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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! I'm not feeling well, so this will be short and sweet...

Eff off to: 

  • Whatever I ate or bug I picked up that has my innards roiling. Feels like there's a game of quidditch going on during thundersnow. Blech. 
  • Those who believe the rules apply to everyone...but them. Then they get their knickers in a twist because they get called out on breaking the rule. Eff off, effer. I'm GLAD you got nailed. 


Sorry so short. Wishing you a long, enjoyable, stress-free weekend!


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there's a stomach bug going around.  Chef is down for the count with it today.  I think you also get a headache as well according to my cubicle mate.  "Jason" was out for two days.

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Eff off to husbands who don't recognize emotional labor and then add to your already shite mood that he put you in by adding "just give me the info and I'll take care of it."

No a**hole! I've had a plan concocted for three weeks about how something is going to happen, and I'm not about to hand it over to you to not f**king do. You know things need to be done, so just f**king do it and tell me it's done!

Also, eff off to periods being several days late and not being pregnant. Yeah, my husband is a jackarse, and I currently wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. But dammit, being in limbo no matter the outcome f**king sucks.

AND eff off to lazy people at work who want to use the sh*t you did to make their lives easier. B*tch, write it your own damn self!

*takes a deep, cleansing breath and breathes out nice, cleansing fire*

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Breathe, lady dragon. Breathe! Inhale long and deep through your nostrils and BREATHE OUT THAT FIRE!!!

BTW, I'm in a mood. Be happy to take that 10 foot pole and poke him square in the dookychute...

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EFF off to having to take mom to a specialist 80 miles away for what is usually a 10 minute visit. Not looking forward to the traffic. (Mostly eff off to the tumor that means she needs a  neuro oncologist)

eff off to coworkers who blow up when you ask a simple question and act like you called them a liar. No crazy lady I asked if something was in a report and I’m tired of you losing your sh**.  Maybe if you were better at your job you would be calmer. 

Eff off to friends who are your bestie only when no one better is available.  Glad I could help you through the end of your marriage, horrible divorce and the unexpected loss of your brother. And move you - twice.  Maybe I’d like some support dealing with the loss of my dad and mom’s tumor. But yep, your new boyfriend is waaay more important. 

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Soy, if it gets left off the report is it her arse? If so, LET IT HAPPEN.

I SO loathe those people who drop you the millisecond they're getting laid. 

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I’m supposed to be supervising her work, so it’s a not just about her. but it looks like they may eliminate her position and transfer her to another area (downsizing). Is it bad I’d rather do more work than deal with her drama?

I hope you feel better soon. Nothing ruins a weekend more than being sick, supposed to do that Monday to Friday!

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Ah, well, it reflects on you. And since you're supervising, she needs to take that attitude and stick it up her backside. 

Thank you, sweetie. 

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the hundreds of thousands of teensy tiny things that women do around the house to keep everything running smoothly and pleasantly.   Men tend to just see the big things and fast accomplishments.  Chef once had the NERVE to ask me "what have you been doing all day?" 

Women also tend to be perfectionists and see every grain of dirt on the floor whilst men will call themselves cleaning what my grandmother used to call "a lick and a promise" aka a shoddy job

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Why is it easier to make my coffee in the morning. ANIKI

Why is it easier to get ready for work? ANIKI

Why is it easier to find what I need when I run out of deodorant/shampoo/toothbrushes/Ibuprofen/mustard/everyeffingthing? ANIKI

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YES!!! Like... Wiping that tinkle off the rim of the toilet is NOT cleaning the damn toilet. My psycho exh did that. Thankfully, my DH KNOWS better!