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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! The work week is coming to a close, water levels are up, and I'm looking forward to some waterfall watching tomorrow. Spring runoff is something to behold!

Eff off to: 

  • The Brown Noser. Stop calling me at night. I don't answer because a) it's after work hours and not work-related, and 2) we're not friends. Nope. NOT.Friends. We are coworkers. I don't socialize with coworkers and am certainly not about to act chummy with the Grand Poo-bahette of Brown Nose. You need help with a work issue (that you're not trying to push onto my non-programming plate), I'm there. You want to chitchat, gain sympathy, and gossip about King Pita and our teammates? Find someone else. I'm here to WORK.
  • Me. I was wiping zucchini bits off of my spiralizer, got careless, and sliced open my thumb. Oooooowwwww!!! Thankfully, my tetanus shot is current. Sigh...
  • People who are constantly trying to invite themselves to our home. NO, Princess Pushy, you can't "drop by any time". I work days, DH sleeps days, and you're bloody LOUD. NO, you're not coming over to "hang" on nights DH is working. My job is stressful and I need that quiet time to de-stress and sew (my ultimate de-stresser). The last time you came over, you admired my kitchen view, then started rummaging under the sink for glass cleaner because there was a streak on the window. Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Easter weekend is here. I grew up with a family tradition of having pickled eggs (and beets) for Easter. The eggs have been marinating in that pickling for almost a week and are a lovely, deep rose. Very much looking forward to eating them with ham on Easter Sunday.  *biggrin*


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, enjoyable, and blessed weekend. *give_rose*


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oof that brown noser has to be almost as horrible as king PITA!  I mean, it's clear that if you WERE to confide any of your frustrations then they would go straight to the target right?

And.. I'm with you on keeping my social life and work life separate.. I have one coworker that I am fairly trustworthy in talking about some of my outside work life.. but we still aren't buddies outside work!  It's a little difficult to operate when people know your business..haha.  

And if you are like me.. you have plenty on your plate.. and don't need new "friends" aka time obligations.

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ESMOD, she really is almost as horrible as KP! KP is our fourth boss and Brownie has made it a point to figuratively cram herself as far up each one's posterior as possible. It's utterly cringe-worthy.

Years ago, I attended an afterwork happy hour with The Company. I'd only been there a week. It was a bloody nightmare. The boss was hitting on half of the women. One gal was a mean beeyotch to another and made her cry. Meanie got so drunk, two people had to pull her up off of the toilet. That was my last social outing with coworkers.

My plate is so full right now, I need a serving platter!

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F off to my body still being unpredictable. I am 3 days late with my period, but a negative pregnancy test. DH and I are going away tonight to get the pets, mainly the puppy accustomed to us being away overnight before our 7 day cruise next month. Found a cute little place in the mountains with a hot tub. I have read that hot tubs can definitely cause miscarriages in the first trimester, so I don't want to be submerging my body in the hot tub when I have no idea if I am or am not pregnant. If my period doesn't come before we get to the place tonight, I will be wearing a hoodie to put only my calves and feet in. Just wish if I wasn't pregnant to get my period already. 

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NYASM, a mountain getaway sounds lovely! Do you have the illusion of seclusion or are other cabins nearby? I've always wanted to stay somewhere with no neighbors for miles. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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but we aren't getting there till 8 pm anyway! Tomorrow we are going to snowshoe in the mountain 6 minutes up the road from the cabin and take photography which is our passion, so excited for that! Thank you Smile ... That is my husband's dream. He grew up the closest neighbor was more than a mile away and wants that when we buy a home, but I think he is going to have to meet somewhere in the middle haha.

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DH and I love being able to go places (around here) and not see another person. I cannot tell you how many times I've had the beach all to myself. Okay, okay, not many care to take a dip in Lake Superior in October (wimps). Wink

A mile away would be nice. MileS away would be ideal for us! Lol

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I once went swimming on a glorious sunny day in the Med ... in January. I hadn't warned DH that I was going to do it. His face was a picture when I stripped down to a bikini. There were people out for a walk along the beach wearing coats and scarves. When I got out of the water, one woman shouted to me 'You're not from around here, are you?" LOL

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I was out swimming one blustery day when two guys showed up in wet suits to surf.

