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Life Update from Lt. Dad Land

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Hey there everyone. It has been a hot minute since I gave any update, mostly because there hasn't been much to update on.

ET has been relatively quiet, even downright polite and friendly. She is working and seeing YSK again. Zero drama in relation to Admiral Baby.

Speaking of, Admiral Baby is doing well! She has to do a little PT because she got super squashed in the womb, so her skull is a little misshaped and she has some tightness in her shoulder and neck muscles. Other than that, she is cooing and smiling! She just discovered this past week that toys exist and can be fun, so that has been entertaining.

My MIL was coherent at Christmas and seemingly hasn't been paying into scams (though BIL is overseeing her money now so that may be why). OSS got his head out of his arse and got his school financing sorted (though his general ability to adult is questionable - I worry about what will happen when he graduates this summer).

YSK has really blossomed this year. They have made several new friends. They really enjoy doing technical school for half their day. Grades are But that is more because they don't want to do it than being overwhelmed by it like they were freshman year. There is still a lot that needs to be done with them, but we're still on that upward swing.

As for DH and I, we're trying to get into a new groove and bring some intimacy back into our relationship. Three years of fertility treatment and pregnancy really killed some aspects of our marriage. But we've made a plan to get back to pre-baby. We do have to make some decisions very soon about what we want to do with our embryos as me being pregnant again is NOT an option.

And me - well, I'm getting back to being me and being a mom. I go back to work next week. I'm going to the gym to build up my strength again. I'm looking into new jobs. I'm enjoying motherhood so far and can't wait to go exploring more with The Admiral. I plan on taking her everywhere this summer and using all my vacation time to do so.

I hope everyone else is doing well!


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Great news all around LT.Dad.  My friends baby had the same issue, was squashed and she had to do exercises to loosen the neck and foot her baby, the kid is a teenager now with no issues, other than being a teenager lol. 

Not sure if you know about snowflake babies but it can be an option for your embryos. I have another friend who went through menopause super early in life and was able to have two snowflake babies.  It’s cheaper than adoption or a surrogate from what I understood.

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The pediatrician and physical therapist seem pretty confident that she'll do fine. We do have to take her to a neurologist and ophthalmologist just to rule out other causes, but the reigning theory is PT will do it.

Are snowflake babies the same as embryo adoption? We're considering that. We may pay for another year of storage just to buy us some time and decide what we want to do.

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When Thing2 was born, he was diagnosed with torticollis and had to undergo PT.  I thought there was no way that anyone could do PT on a newborn, but you know what?  They did and it was awesome!  I am confident that the Admiral will be 100% in no time! 

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Glad to hear you are all doing well.


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Glad to hear all is going well. 

My DD also had torticollis of the neck due to being squished. Her head was flat and we had a helmet for 4 months to correct it. Her head is still a little flat, but so much better than it was. PT will work wonders for her! 

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We're working to avoid a helmet, but they did forewarn us that it may be a possibility. We're hoping that boatloads of tummy time and side time will get us the results we need. Her first official PT appointment is today, so I should know more soon!

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Thanks for the update LD - glad things are going well in general and specifically with Admiral. Makes the warm fuzzies of the impending spring that much warmer and fuzzier. Its still cold here on the California Central Coast, and we had some major major flooding, but me and mine are ok.

Speaking of Spring: I am on a health track, and have been disciplined enough to have climbed 2,500 ft New years Day and down 8 lbs.

Toxic Troll: moved again, to a mobile home share sitch, and havent heard a peep from her about anything. Still at 50/50 with only 1 year and 4 months to go of visitation and most importantly child support (aka TT support)

Feral Forger Sd23: since TT moved, she had to find a new place to put with her garbage, and was staying with "friends" and that didnt work out so then a few months before Christmas she called my phone demanding to talk to her dad (the guy she wants no relationship with beyond the ATM/Moving functionality) . I asked her whats up and with some back and forth peppered with insults, she wants to move in "for just a month". After my revelations of how would that work its half my house too, she hung up. Basically husband told her no it wouldnt work out and besides she never wants a relationship with him.

Shes now living with his older brothers family. I give it 4 more months.

SD16 Power Sulk: Shes got some good grades, some bad grades, no job and no permit. Shes 17 in 4 months. Husband has received notices that shes now considered a "Truant" and hes being held responsible. 16 unexcused absences (aka not going to class). Shes been ok, polite, stays in her room, chooses not to come out except for food, and just got a new $800 iphone.Husband claims that he will not support lazy graduated child that and no job and no license, but I just see the pattern is repeating itself. 

ME: Job is great, hiking some great hills, and changed my entire diet plan to keto.

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Great update, lieutenant_dad!

My elder daughter, who just turned sixty, was born looking like an ancient Egyptian, after my two-day labor and the use of forceps. Neither helmets nor physical therapy were available back in the early sixties (the dark ages) but my beautiful girl was perfectly normal by two months. In fact, the local photographer sported an eight by ten photo of her in their studio window. Every member of my mother-in-law’s church got dragged to that studio at one time or another, to share mother-in-law’s pride in her first grandchild.

My own mother was a firm believer in placing babies on their tummies and I’m confident that doing so was what resolved the ‘cone head’ of my first born. My seven siblings all have nicely shaped heads so the tummy placement must work, yes?

Reading about ‘embryo adoption’ was interesting and seems like an altruistic thing to do. I’m just not sure if I could handle having full siblings of my children out and about; it would take some serious thought.