smell and feel his breath. If another person can smell your breath, you are too close! Even when there isn't a pandemic going on!

The return of the heat - we have had a cool, rainy start to summer and I was not sad about that. I dislike heat and moved to this part of the country, in part, due to its supposedly more temperate climate. This week, temps are supposed to climb into the high 80s (not hot for some, but too hot for me, especially since we don't have A/C and our bedroom gets really hot). 

MIL - for a variety of reasons, but really for just being histrionic, hypocritical, and meddling. 

SSs - who will again do nothing for Father's Day and will end up complaining about how DH isn't doing anything for them...the entire day. 

BM - for trying to complain and make a fight about everything....just go away already! 


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I honestly have NO problem staying 10 feet away! This quarantine has made me even more introverted and antisocial. 

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Eff off to 

High blood pressure.  Thanks sperm donor - thanks alot!  I feel horrible on meds.  

Sorry about the skeeter bites Aniki.  The worst are on hands and feet.  We have a colony of bats that at our house so I am blessed to not have any.  If I did, I would never go out there.

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I'm sorry, classy. Here I am beeyotching about bites and you have high BP. {{{hugs}}}

Benadryl is my bestest friend right now. 

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I mix the contents of a Benadryl capsule or two with a bit of water and apply it. Soooooooo much more effective than the cream!

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Happy Friday Aniki! So glad it's almost the weekend this has been a looooooonnnnnnnggggg week for sure.

Eff off to COVID it's really screwing up all the fun things we could be doing this summer.
Eff off to hormones and hot flashes! Mine have been off the charts this week.
Eff off to mask/non-mask wearers. IDGAF wear a mask, don't its your damn choice, but do no stare at me with an irritated glint in your eye wondering if I am going to say something to you about it...I'm not I could care less!

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Have you looked into bio-identical hormone replacement?  Not your mother's HRT in the slightest - totally naturally derived rather than synthetic hormones - and it got me back to normal in a surprisingly short period of time.  There is a lot of info available on it for you to research it.  The only difficulty is finding a doc in your area who does it as it is not just "prescribe a mass-produced pill and done."  It takes blood work and tweaking of dosages until it is correct so is more time intensive but more than worth it!

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I have a physical next week and I plan to address all this with my GP then, I also have been having weight issues for a few years now but whenever they test my thyroid it's "normal".  

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"Normal" is crap.  A standard range means nothing if you are still having symptoms.  It took me ages to find a doctor who would actually listen to me and order tests beyond the standard T3 and T4 and pronounce me "normal" with a small dose of Synthroid.  Once I found a doc who would listen to me and order a full panel, it turned out that I had full blown Hashimoto's and my thyroid had been shredding itself for years.  Upping my Synthroid, adding Iodine, DIM, hormones pelleting, and other supplements, reducing sugar intake and increasing good fats changed everything.  My sex drive came back, no more night sweats/hot flashes, my hair stopped falling out, and I wasn't exhausted by 2 in the afternoon - even though my previous doctor had told me "that was just accelerated aging that sometimes happens after hysterectomy with women who have existing thyroid issues and I would have to get used to it."  Pompous jackwad!  And they actually had the nerve to ask why I wanted my records transfered to another practice.

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I'm with you, advice! 

Here's the big issue with masks for me: maintain your freaking distance!!! Mask or no mask STF away from me. It's not that bloody hard! I headed to the Spoon for cookies to send to my Dad. There is a 4 person limit in the store (about 30x10 foot space). We four wore masks and had zero problems, despite the tables of goodies. It really takes very LITTLE effort. 

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I'm grateful to be in "pretty much everyone wears a mask" country and the ones who don't get the funny looks.  We got a new mattress today and I asked the two young men moving it in to wear masks as DH is immunocompromised - they apologized that they didn't have them and took the disposable ones I offered. 

That's not an Eff Off, sorry - just a comment.

Today is going pretty well so far - hot outside, but A/C is working, new mattress - sorry for everyone's troubles!

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Oh, hon, it's definitely a concern for you!

There are privately owned stores here that MANDATE a mask. No problem! These people cannot afford to get sick and jeopardize their income. Don't like it? Go to Walmart or bake your own treats and make your own soap. 

I understand both sides. Just maintain that damn distance!

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Eff off to waiting for my medical records. I don't know if they are not staffed,  or if I am just horribly impatient.

Eff off to Florida cockroaches. Had one fly into my hair. I swear I can still feel it.

And, Aniki, I am sorry about the skeeters. They hate me. I can roll in poison ivy, sumac and poison oak. Inherited all from my dad.  Deer flies adore me, though.  Mean little bastards.

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Could the staff be WFH and things are delayed? Or playing catch-up in the office? Either way, waiting sucks.

Deer flies adore me, too. I once had one bite me at the outside corner of my eye when I was outside talking to the neighbor. Didn't even feel it! He said, "Oh, jeez, you're bleeding!" Blood was trickling down. My eye swelled shut for 2 days. Ugh!