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Great Sites for Homework Help!

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Hey guys!

Since DH was awarded full custody and the parenting plan was adjusted due to the children's academic needs, we've been struggling to help our kids understand what they are being taught in school (since BM puts more focus on extra curricular activities than school work, they are at risk of falling behind benchmarks).

Our latest struggle: FRACTIONS!!!!!! :jawdrop: :? :O :sick:

I found this awesome website though: It literally teaches parents via video how to break down the problems to help kids understand it so that YOU can explain it better to them!! Ah, LOVE IT!! I fully intend on drowning SD-10 in adding and subtracting fractions until both of us can do it in our sleep this weekend! (we only get them one weekend a month, mom gets them all other weekends, and they are with us during the school week).

I also wanted to share There are some free worksheets, but I pay the $20/year to get unlimited access for both my skids. I used this website to put together their summer workbooks to keep their brains fresh over the break Smile Haven't gotten BM on board with it (even though she's trying to suggest home school -- YEAH RIGHT!!!!), but the kids know what is expected of them when they are with us during the break. Smile has a free membership, but for $30/year you get more accessibility. you can create custom spelling lists and the kids can play games with them Smile

If you're fortunate enough to afford it, there is also it's $90/year and is AMAZING for reading. It's designed for classrooms, but I have an aunt who is a reading teacher and allows me access to it for the kids. And the kids LOVE IT! They can monitor their reading progress and get rewards for it. There are quizzes at the end of each book for reading comprehension as well.

I just wanted to share these resources for those of you who are in the same position as me: Trying to get step kids up to par with their school work. Smile

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I stick to Khan Academy in general for homework assignments. When it comes to writing essays for assignments, I prefer my SD work on it by herself. But for reference sake, we use It is great for students who are stuck with their assignments and don't know where to start.