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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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TGIF, STalkers! Our forecast is calling for mid 80s. DH has PT after work so I plan to take a long dip in Gitche Gumee after I clock out of work. Hopefully, the rain will hold off, but it'd have to be pretty bad to keep this Finn from the water!

Eff off to:

  • King Pita. KP, for the 37th time, I do not have the authority to make the change you want. Your boss has to do that. And my tongue feels like hamburger from biting it so much trying to NOT say, "Maybe your boss doesn't want you to have that power and eff up something else."
  • Weaponized incompetence. Weaponized incompetence is a type of behavior where one person feigns being unable to perform a task well to get someone else to do it instead. And Mr. Pan Am Smile has it down to a science. Must be nice to be a union employee who doesn't do a bloody thing except cause others additional work, prevaricate, and collect a paycheck. 
  • BioHo. 'Ho, you kicked out SS20 1.5 years ago because he was sick (not covid). He's been living with us since then. Now you're pitching a fit because SS20 is moving out and DH didn't tell you SS20 planned to do so? DH rolled his eyes and ignored the 'Ho. She needs to consume a Tide pod or three. *dash1*


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

It's peach season!!! While I love the simple joy of a perfectly ripe peach that results in juice down your chin and arm, I also like to add them to a salad. I have a piece of steak that needs to be used and some slightly wrinkled jalapeños. So I'm thinking....

Balsamic marinade for the steak. Sauté the meat, then add peach and jalapeño slices to the skillet. Pile on top of spinach leaves and add some bleu cheese crumbles. I'm salivating at the thought!

What's your favorite peach dish/beverage?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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We had steak for lunch - marinated in soy sauce, grilled sesame oil and lime juice ...

Peaches go into my morning muesli along with either natural yoghurt, fromage frais or greek yoghurt. I am too fond of them fresh to experiment with them much (we have a local producer who grows organic peaches that are HUGE as in 4 peaches to a Kg, that's a good half a pound each and they are the BEST). 

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Duly noted!

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Eff off to the fact that women who are assertive in the workplace have to walk that fine line so that people won't label them a "btch" I work with several people that seem to consistently under deliver on the job.. and their lack of ability to do their jobs properly means it's a problem for ME.  Right now, dealing with people in my dept.. in accounting and legal that are just flat out not listenting.. and It's not just me.. I talked to a coworker today (man) who agreed we have made all these things an issue for months.. and it continues to not get resolved.. these people flat out don't even respond to emails a lot of the time!  I can't be any more firm without it being seen as being difficult to work with.. gahhhh.

forn would be my sweet pickled jalepenos.. this year has been a bumper crop from the garden.. so made sweet pickled whole peppers.. so good on a cracker with a smear of cream cheese!

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That's frustrating, ESMOD. What happened to having a good work ethic and wanting to do a good job? Sure, we've always seen those who want to do the bare minimum, but those people have multiplied rapidly.

I've never tried to pickle jalapeños, but should!

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Eff 0ff to:   

  • Unemployment insurance that takes forever to access.  Not a crisis, but a definate PITA.  It has been a long time since I have navigated the UEI process. Automation... my butt.  Fill it out. Wait for a response. (Theme for jeopardy playing......).  Response... they need more information.  From my former employer.  So, I gave the State my old boss's direct contact info.   The issue, a pull down selection on why you lost the job.  Not a RIF, not a layoff.  The only option, Eleminated or Fired. One selection.  Then comes the inquisition.  What did you do to get fired.  I was given zero reason, no disciplinary action, no coaching, no follow up PIP meetings (that were to have happened biweekly) so the subselection I chose "Replaced".  Since I was not terminated for attendance, or any of the behavior selections.... And the theme for Jeopardy continues.
  • Housework.  I forgot how much housework there is when there is someone always in the home. Two people working out of the house....Comparatively no housework. Nothing 30mins a day won't address. One person either home officing or not working.... DISHES!!!! Piles and piles of dishes. And LAUDRY!! Not that it piles up, but you cannot as easily ignore it. It nags at you. Constantly picking at the back of your brain... Fold Me! Fold Me!
  • Cooking. I usually enjoy making dinner as I am the home who makes it most evenings.  This became our norm during Tax Season. Now... as DW is the one who is funding my current and hopefully short term status as a kept man.  Thanks for being my Sugar Mama my beautiful.

