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The crazy continues!

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We had two guests yesterday. TWO. Both grandmothers came to the house around 4pm yesterday and I had to deal with them until my husband got home from work.

Normally I wouldn't mind grandmothers visiting their own grandchildren. But these women have been BFF's since my husband and his ex were together. They share the same views on everything and both have some serious problems with me. For example, the kids joined us in the living room and within seconds of sitting down these women started with the questions and complaints. "Son, why would you pick being gay over your own mother?" "Kids, why would you abandon your own mother?" "Kids, how could you choose this woman over your own mother?!" "Kids, why can't you tell your dad and Isabelle you belong with your own mother?!" "Kids, why are you calling her mom? She's not your mom!" I told the kids to leave if they felt uncomfortable and they did, within half an hour of their grandmothers arriving.

My MIL told me, to my face, that she was never going to love the baby I'm expecting the way she loves her older grandchildren. She said she actually likes her grandchildren's mother and she hates me for turning them against "their own mother!!" I had to bite my tongue because I've been having problems with the pregnancy since the stuff with my kids mother. I need to take it easy and not get into anything. So I was dealing with them as best as I could until my husband got home. It was hard. I wanted to cry a few times. And I wished the kids hadn't been in the house when they were here.

When my husband got home he sent me straight upstairs and told me not to come down until they were gone. Then the grandmothers started in on him. His own mother told him he was selfish for putting his ex in jail. I heard him tell both of them he hadn't, the police had, he only asked for her to be removed from our property. After a few minutes they were gone. But I heard them say they would be back today and Saturday and Sunday. We'll be leaving once my husband gets home from work today and we won't be home until they leave on Monday. It's not worth staying here when they'll keep coming over and trying to get in. I'm just annoyed that I have to deal with them on top of everything else. I'm doing my best, as is my husband, to shield the kids from them as much as possible. My husband has also promised that if they go too far, he'll call the police on them as well. So, we'll see. I'm hoping it won't come to that.

For some good news. The baby is doing well and we (the kids and I) know the gender of the baby. But my husband doesn't want to know. So it's going to be fun seeing if he caves or not. And, to add to the good stuff going on, the kids are calling me mom now. Smile

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Whoa. That is a whole lot of crap for your to have to deal with. Your DH needs to figure out ways to put some iron clad boundaries on these women! If it takes a threatening letter from a lawyer or a no trespassing sign or whatever.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this. If they ever happen to get around to do that again? Whip out your phone and video record them. There has got to be a way to get them stopped.

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Why would you have to deal with this? No way way would I even entertain the idea these nuts coming into my home and spewing this shit.

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Nothing good from those women would overcome the toxic crap they are bringing to those kids. Do not allow them in your home. Personally, I would have told them to f*ck off and not in a sweet southern way.

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Whoa! When you said craziness, I was not expecting the MIL and DH's EX-MIL to be ganging up against you! And for DH's own mother to rip into him for his ex going to jail? She can't back her own son? I'm a mom, that is just crazy to me! These women sound exactly like my grandmother, which is why my mother and I don't speak (because as long as she and my grandmother are close, mom tends to spew the same kind of mom still doesn't accept DH, even though he adopted both of my kids and stuck around, unlike the ex that she hates even more).

You just take care of you, and try to enjoy this time of motherhood. If those evil women come back around, lock the doors and windows! Don't let them in, and if they don't leave, call the cops on them!

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Sweetheart, do NOT let those awful hags in your home again...EVER. Eff them and their nasty, destructive bullshit. The only good thing about the two of them is that their old and gonna die sooner rather than alter. For the love of Maynard James Keenan, DO NOT LET THEM IN AGAIN. DH needs to support you on this...not just for yours and the kids sanity, for the mental and emotional health of you all and your special little bundle. BE STRONG! Don't let those assholes talk to you like that ever again, you don't deserve that!

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Those women are called grandmothers? They aren't like any grandmothers I've ever had and I've had four (two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers).

Maybe you can tell them that the kids call you "mom" because you act like a mom, but that they will be calling you each Mrs. Grandma1LastName and Mrs. Grandma2LastName because you don't act like grandmothers.

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"Leave my home immediately." Then dial 911 and ask for immediate police response as your home is being invaded by hostile people.

End of problem. If they hang around until the police arrive .... relish in watching as they are crab marched in handcuffs to the awaiting police vehicles.

File for an RO and keep these toxic crones as far from your home and family as possible.

Buy a gun. If they come back ... there are castle laws for a reason.

The second they opened their wrinkly hag lips to attack your son for being gay ... GONE!

You should not have to deal with this and though DH is not abandoning you .... were I your DH as soon as I arrived home I would have physically removed both of those hags from my my property after a thorough dousing with pepper spray and beng hog tied and dragged to the curb. And yes, I completely comprehend that one of them unfortunately is his mother. The fact that she is so devoid of character to confront you in your own home endangering you and your STB child would have been the end for that bitch in my life. She would never have seen any of my family ever again.

Take care of yourself and you baby.