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Local Double Murder due to Loss of CS, errr I mean "Custody"

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will be covered on Dateline Friday Night 10/11  9:00 EDT  NBC Affiliates.

This was a murder in my former "home town" which is one street over from where I raised DS and DD.  Same village and school district.  Quiet suburbanesque farming rural/village area.   I moved away almost 13 yrs ago from this area (sadly...I really like the house and neighbourhood) about 40 minutes away to be "closer to Chef's ferals" (TM) which backfired immensely.


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Wow...just watched that. I didn't see anything about custody though?  Weren't those two the parents of the child that was still alive?  

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to biodad and his SO.   This enraged her because she would no longer be getting cash prizes (errrr CS).  So she plotted to kill biodad and his SO.

I might add that this is NY so it is raaaaare that BMs lose custody.  They can practically nuke their town with get away with it.  As you can see, she is a a murderess so there must have been HUGE BILLBOARDesque signs of her evilness in order to lose custody

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I would LOVE to know about her custody are right...she had to be downright looney bin nutso to lose custody.

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Check this out  it says they were first held on unrelated charge of injuring a child....and I'm wondering 'what child' if her kids were w/the dad? 

These articles are EXTREMELY vague and poorly written though.  Hard to dig out but I'ma keep  Oh and I'll definately be watching on dateline to hopefully put the whole story together.

And where are those kids now? It seems the 4 yr old was the couples kids-and the children that he got custody of are where?

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They are with bio dad's relatives

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Heart breaking that this happened because the BM lost custody of her kids. Now the kids don't have either of their parents and have to live with this tragic loss. BM's selfishness superceded any reasoning. She couldn't bare the thought of her ex having custody and decided taking his life and robbing their kids of a father would be better......not forgetting to mention that another innocent life was lost due to her cruelty.

Prayers for these children and all who have been impacted by the senseless death of these two people.

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Isn't it though?  And the guy was a police chief???  3 children now have no parents, the two he had w/the ex wife and the 4yr old that was in the car as his parents were shot in front of him....and apparently the couple who was shot kid is autistic/non verbal. I can't imagine. 

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This is awful...and makes me sick that in 2019--cash for kids is still going on in our court system. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.


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I love Dateline and always say to DH that if he had challenged BM for 50/50 custody or tried to claim a cut of her business or even tried to get the alimony he was entitled to, he would likely have been featured on an episode of Dateline as the missing, soon-to-be ex husband. 


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I'm 100% sure that had he not given her EVERYTHING and THEN SOME, the house, the car, taken away the marital debt, all of his belongings, the tax deductions, let her keep the ENTIRE proceeds of the sale of the marital home, you name it, the Gir CLAN would have put a hole in his head and mine.

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And then "Dean was previously arrested for injury to a child back in May, which is when he resigned from his position as Chief of Police in the small town of Sunray, Texas. The new arrest is not related to those charges."

This seems like this was Dean's 2nd arrest for injury to a child...once in May, then again after the murders....because he was arrested for that 1st before the murder charges came through. 

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Satan would con someone into killing me and/or DH if she could.  I cannot forget to keep my door locked every day for the rest of her life.