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Update...The Tide is Changing

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The tide may be turning, dear friends.  For the first time in almost 6 years, I feel like MR. ED is finally tired of his DDs walking all over him.  SD17 is feeling the consequences of her actions and it ain't pretty.  There is hope after all!


Skid ill with another infection

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So SD8 is supposed to be coming over this weekend, but BM has just told us she has yet another infection. She didn't come over this weekend just gone because she'd made herself ill with yet another GI bug because she refuses to wash her hands, so I said to DH she can't come over because she'd make the baby sick. He agreed. Now because she never washes her hands and doesn't wash properly in the bath or shower (despite being taught countless times), she's got an infection in her eczema. She picks at it with her filthy hands and then wonders why it gets infected.


Sometimes I need to come first

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We have my boyfriend’s 9 year old daughter staying with us for three weeks. She and I have a very good relationship overall but sometimes it drives me crazy how much he lets  her dictate how everything goes. I am dealing with a very stressful situation with my job and asked him if I could have a few minutes to talk to him in private about it. About 10 minutes into our discussion she threw a fit which instantly ended the conversation. This is after she had interrupted already on two separate occasions wanting him to finish up  and go back in the living room.


School lunch is gross

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Every Monday DH gives SD16 money to buy food while she is at school. They have off campus for lunch. I've said she gets free meals at the school or she could pack a lunch from what we have but she says the food at school is gross and says she doesnt want a lunch from home so he keeps giving her money. Then we get a bill from the school for $180 owed for school meals. I call the district office and speak to the Nutritionist. Turns out I messed up and the free meals expired in October of last year. The account shows breakfast and lunch nearly everyday.


A Big Rant

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Me? Mean?

I'm unreasonable. I'm not fair. I'm always causing problems. I'm abusive. I hurt confidence and crush self-esteem. I only have negative things to say. I like to point out flaws and laugh at mistakes. I'm lazy and use all the money on myself. I brainwash my spouse and favor my own child. 

Why not take it a bit further. What's an evil stepmom really like? At first it's difficult to imagine myself as mean stepmom because I'm not one, but luckily I have a very vivid imagination. 


So and I got into a fight

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I told SO that it might be a good idea to get the skids a new therapist, he agreed to that, but when I asked him about taking the tough approach with his kids, he got pretty defensive, saying that last time we did that, he didn't get to see them for nearly a month, and he's not doing that again. Okay that  part I can understand, the kids have every right to see their dad, but they don't get to control our lives. He's becoming very defensive about them a lot lately. I don't he sees them as manipulating him. To him  there these innocent little angels.