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Mortgage Problems-Need Opinions

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SO's ex got the house in the divorce she had 4 years to refinance and get his name off the loan and pay him his equity. Time was up in 2013. She apparently "forgot" about this. When SO starting pushing her to refinance (he has his own mortgage and wanted to refi for lower interest rate) her answer was to quit making the mortgage payments. The house went into foreclosure, SO went back to court got a court order saying she had to sell the house, she totally ignored it (never showed up for court) since the date of the Order (12/2014) she has been telling SO she is in the process of refinancing even had the bank (she used to work at this bank b4 she was fired for missing money) send him letters saying they were processing paperwork. Turns out she got turned down for refinancing and the bank told her they would do an Obama loan remodification if she made 6 months of payments on time. Anyway, this past week she texted SO that the paperwork was ready he should go to bank and sign at a certain time when her friend was there working. He didn't sign, he got copies to bring them back for the attorney and turns out this paperwork not only fraudulently misrepresented them as still married "husband and wife" but extended the loan to 2043. I laughed my ass off at the fact that BM texted SO and called him over 6 times trying to pressure him to sign, had her sister text him, had an ex-friend call him. Really, she thought he was that stupid?? This is the same women that can't return SO's calls even to tell him what time she wants her son back. Anyway, turned everything over to the attorney again, don't know what good it will do, BM will just ignore it until a Sheriff shows up on her property and starts throwing things out the door. Anyone ever have this experience? Any advice?? :?

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"I'm surprised your DH hasn't taken her back to court for contempt again!"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^this is what her DH should have done from the get go!!!!

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^^^ yes, watch out for those tricks too. This year BM slipped DH a letter secretly . She was going on and on about refinancing. I blew a gasket.... I'm like hell no, sell it.... All bc he was no longer paying spousal support. Too bad. Divorce decree states house is to be sold... Period
And refinancing would not be the answer , then he's financially responsible for payments.
House is sold ! Her ass had enough money left to buy another house. That's how stinky BM can be.
She's so lazy she didn't want to move. Then he gets another letter before house is listed saying he needs to pay half the mortgage .
I blew again. I said get rid of her and that house or I'm done !!!!
He got rid of the two problems. It's going to be smooth sailing now !!

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At the very least the bank needs to be notified that they are not married and he is not applying for this loan (or any loan with her).

He needs to check his credit to ensure that no cards have been taken in his name without his knowledge.

He should ask his attorney what the correct procedure is to ensure that she can't do this again.

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Good catch tommar24365 I didn't even think that the bank would've had to run his credit. I'll have him get a copy of his credit report. He did take her back to court once in Dec. $2,500 later she just ignores the order so the attorney is involved again and is going to file a motion in the next couple of weeks. If BM gets jail time for contempt I will laugh my ass off and if an Order of Eviction is issued you can bet I'll be there laughing that day too. She just thinks she can do whatever she wants doesn't even stop to consider how her actions affect the son but that's on her. Someone on here once said "not my monkey, not my circus" that's my new motto - use it everyday!

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I can not tell you the thousands we have spent on this situation. If she was ordered to sell it, force it. Your DH'S credit will suffer tremendously for it. Also, do get a credit report. I found several defaulted credit cards that BM opened in DH'S name. Yeap, on top of writing checks in his name that bounced.

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I am so glad my DH and his ex-wife did not own a house. He had to threaten her just to get his name off of the damn checking account.

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WOW thank the lord DH was poor before me and could not get a house with BM. The only issue he has is a cell phone bill BM never paid from 5 years ago but it is on DH credit report as fraud.

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Pretty much sums it up meanie. What's the most sad thing is the son has figured out all by himself that his mom spends approximately $7,000 per year on beer. SO even told her "hey, SS is counting how many beers you drink per day" doesn't matter to her. We are saving copies of all the paperwork just in case someday SS needs the truth, hopefully that won't happen.

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In this situation. DH should of had in decree house is to be sold. Now, if his name is on it his credit is damaged. Unless, he files bankruptcy.
She can't do an Obama loan. Also, if she can't refi it to begin with she'll never...... Get it
Since I went through that process called loan modification. The mortgage companies wil.... Lead you on and on.... Then after 6 months.... They sell the mortgage to Another lender. I know..... It goes on and on.
DH has to either get house back through court, file bankrupt or have a quick sale...
She can't have loan as married, eventually someone will find out. Court dockets are public . Even my divorce from 1993 is in a docket still.
She's plain dumb......

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BM tried to pull something similar but not with a house. It was about child support. She wanted him to meet her at a coffee shop and sign papers saying he can give her direct money for child support and not the court. She said an attorney had the paper work drawn up. I myself never heard of such.

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Well the latest update - World's Greatest Mom (that's sarcasm) had SS text dad and essentially say "daddy will you please sign on the modification with mommy until 2043 so we can keep our house" and then ExSIL starts texting "how could you do this to your own son, I don't care what the courts say you should just sign the paperwork." Nice try Coven, Nice try Coven but not going to work this time. This is one stupid family. Forwarded the text to the attorney, waiting for her to draw up the papers. I wouldn't be surprised if SS went to live with the my SO. However, Disney Dad that he is, my SO seems to be balking at that. I'm getting really tired of this soap opera and its never ending episodes.

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The real question is, how can BM do this to her son? This is on her and only her.

Maybe ExSIL would like to get on a loan with BM if she's so damned concerned. Otherwise, she can shut the hell up, she has no business texting your SO about it.

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My thoughts exactly hereiam. Its taking everything in me to not say anything and let the attorney handle it.