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Identity theft and child support modification

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So DH is going for CS modification next month. Was checking DH credit report tonight to see if there are any outstanding medical bills that BM hasn't paid. I found 2 loans on his account that needed verified before I could get the report. There is a mortgage and car loan on his account. These are clearly not his as we are renting and own our cars. I know I'm jumping to conclusions but I know it was BM. She knows all his info and the guy she calls her "husband" has been charged with identity theft before. I hope we finally stumbled on something we can use in court. She has been Teflon so far. Does anyone know how to find a reputable private investigator as BM underreports her income. Trying to get videos of her working and selling puppies. She plays poor but spends thousands every Christmas. Lifestyle doesn't match reported income! Sometimes I feel like we all live "Lifetime" movies.


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Living in PA. Who is to ask for this affidavit of financial info? Can't she just underreport her income as she has been? What is included in the affidavit? Who do we report the fraudulent accounts to? Thank you for your help!

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You should take care of the fraudulent accounts ASAP. File a police report for identity theft and contact all 3 credit reporting bureaus. You should see on the report the bank/loan holders of the car loans and mortgage, call them. They will help you with getting the documents that were signed.

Not sure about the affidavit, you should be able to get guidance on this one from the family court clerks.

Sorry you are going through this. We too have found fraudulent items on DH's report for cable, cell phones etc, we've reported those as not his with the credit reporting bureaus.

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Did you find those items on his report or were they just questions to access the account?

When I apply to view my credit report online it asks me about mortgages and car loans also- I've never had either any my correct answer is that I didn't have those loans.

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Chocolatelover they were the questions needed to answer in order to get the credit report. When we responded no to these questions we couldn't see credit report bc these answers were incorrect.
My DH did go to Domestic Relations with BM last month. Not only did she underreport her income but is getting Disability and welfare benefits. DH brought his attorney and had it deemed "complex". BM lost it in Domestics. When asked what her disability is, she said "I'm dead inside!" I would have bust out laughing! Thank God we had attorney go to Domestics with DH.
She has now claimed to have dropped CS bc ??? She "is not in it for the money!" We have yet to receive the papers from Domestics and she has lied so many times so we'll see! He should not have to pay CS anyway since he has full custody of SD13 and she has full custody of SD12 who is not really DH. So technically she should pay DH CS but BM alien actor gets away with everything. Don't expect fair treatment from courts.