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Idiots are everywhere.

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I had a late AM GP every 6mo appointment.  All was great. He ordered my first round of 2024 labs. So, that part of the day has been great.

Then I left the parking lot at the Doc office.  That street is a construction zone.  They have the E bound lanes split with cones with about a 6ft space between the E bound lanes.  I was in the inside lane, a small truck was in the outside lane and threw a hard L right in front of me trying to do a U turn. Fortunately I am not a speeder, most of the time anyway, and avoided T-boning him by taking out a traffic barrel and ending up in the space between the E and W bound lanes.  I jumped out to look at the front of my car throwing a "you're number one" finger and a loud  "Fucking idiot!" at the fucking idiot in the truck.  He backed up with a tire smoking and headed W at far above the normal speed limit much less the posted work zone speed limit.  No damage to my car but the giant orange traffic barrel that went flying nearly ended  up in the W bound lanes.  I am buying a dash-cam tonight when I get home. If I had one, I would have called the police.

The adrenalyn is still pumping a half and hour later so much that I cannot even remember the other idiot event I was assaulted with this AM.


I know it was work related, but.... apparently erased by the dumbass in the truck.  So, now I have the mystery of figuring out which of the people swarming around my plant are the fucking idiots who proved that this AM.




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Is it me or are people doing much more random weird moves driving lately? Like I saw someone at a red light just back up full speed and then reverse and drive away the other direction. Like if they didn't want to drive out that way they could have just turned right and then done a loop or something.

I was turning right out if the hospital parking lot yesterday and was thinking about the clinic appointment and my cancer. I was waiting for the traffic to open. I was just thinking oh it's clear I'll turn when the idiot behind me did a really long honk at me like I didn't move fast enough for him. Just seemed like a rather impatient large idiot to be honking at a person turning right out of a cancer treatment centre over the issue of a split second turn. 

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The Mr and I have an ongoing issue with him and his screaming at other drivers. I'm not mad that he does it, I'm concerned that they might read lips and we might end up near the one w/ no selfcontrol. 

There's not a drive to the store or ball game w/out some fool darting in front of us at the last second or cutting us off, running a red light, etc. 

The Mr is a pretty mellow-ish person but driving brings his anger to the surface. I don't think we've gone anywhere recently that I haven't heard him yell "ayou fudgesicle kidding me, where's you learn to drive you fudgesicle moeron??" 


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That stuff bothers me too. I don't like when my husband gets worked up. I don't need to be around that. It makes me not want to be in the car with him. Yes there are other annoying drivers for sure but it adds more stress when the person you're in the car with acts that way. 

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It seems like it is getting so much worse and it is everywhere!

My PETest of Peeves lately is the folks that are driving in the same direction on multi lane road that want to change lanes and will STOP in the middle of their lane to get over! I can not count how many times I see this and lose my ever loving Crap! WHO thinks this is okay!  

My DH who is also quite mellow, has become very vocal while driving. They deserve it but I'm so afraid with the unhinged bulk of folks he is going to get shot. 

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It is a growing pandemic for sure.

I am usually a very mellow driver.  Yesterday I am fortunate that the truck drove off.  My cool was instantly vaporized in the split second it took for me to get out of my car to check for damage.

In hind sight, I'm relieved no one was hurt.


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The new sport in my town is running red lights. Last time I was stopped at a light in front of WalMart, at least four people turned left across traffic on a red light. My light was green--I just sat there hoping for the Karma Bus. 

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I blame much of this type of thing on kids raised with game controllers in their hands. They die in GFA or some live shooter game and hit reset.  For some reason they transfer that driving to real life.  I am not convinced that minor aged school shooters recognize that when they shoot or get shot people die IRL.  Or even young adult age people for that matter.

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Another idiot event. On the radio during my commute this AM.

"Are you planning on getting pregnant whild drinking, smoking, and doing drugs?  Call (Support-4-idiots)"

How about.... "Don't be a dumb ass. If you are doing drugs, drinking, or smoking, get your plumbing ripped out so you do not doom your child to fetal alcohol, tobacco, and drug syndrome."  The message applies to both procreative plumbing configurations.



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It definitely must be an epidemic widespread everywhere you go. Amazing how lots of people still cant grasp the concept of a turn signal. Or they just drive like they are high, drunk or just plain stupid. As if they got their drivers license from a cereal box