Give rose

  • The SKid who does not call or respond to anyone without being badgered. He has pissed off his mom, my dad, me.....  He just does not engage. His mom pointed out that she is ready to put out a hit on him. His phone is in his hand all of the time. He engages for work, friends, God knows what else.  But responding to family.... nope. It takes dozens of attempts before he responds.  So, he is going to get an ear full very soon. From me, his mom, his Deepa (my dad), his Aunt, his Cousins.  The whole family is ready to dispose of his body over this.
  • That is about it.

F0rn: (This weeks dinners)

  • Low cab crack slaw.  Great stuff.  I have modified it. I use hot breakfast sausage in lieu of ground beef.  Shredded multi colored cabbage, shredded cruciferous vegetables. Chopped green onion.  One pan, 20mins, and a Soy (low sodium), Vinegar, Ginger,  Garlic, Chili sauce ... low carb yumminess.
  • Spice chicken meatballs with caccio pepe sauce and konjac pene.  Carmelize the meat balls, add a ton of sliced mushrooms (as exotic as you can find in  your usual grocery haunts), add chopped green onion (or whatever onion type you prefer), add caccio pepe sauce, bring to a simmer, add pene. Enjoy. - All ingredients procured from Trader Joes. We have one less than a mile from our condo.
  • Pork belly, sauted mushrooms, and fresh green beans.  
  • Chef or Cobb salads - twice this week

And... not an Eff 0ff nor F0rn.  We leave at 07:00 in the AM for a week on Kauai.  The Skid will fly in tonight landing around Midnight.  We have a hotel booked at the Airport so we can pick him up, get some sleep, then leave for the airport at 04:45 tomorrow. This saves 2hrs of driving to and from the airport.  This will be the first extended time with the Skid since 2019.  We did see him for 2days at Christmas. Now, to balance enjoying out time together and.... give him clarity on not disrespecting the family and replying if only to send a short text in response.  If he pushed back, there are Tiger Sharks in Hawaii that I can draft to aid in his disappearance.   I may put raw steak in his snorkle when we do the coastal catamaran trip.


I am excited to see my son. His mom is buzzing with excitement.

Have a great weekend and next week STalkers.

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I've heard horror stories about unemployment insurance and COBRA, Rags. I don't envy you the headaches. Sad

Salad is something I can eat almost daily!

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Is he ignoring you or is he in a stressed place mentally?  I'm asking because when I get more stressed I narrow down the human interactions to the ones I need to survive and ignore everything else.  Its not voluntary for me.  Its for my mental survival.  Its like my brain just can't cope with one more thing.

When the episodes pass, as they eventually do, I reappear and reconnect.  But when I'm in the middle of the "storm" even the smallest connection feels close to impossible.

May not be the case with the skid but when you speak to him check in on his mental health too.

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To my poor puppy aging.  :(   He no longer can walk down the stairs so we have to carry him.  This weekend DH is installing a ramp on the back deck so he can walk down that.

Unfortunately, college days ruined me for peaches and we have some really good ones in NJ.  Fuzzy Navels  UGH.  I cant even smell a peach without having a gag reflex. 

Yumm ESMOD those peppers sound delish.  I love pepper jelly. 

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Aw, claasyNJ. It's hard watching them get older. 6+ years and my heart is still broken.

What a bummer! Peaches are one of my fave fruits and that would suck.

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Classy, the great part of having animal companions is how much they add to our lives.  The unfortunate part is seeing them get older and not as spry or able as they once were.  It's beautiful your DH is building a ramp for pupper.  From afar, I bless the ramp with all the Irish heart and Irish whiskey I have.

