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They won't keep Bear

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I'm so upset with dhs parents right now. They called to say we need to rehome Bear. He has been misbehaving and he snapped at fil this morning. I offered to pay for training and i told them he just needs time to adjust but fil is scared of him now.


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At times like these it is important to remember who was doing who a favor. I am sure if you and your husband put your heads together you can come up with a solution rather than getting upset at the people who have gone out of their way to help you two, your children and your marriage.

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Do you know exactly what happened? Has Bear ever shown any aggression before? I may have missed it - what kind of a dog is he? Please don't leave him in a situation where he can continue to show aggressive behavior. If he actually bites, it is going to make it very difficult to find him another home.

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Oh please don't start that. Wink

Bear was never officially a 'therapy' or 'service' dog, but apparently was a great source of comfort to her son who has experienced trauma.

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Without a doubt, DanielleR. The SM would be offered up and burned at the stake if the shoe were on the other foot...

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If you doubt my story go find something else to do. We will never put Bear down and that is rude of you to even say. Why don't you post your life so we can pick it a part and pretend to be helpful.

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actually if they are not dog people you can't be upset with them, they tried to help it did not work out..

I think you need to be working on SD's allergies

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I went and got Bear this morning and took him to the vet. I read online that when a dog acts out they could have a health issue. He had an ear infection. I took him back to my inlaws and explained the ear infection and him not being used to their home could be the reason. I begged them to give Bear a second chance and they declined nicely. I know they feel bad. They are allowing Bear to stay there for the next week or so while we figure out what to do. I'm at a loss of what to do. I don't have any friends that would keep him and would foster the relationship between bs and Bear like my inlaws would have. I asked dh to come up with something or anything because we have to have a solution that works for bs. I can't and I won't get rid of his dog. Any ideas?

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What if Bear moves into the garage and is not allowed in the house?

BS will still have his dog, and SD just can't go to the garage...

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That would work for now but the garage has no windows so it is dark unless the doors are open. It has a light and we could get lamps. I don't think Bear would do well in the garage by himself.

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knock a window in that can open.... put a fence around the yard so Bear can be out side or in garage.. just not in the house...

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You DH could build a nice shed for him to live in in your backyard. You could even heat it.. put windows in it etc...

Make it like a "boy cave" (instead of man cave). It seems like your DH could try to go out of his way to see that your child is accommodated since you are trying to accommodate his child.

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"Any ideas?" Libbie, I'm not trying to be a harda$$ but you've asked this question before and been given multiple suggestions. I, personally, have no other advice. I would never have turned my life topsy-turvy the way you have for dh and sd. And I certainly would not have made dh or sd's comfort paramount to my own bio-kids. The situation is what it is now. Dh and sd will trump all decision making regarding the dog situation. My heart breaks for your son and Bear. I wish you luck with all this.

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I would never get rid of one of my pets for a skid, I don't have any kids but if I did I feel pretty sure that I certainly wouldn't get rid of my kids pets for a step. Can you buy a duplex so that you, Bear and kid can live on one side and DH and allergic skid can live on the other?

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Did SD ever get the actual allergy tests? As I remember she had to be cleared by a cardiologist first. Why don't you have her get the actual tests and find out for sure what all she is allergic to? Then try the shots. Maybe they will work and your problem will be solved.

An ear infection could easily have made Bear's ears sore which could cause him to snap. Will you be able to go everyday and give him his meds? Perhaps if he becomes his normal self while still at the in-laws they might reconsider.