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Mental health care sucks in the US...

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Well, all health care does, but mental health care is a particularly vicious beast.

Backstory for those that don't remember, YSS came to live with us earlier this year partly because YSS threatened and made plans to commit suicide. DH got him a crisis intake the next day and services started the next week.

C'Tucky is Back

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She randomly moved in with my parents over the weekend. Well, I say randomly. My mom says that they gave her permission to move back in "temporarily" because she and her DH are on the outs again. C'Tucky says it's for good this time, but this is the third time in as many years that she has packed up and moved back (and 4th or 5th time she has left her DH).

Always knew ET lied but...

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DH and I told the boys that ET's DH left. Not out of spite, but out of pity and concern. She has been trying to spend time with OSS, so DH and I were trying to say, "hey, if she asks to see you, perhaps consider it because she's going through a hard time." And we wanted YSS to have some compassion when he saw her during his visit.

Your Partner Treats You Badly because You Let Them

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UPFRONT NOTE: I am not talking about abuse here. Before anyone starts down the victim-blaming line of thinking, that's not where I'm going with this.

Now, time for a Lt. Dad's fireside announcement, because there is no chat or back-and-forth with this.

Your partner treats you like crap because you keep allowing them to treat you like crap.

ET is single again...

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Apparently her DH packed his stuff and left. Eff. That leaves ET taking care of herself and being alone, and I have no idea what that's going to look like because that has never happened before. There was always someone waiting in the wings, or the boys were there, or her mom was around.

The good news is that I don't think she can make enough money to move back around here on her own. The bad news is that this could stir up drama. I'm not concerned about her, but I am concerned about how she'll make the SSs feel now that she's alone.

OT - Advice to Sister about Our Mom

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If you've read my previous blogs and posts on other people's blog (and some of you know more than most - looking at you, Gim), you know that my mom and sister both suffer from mental health issues and have an iffy relationship for both justified and unjustified reasons.

Current situation: my sister graduated from college and has applied for a Master's program that she needs to reach her goals. This is HUGE for her, and she has done it as a young "non-traditional student" who spent the last two semesters working full time, taking classes, and doing her internship.

Oh ET. Just...Oh.

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So a few updates for folks who would like them:

1.) We successfully moved and sold our old house! Leaky toilet and pet-stained carpet aside, it has been pretty smooth.

2.) ET didn't pay YSS's school fees for this past year. She gets a STEEP discount on those fees. The grand total she didn't pay? $35. Yep. She has had since July to pay $35 and she hasn't. Mind you, she paid nothing towards OSS's college, amd DH put more than double that into YSS's lunch account. She well and truly now pays absolutely nothing for her kids - not even the measly school fee.

I now know why ET hated (hates?) me...

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OSS spilled the tea (actually, lots of tea that I won't be discussing, but this has to do with me and is insane so I'm sharing).

ET started hating me back in the day because I tried parenting her kids. Seems reasonable.

What was the great offense I committed? I was telling DH about some stuff that happened in a movie so he could decide if it was too adult for YSS (who was 9 or 10 at the time) to watch.