I hope this makes you laugh.  My dad, 6'2" Navy veteran.  Two tours in Korea, three tours in Viet Nam.  And he was from Georgia.  He could not STAND peach fuzz on peaches.  My mama would have to peel the peaches for my dad to eat them.  He would not go near a peach unless it was peeled.  He couldn't explain why - he just didn't like it.

Not everyone likes asparagus, but I love it steamed with some butter on top.  


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Thank you.  The puppers is HAPPY.  He goes up and down whenever he feels like it.  No more falling down the stairs.


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Back in the day we used to drink malibu and peach schnapps.  It was sickly sweet and was even worse when you inevitabley over indulged and were sick.


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But when you don't like alcohol and you are young and stupid, malibu and peach sounds like a good idea.

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Yes, we were those girls who drank it by the gallons.  I woke up one morning and noone had cleaned up the spillage.  The smell of rotting peaches and OJ did it for me.  Never drank or ate anything peach flavor since.

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I just tried to send a PM to you with a recipe and it gave me a failed message!

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Peach pie! I make at least 3 during peach season.

Aw, classyNJ, so sorry to hear about your ailing honey. I can relate about carrying one's pup in their last years. My DH and I toted our girl around on her special cushion when she was nearing the Rainbow Bridge. When she needed to relieve herself, one or the other of us got up with her at any time during the night to take her outside. That's what we dedicated pet lovers do; they are our children after all. (((((HUGS)))))

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Grannyd, I need to make my DH a peach pie! We've purchased them from multiple bakeries and DH always says none compare to mine. *blush*

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Eff off to people who dump animals. 

What the f@ck is wrong with people? Is the human population getting worse? Seriously. 

I took in a sweet little orange kitty today. Wasn't planning on a new pet as I just got a new kitten 3 weeks ago. I guess the magical kitty distribution network smiled on me 2x. 

Peach Forn

Wasa rye cracker smeared with ricotta, peach slices and finely chopped rosemary. Maybe a small sprinkle of aleppo pepper instead of rosemary if I'm in that kinda mood. 

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Yo, SteppedOut,

I truly believe that anyone so heartless as to dump off a domesticated animal to suffer and starve lacks both humanity and a conscience. One can only hope that karma catches up with those soulless arseholes. Aggressive I sincerely hope that you're rewarded for your unselfish deed, Hon. Mind you, the kitty is her/himself a reward, yes?

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He's a cute scrawny little thing.

My "old guy" (4yrs old) has been patient, but not amused with the new kitten - I think he was a dog in a former life, tbh. So the young ones can play while he supervises. 

Maybe the magic kitty dispensary wasn't wrong. 

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Eff off to whatever has been causing my guinea pig, Princess Popcorn, to lose weight. She's been to the vet THREE TIMES.  I will probably end up getting a full body X-Ray done on her.  I thought it might be a UTI, got her on antibiotics and a painkiller.  She did gain some weight back but now she isn't.  I've been giving her Critical Care for almost a month now.  She is still eating so I don't know what the problem is.  

Eff off to the vet who saw her two of the three times. Seriously, how much did you pay to have that degree printed?  He immediately jumped to it must be a dental issue that he can't see because it's so common with these little guys.  He wanted to sedate her right then and do an X-Ray on her mouth.  He didn't see any abnormality with her teeth so it must be underlying.  I'm not saying it's impossible but don't disregard me saying I saw what I thought was blood in her pee.  There is nothing worse than a know it all who knows nothing.  He's married to the other vet, who is awesome.  She may not know what is wrong with my furbaby but at least she'll say so.  He missed the knot in her neck that I found last weekend.  Awesome Vet got it out.  It was a cyst.  I'm still worried about the little princess though.  She's my buddy and I'm scared to death that I'm going to lose her.  

Eff off to death.  You've visited my home too much the past 3 years.  You've taken two parakeets, two guinea pigs, and one cat.  Just leave us alone!  

