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BM is a controlling twit!

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BM is a controlling twit. She begins setting skids up for sports but doesn't put any of my DH info down so we are constantly relaying on her to let us know. In their divorce it says they are to use Google Calendar to schedule activities but very rarely does. We don't even get any news from the school my SD goes to.

MIL favoring bio gkids over my son

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I have a MIL who favors her bio grandchildren over my son. My husband has 2 from a previous marriage and my MIL stays in contact with their bio mom so they visit her often because my MIL calls her for the kids. My son was adopted at the beginning of the year and my MIL told my 8 yr old that he really was her grandson now after her son and I had been married for almost a year. Even after the adoption the favoritism has continued.