Guy One said, "How can you stand to... You're a Finn, aren't you?" *dirol* 

Guy Two said, "I'm tearing up my man card." *lol*

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I had a co-worker like that.  She butted heads with everyone and would then call me and talk my ear off about it like I was her bestie.  I gave her 5 min before I 'had another call'.

So annoying.

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Yuck, huh? This one constantly wants to do zooms so we can "chat". Yeah, NO. I'm busy, dammit!

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and or my thyroid of these biotches is making me hotter than hades on a summer day.  My thyroid meds (I dont' have a thyroid)  have been fubard since low we increased them (thanks for that being low for 3 months..hello an extra 15 pounds)...and at 52 I'm pretty the menopause biotch is in the house.

Either way..enough already.....I'm always cold for heaven sakes...not hot.   

So looking forward to the homemade key lime pie I'm making for Sunday brunch..  MMMMMM....

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Halo1998, menopause is poopie! There are times I think an egg would fry on my skin. One lady said hot flashes are better than cold flashes. I'm calling BS on that. Much rather be cold than hot, sweaty, and miserable!

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keeping work and home life separate.  We live in an area where many families have lived for generations (think first landing), everybody knows everybody.  As soon as we moved here I knew enough to not engage innany5hing but lite chitchat at work.  I don't go out for lunch or drinks with coworkers nor am I their FB friend.  This has served me well over the years.

Btw-- my son looooooves pickled eggs and beets.  I make them for almost every holiday.  We always had them at Easter when I was a kid.

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Crspyew, all too often, blurring the work and home lines can bite you in the butt. Have you ever seen a work couple split and make everyone at work miserable? Oy.

I need to make them more often. When depleted, I will add more beets and eggs to the "juice" for a good month. *biggrin*

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Eff Off to being overwhelmed at work and the stress level is at an all time high.

Easter dinner - yummm spiral ham and grilled aspargus with DH's famous mac and cheese.  Shame I am the only one that does not like it.  Yes, Ill take my mac and cheese out of a good old Kraft box - dont judge me Smile

Blue Claws arrived last night!!  Half day today for the us so hubs and I are headed to crack some crabs and drink some beers.

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

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Hey, classyNJ, we grew up on boxed Kraft mac! Mom always added a little extra sharp cheddar. Nom nom nom...

Ooooooooooooooo, fresh crab sounds divine. Enjoy!

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Your examples made me laugh out loud...except the spiralizer, ouch! Princess Pushy sounds like my MIL who tries to just show up and then will stay for hours...she won't clean, of course, she expects to be catered to when at my home. 

Speaking of my MIL, she again wins the Eff Off prize. She contacted SSs directly to make Easter plans with them and then when DH reminded her that he would prefer if she talk to him first, she told him it was because he didn't answer her call (um, no MIL, you asked SSs over a week ago and just called DH yesterday) and then told him it was because she wanted to be sure SSs felt "included in the family" (MIL - are you implying DH doesn't include them?). She follows the manipulators playbook to a T and I'm just sick of it. 

Also eff off to creepy SS, who if I ask him to throw out his trash or close the window in his room, tells DH that I'm "too critical" of him. Also, his only speaking voice is whining...I can hear the plaintive tone of his conversations throughout the house, even if I can't hear the words he is saying and it! He even uses the tone when talking to his friends. He is 16 - when will he outgrow this?!

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I have new respect for that spiralizer AND have asked DH to sharpen all of my knives. *biggrin*

DH and I are sooooooo unsociable and extremely private. Home is literally our little sanctuary and we're loathe to let in any unwanted "energy" to warp that vibe. To have someone come into your sanctuary and feel it's acceptable to start opening doors/cabinets and invading our space is upsetting. I wanted to go into the bathroom and duct tape the medicine cabinet and closet door closed. "Hey, would you like to rifle through my lingerie? Why dontcha go ahead and try some on, then roll around in our bed? Just bloody well make yourself right at home." *diablo*

Your MIL and SS... grrrrrrr.... An Easter basket with little chocolate bunny poops... 

