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What kind of BM doesn't spend Mother's Day with kids?

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Can somebody help me understand why my husband's ex doesn't want to spend Mother's Day with her kids? She has 2 kids from prior to my husband and one little girl (7) from my husband and in the 4 years that I have been in her life... this BM has never spent one single mother's day with this little girl. Why? I cannot wrap my brain around it.

It just makes me so angry that this woman is the BM but I have to pick up all her slack! I am just tired of having to correct the girl's behavior and eating habits, etc. If I had wanted to be a full-time parent, I would have had kids of my own!

But I work a full-time job (over 40 hours) each week and I never get a break on the weekends. The BM ships her kid off to me every single weekend. And BTW, the BM doesn't work. She sits at home with her mom and they live off of child support and social security. I expend so much energy all week long at my job then have to expend more on a needy little co-dependant girl all weekend long!

Honestly, if I had known it was going to be this bad, I wouldn't have married my husband. Just makes me wonder if I'm on the road to divorce. I don't even feel as connected to my husband anymore because I hate his ex for putting so much of her parenting responsibilities on me.

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I know how you feel! My SD's BM is a complete piece of trash. Every time she comes back from BM's house, we have to basically retrain her to use her manners, wash her hands, flush the toilet- basic things that she knows we do in our house, but I guess BM doesn't care what goes on in her house and SD picks up bad habits there and "forgets" everything DH and I have taught her.

Their CO says BM gets SD every day on Mother's Day. Well yesterday SD called to wish me a happy Mother's Day, which was nice- but SD is only 5 so I knew she had help calling and I was surprised BM allowed it- then come to find out, SD wasn't with BM- she was with her grandmother (BM's mom) SMH! This is normal for BM to push SD off on her mother or anyone else who will take her on her weeks (we have 50/50), but on MOTHER'S DAY?? What a piece of work!

Anyway, I have found I am a lot less stressed about the whole situation when I backed off with the parenting duties. Truth is, SD is NOT my child, I did NOT choose to have kids, and if I want them I will have my own (just like you)! Therefore, I do not HAVE to do anything for her. Whatever I do for SD, I do because I CHOOSE to. I am not obligated to parent a kid that is not mine.

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SO had SS all day yesterday- BM didn't call to talk to him either. I didn't mind it one bit- SO, SS and I went to see my mom, she's always glad to see SS Smile