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The Christmas Drama Begins

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Well, kind of. I am actually pretty proud of DH and myself.

DH asked me to double check his text to BM (he always does), he did good. It was simple and to the point :

BM, our son mentioned that he would rather spend the first half of Chirstmas break with us this year so that he doesn't miss basketball practice. I am fine with either half of winter break, just let me know what you would prefer soon as we are starting to look at plane tickets. 


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Some of you know that I had a very short 2nd marriage before DH. We met, married in 6 months and the marriage was over in 11 months. He was abusive and his son was the literal spawn of Satan.. His father being actual Satan. 

When I left I moved about 35 mins away to the town I grew up in and family lives in. He stayed in that house. ExH2's mom lives not far from us, but I haven't even run into her at a store or anything. However, since she is on more of a main road that I drive on often I have noticed exH2's trucks there. 

SS21 having some big feelings

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Sometimes it is really hard to talk to SS21. I have to remember that this "grown man" is still just a boy and I have to tailor my words for him.

With everything going on in Afghanistan, I guess he was watching the news. He is so upset! He is angry at the world watching terrorist "win". That isn't how it is supposed to be. He is talking about nuking the middle east and squashing  them all. He just keeps talking about killing the Taliban.

My one area of Not Disengaging

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As many of you know we have been fighting over CS and alimony forever. Years. No actual ruling has been made in... 7? 8 years? It was all on temp orders waiting for BM to turn over her financials. 

Based on the temp order, showing BM not making any money, DH overpaid Alimony by 5 months. Her attorney swears that DH still owes like 8 months. 

OT- Update on DD and COVID vaccine

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Her dad and SM convinced her! I can't believe it!

She is getting her first shot tomorrow. Talk about a relief. 

My mom has been fighting cancer and she and my mom are very close. Chemo and radiation are done but she just found 2 more lumps in the other side, even though she had a double mastectomy. This is a scary time for many reasons, so this is a huge relief. I can't believe they did it! 


OT- Covid Vaccine and DD13

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First, please move on if you want to debate the vaccine. 

Everyone in my family is vaccinated with the exception of my sister, her husband and DD13. My sister won't get it because they are going to start TTC soon (ok... Kind of get it, I would be more understanding if she were actually pregnant). Anyway, because of my sister and TicTok crap DD is refusing. The vaccine clinics won't force someone to get it. They can't treat it like a required vaccine. 

SS is GONE!!!

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I just need to shout from the roof tops! My house is home again, I no longer have to be on pins and needles! Thank God he is GONE!

I have no idea if he will be back. I pray he doesn't come back. DH and I don't think he will come for Christmas. We are supposed to have him the 2nd part of winter break which is when they are doing daily Basketball Practice and he pitches a fit over missing basketball. DH isn't going to "fight" it. 

[email protected]*&- I am going to blog hog the heck out of you all today!

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DD just called me and asked what happened to their bathroom wall.

Me: What do you mean?

DD: There is a whole in it.

Me (at work): Take a picture please

It is a fist! You can see the finger indentions. 

I called BS and woke him up-

Me: Did you by chance slip coming out of the shower or an accident happen and you made a hole in the bathroom wall?

Because SS16 isn't enough, SS21 wants to act out

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For those that don't know: My  SS21 is autistic. He lives with us full time, DH has had full custody since he was under 1 yr old. His BM is a really piece of work. SS is the oldest but she went on to have another 8 children by 6 different men, custody of none all before the ripe old age of 33- super classy. She hasn't spoken to SS in well over a year, could be coming up on 2 at this point)

SS16 at it again

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So, we have one of those couches that has an arm rest with a cubby. I keep my kindle in there most of the time. I usually just use it to download books and read during football season...

Anyway, as I posted before about getting woken up by the cops with SS16 getting picked up, we took his cell phone, Apple watch and burner phone (bm is so thoughtful).