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The first time BIL came to our house he ran upstairs to look in all the rooms. Didn't even wait for DH to go with him. The second time he came, he said, "can I turn up the heat?" and turned it up to 75 without waiting for an answer. I was like, "who are you?" That same visit, MIL said to one SS, "SS why don't you give Silent SIL a tour of the house." And they went around and looked in all our closets. My New England sensibilities (which view it as extremely rude to violate someone's privacy in any way) were so offended by that, that I didn't even know what to do. I've never seen beyond the living room at silent SIL's house (also BIL's house) and it would never even occur to me to do so, because I barely know either of them (also, I don't really care what their house looks like). BIL is exactly the same as MIL though, so I shouldn't be surprised that they are both nosy about other people but tight lipped when it comes to themselves.

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I'm not surprised you were in shock. I'm afraid I spent enough time living in Glasgow to occasionally let my mouth start running before my brain is engaged "WTF?! Pick a window. You're leaving! "

Dammit, these people weren't brought up, they were dragged up. How anyone could think such behaviour was acceptable is beyond me. 

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*Scratches head* Well, I have absolutely nothing to complain about this week (note to self - must try harder).

DH is off mountain-biking in Spain so I decided to have myself a week off. I still had to take my daughter to her bus at 7.40am and collect her at 4.40pm in the next town over but that was a tiny price to pay for entire days of doing  absolutely nothing useful. There is also a certain satisfaction in telling customers not to look for me for another two weeks (daughter is on holiday next week and I want to be free and available). So, I've been reading and binging on Netflix. 

Forn? I had a trip to our local chocolate maker's shop (this man is an absolute genius) and bought large Easter eggs for DH and DD (as well as a selection of some of the best chocs for me that I have hidden and am not letting on about - they're for my personal pleasure and consumption!).

Easter dinner will be pretty typical for here, lamb. It's raised on high pastures during the summer and eats thyme, rosemary, oregano, savory, etc (it all grows wild and in profusion, especially the thyme!). Fabulous stuff (my mother hated lamb until she had an Easter dinner here)! Season and lay a few sprigs (you can never use too much) of thyme on top and a few unpeeled garlic cloves in the dish around the lamb and cook in a hot oven until pink and the skin is crispy. I'm drooling just thinking about it. 


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Winterglow, nothing at all? Why, you poor dear! *lol*

Your lamb description is making my mouth water! And I now want to treat myself to some tasty chocolates. DH likes those ickle, sugary Peeps. *bad*

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Sounds great!   Love all those herbs!

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Since I'm likely to be tired this weekend after my first chemo I'm having my partner make Easter dinner this year. He's making home made cheeseburgers, maybe new tradition? Its kind of nice not having to worry about the big dinner and spending all day making the sides. Smile My son is going to be Easter bunny and make a scavenger hunt for us all! 

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Stepmomnorth, a good cheeseburger is a thing of culinary beauty. Enjoy! The scavenger hunt sounds like fun. Biggrin

Get your much-needed rest. Continued prayers and {{{hugs}}}. *give_rose*

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Eff of to the peri-menopause (like many of us I see!)....I've got some weight gain that  It's so frustrating!  I don't see how I can eat LESS than I already do (DH asked me this too so I know that I'm not imagining that I'm not eating a lot and even cut back on the carbs what small amount I ate anyway), I exercise at least one hour a day high intensity, drink water all day, blah, blah, blah.  I even cut way back on wine (cry) and that scale will not move.  I have a doc appointment on Monday so will discuss this with him.

I think I'm PMSing too.  BOO.

For Sunday dinner I remembered to get a pot roast out of the freezer to thaw. So it's that with roasted carrots and potatoes. DH can have wine but I'm forgoing it due to doc appt early the next morning.

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Until I got BioTE treatments, the doctor refused to believe my thyroid levels were low.  I'm still pleasantly plump but now in the right places.

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Which is traditional prime rib, yorkshire pudding so that will be on the menu instead of brined smoked ham with a gingersnap crust.   Asparagus with hollandaise, green beans with shallots and strawberry coconut jelly roll.   Awesomeson, DIL and DGD will be here.  DGD will be celebrating her first bday as well.

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Eff off to Feral Forger (again, on repeat) and Toxic Troll pushing Husband to collect his CHILD (adult child but whtevs) almost 3 hours away one way.

Im thinking we will do steaks and lobster (its just us this time, might go to a brunch somewhere idk)

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As I'm on a long weekend I'm only doing f0rn. 

Tomato, onion and goat's cheese tart with a lattice top. 

