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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. No! I mean Confusing Time of the Year.

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The holidays bring up a whole lot of things to deal with for step mothers and families. Just wondering how others have learned to cope with this complicated and confusing time of year.

How does the time around the holidays get spent trying to navigate this messy situation?


Family Events/Invites

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My children are never invited to my husband's brothers' children's weddings.

We have been together over 10 years & married over 6 years.

My son is almost 22 & my daughter is 12 1/2.

My husband has two disabled children that really could not handle these events & or his family doesn't want them there.

We always recieve 2 invitations.  One addressed to my husband & myself & one addressed to my non disabled adult stepson who is 26.

Am I wrong to be aggravated by this?

It is as if my children do not exist.