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Moving on:)

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Hi all!

You might remember me from last year - my ex-DH took his life in my house and all hell broke loose with the Skids over his meager belongings, even though I personally packed up everything and delivered it to them on his trailer.

I am happy to say that DD6 and I are doing GREAT! We are both in counseling with an amazing therapist. And.....the $30,000 of life insurance that I had on DH when we were married was accidentally kept in place by my HR department after we divorced. I only found out in December when I renewed by benefits package so I just got the insurance payout. DD6 and I have a Spring Break houseboat trip next week and a Caribbean cruise in November booked with it. Of course, when the skids got wind of the money through a mutual friend, they wanted part of it, but I am the sole beneficiary and I own the policy so I told them that I would treat them with the same amount of compassion and caring that they treated DD6 with when their dad died - which is none at all and they weren't getting a cent:)

Meanwhile, BM moved the 21-year old former student from the high school she works at into the house she shared with the skids and got pregnant with him a month after ex-DH died. A 44-year old hag with a 21-year old very immature little boy. I see that going really well, lol. SD20 moved up north for college and because the 21-year old boy toy was "mean" to SS15 - he is now living with his sister. That should be fun for her. SS15 is a mess and has a mean, nasty, filthy mouth towards everyone. All I keep saying is "not my circus, not my monkeys" over and over. Now that I have had real peace in my life, my big beautiful house back just for me and DD6, tons of plans with long-time friends, and even a couple men with money of their own interested, I don't think I'll ever get married again. What I had before was not worth it, lol!

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Happy to hear everything is going great.

But it never ceases to amaze me how entitled kids can feel!!! :jawdrop:

Enjoy your vacations!! You earned them!

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The good side of Karma comes around. That is awesome. I think if it were me, if I ever heard a skid name uttered, I would plug my ears and go lalalallalalallala.

My SS21 is with a 42yo...same age as BM. I tell a friend, it must be the size of his penis bc the kid is dumb as a box of rox and has no job.

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It is the best karma ever:) I have so moved on that I don't even care what happens to the skids. I used to hear about it from mutual friends but I don't really see them anymore so its been quiet and lovely!

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Oh and I hope you never talk to the mutual friend that ratted you out to the skids. I feel the same way....if its thru my work and I paid for it, I am getting the money and the amount skids would get would depend on their level of respect which = 0.

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I cut ties with all of ex-DH's family and any mutual friends - onwards and upwards!

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LOL! I sure hope I don't either, but my therapist is a stepmom and she has been super helpful in discussing all the crazy that I surrounded myself with and establishing what I will and won't do or put up with ever again. I am really comfortable in my life right now - work is going fantastic, I have wonderful friends, my horses, my hobbies, and my daughter. Opening up my life for a man and his spawn sounds like the worst idea possible and just a lot of work. Maybe that will change someday, who knows:)

In the meantime, I am enjoying having a couple men that I have met spoil me (without meeting my daughter). I recently just borrowed one guy's penthouse on the Vegas strip to see the Taylor Swift concert with my daughter:) I remember looking around at this beautiful condo above the Venetian hotel, all expenses paid, dressed up the nines, and thinking how far I had come from the ragged, exhausted, depressed woman I was married to ex-DH and dealing with the gutter trash (BM and skids).

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Awww That's a great story. I'm so happy you are at peace and got some money and you and your young daughter are enjoying it!!!!!

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Congratulations on your happy new life adventure. It sounds as it the XSkids and DH's XW are wallowing in the filth of the shallow and polluted end of their gene pool and experiencing Karma to the fullest extent.

Take care of yourself and that little girl.


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Hey Smile I remember you!

So so happy for you and your DD6. You deserve all the happiness (and PEACE) in the world.

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Wow, I've been a forum reader for a long time. I joined recently, but I remember reading your stories and posts. All I can say is GOOD FOR YOU!!! So happy to hear it's going well and best of luck!