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Eff Off

Eff Off to cancer and Eff Off to DW dealing with the heart break of a dying cousin.  So much for a special holiday weekend together. I put her on a plane this AM to be there with her cousin who is not expected to survive the weekend. She sent me a text two hours ago that she arrived on time and was with her cousin.  I am relieved she made it in time and asked that DW give her cousin a hug from me.

Eff Off to HR indecision and ineptitude. While I truly enjoy what I do, and where I do it, I do not trust my current company.  They are claiming world class level greatness on a shoe string budget. Which cannot happen in the real world of what I do.  So, for months I have been going through the progressive discipline process with two employees who are organizational Ebola.  Twice now on both of them we were ready to terminate when HR threw yet another disciplinary documentation/coaching step into the situation.

Eff Off to strong team members who are imploding due to being overwhelmed in an environment that they are struggling to adapt to.  Not their fault, just a paradigm shift from their 20+ year military careers.  They are used to command and control directive oriented management methodologies and are overwhelmed by Collaborate, Guide, Mentor, and Develop private sector managerial leadership requirements.  I understand their frustration.  Command, control, and direct is much more direct and can be done nearly instantanously compared to the collobotation, etc.. model.

Eff Off to Bud Light NEXT zero carb beer. That is not beer!  I have not had a beer in years and was excited about this stuff as the carbs in beer play hell with my blood glucose levels and requres that I put turbo charger on my insulin pump.  I will not be buying that swill again.

Eff Off to ... well, anything else that chaps my ass. Stay tuned on that list.


Here is to Easter dinner of some sort without my bride.  Not the first time. But this time is sad.  So, I am thinking an amazing Las Vegas Strip resort prime rib, lobster, crab all I can eat buffet. 

I will be thinking of my mom's amazing Easter feasts.  My niece and her DH, my nephew and his fiance, and my brother and his wife will be there with mom and dad which I am grateful about. But.. dammit, I wish my bride and I were there too. 

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Eff off to yesterday!  Yesterday was a bad, weird day.  I was leaving to drop my daughter off to school when I noticed a text from my SIL that came at midnight.  My brother had been in an accident in the big rig.  A train hit him.  In this particular location they're supposed to send up flares when they're moving train cars but they didn't night before last.  He did stop and look but saw nothing coming so he went.  Got hit, got drug a little ways down the track. At this point I would like to say eff off to the hospital he went to.  They absolutely suck.  They were not thorough at all.  He had to go to another hospital today. A much better place.  They were very thorough.  He's going to be ok but it will take a month or two to completely heal.  He's very fortunate to have walked away from that. Eff off to the railroad company that effed up.  

Eff off to whatever is going on with my guinea pig, Princess Popcorn. I find blood in the cage roughly once a month.  I was finally able to figure out that it is her and it is coming from her private area.  I took her to the vet yesterday and she was able to rule out any serious problems but we don't know what it is.  She said to call if she starts bleeding more or more often.  She is hesitant to spay her because it is very risky to spay a guinea pig.  She feels as though she's lost as many as she's saved.  So she won't spay unless she deems it absolutely necessary to save Popcorn's life.  I agree with her 100%.  

Eff off to the traffic today.  It was awful!  A lot of people are off today and they all decided to get on the roads that I was traveling. I ordered groceries online for store pickup and let my daughter drive. She hadn't driven up that way before because the traffic is usually bad.  But she needs to get a feel for driving in crazy traffic and changing lanes.  She drove to the store and decided she had enough.  She's got her learners permit and is doing quite well.  She did well today considering how crazy it was today.  I'm hoping she'll be able to drive with me tomorrow where the traffic is somewhat better.  Taking the three guinea pig princesses to my sister's shop to get their claws trimmed.  


Ham, potato salad, Italian green beans, my daughter is going to try to make deviled eggs and I don't know what else we'll have yet.   I'd love to attempt to make a strawberry cake.  My dad used to make it every Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was so good!  He used frozen strawberries in the cake itself and put coconut and I think pecans in the icing.  I haven't had it in over 20 years.  I miss him and his cooking so much, along with his wisdom, sense of humor, love, just him being there. 

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PetSpoiler, how horrific! Prayers your brother heals quickly with no lingering after effects. 

That cake sounds awesome!