Eff off to the weather.  It's either hotter than Hades or it's raining.  

Eff off to the grass and weeds in my garden that I can't deal with because it's either too hot or it's storming.  

Eff off to the mosquitoes that insist that I am dinner when I come out to pick some veggies or fruit from my garden.  I guess FORN for the mosquitoes is my type A blood.  I thought they were more attracted to type O.  

FORN: either the watermelons from my garden or the chick fil a that I had for dinner.  Princess Popcorn certainly enjoyed the two pieces of watermelon that she got from my husband.  I had to talk him into giving the other two some.  She got two pieces but they only got one.  I had to explain that Queen Twerp and Princess Chunky would smell it on her and aggravate her, so they got some too.  


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PetSpoiler, can you request Awesome Vet for Princess Popcorn? I hope your little buddy is better soon

Mosquitos are horrible this year! I have a full suit and hat, but have limited my time outside because I don't like wearing it. 

Have you ever had a Black Diamond watermelon? Sooooooo good!

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I think I can.  I called them last week and just said I needed to make an appointment with Awesome Vet and they got me one.  My little princess has me so worried.  She even has my husband worried and he doesn't really get attached to the pets around here.  He likes her though.  She's such a friendly little lady.  

I haven't had a black diamond watermelon.  I'll have to look into that.  We grew red ones and yellow ones.  

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The black diamond is red seedless. The name comes from the rind, which is black-green without stripes.

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I'm a day late to this so I'll give you my super soggy not so sunny Saturday list:

Eff Off to: Next door neighbors who can't be bothered to do the bare minimum and pick up the trash in their yard that's migrating into mine. I saw them walk past it, they were in no rush, just pick up the damn trash and put it in the trash bin you have to walk past to enter your house. Easy peasy WTF-Y.


Eff Off to: being old. My 8 + mile walk to Canada yesterday has me hobbling badly today. I shouldn't feel as old as I do. My everything below my waist hurts. 


Forn: it's fresh fruit season here. Cherries, berries, melon about to be ready YUM!

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That's annoying, AgedOut. Evil Aniki wants to sneak over in the dead of night and pile everything at their back door.

Fresh fruit and produce are my favorite thing about summer!

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Eff off to people who want to run multi project simultaneously when we only have bandwidth to do one at a time.

Eff off to people who won't provide a project manager so I end up working 7 days a week to keep things running.  

Eff off to the same people who are swanning off on holidays for two weeks over the key pinch points.

And finally eff off to some one I normally enjoy working with who has decided that we can do all of this and support some of the project on 100% internal resources.  Not possible.  Have to speak to them next week about this insanity.  Never mind I had already told them very seriously that we were being stretched too thin already.


I love peaches and nectarines with pork.  With cured ham in an arugula salad.  As stuffing in a roast loin of pork.  Or fried and served with a pork chop.

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IOW, key people run themselves ragged doing the brunt of the work. *diablo*

Stuffing in a roast loin of pork?! Googling recipes...

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Some people do the work and other people cruise by.

On the pork loin, get your butcher to cut it open and then you can stuff, roll it back up and tie up with string.  My mom used to stuff the joint with different fuit depend on the season.  Sometimes apple, other times peach.

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Ok it's Saturday!

I had no effs yesterday! It was a day off work!

Slept in, went for a long bike ride with a friend, out to a vegetarian lunch after, then over to my neighbors for a bit, then my other neighbor came over and we drank too much wine (ok, ouch that's my eff off to myself!), Now I'm waiting for my sourdough bread dough to rise before baking.

Summer fruit is so good it buy bags of it from our local market. Now is peaches and nectarines, I'm hoping for potatoes soon!  Fresh fingerling potatoes roasted on the grill with butter, salt, pepper ...

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Cover, you lucky lady! With my current schedule, my next available day to sleep in is next Sunday. 

Good, fresh potatoes don't need much to stand out!