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OT - Elf on the Shelf

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I can't stand that little bugger and very much enjoy seeing that elf put to better use, such as being eaten by zombies, getting dunked in the toilet by GI Joe, or dressed as Randy Quaid in Christmas Vacation - "The sh!tter's full!" ... LOL

Anyhoo, my nephew and his wife have that silly elf in their home. Nephew placed the elf to the bathroom on top of the toilet tank because his 4yo daughter was not always doing a proper job of brushing her teeth and washing her hands. He walked in last night to find a big ol' bandaid taped over the elf's eyes. He asked his daughter about it. She said (and I quote!), "Daddy, that damn elf shouldn't be in there watching me go pee pee!"



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LMAO I love it!!!!  Lol

I dislike that elf by the way and it should be tortured by Gremlins Wink


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That's too funny, glad the four year old is smart enough to figure out what a creeper that Elf is!

We had one for years because my mother bought it for the kids one year. I finally killed it off a couple of years ago and boy was my mother pissed, she thinks its the best thing since sliced bread.

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IMO, if parents could/would actually parent AND discipline, kids would not need that little creeper to "remind" them to behave.

I saw a pic of the elf wearing a leg cast - the reasoning was that the elf could not move.

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I hate the elf. We have one. Mine is being helpful... It did dishes, cleaned the table, repaired dog toys... So basically is just taking credit for everything I do... But I refuse to have a little s*** elf in the home. That seems counter productive as he!!.

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Oh they're making forking bank. We only did it because MIL had been doing it for the girls (I don't remember this though... And we lived there a year and a half... So whatever) $30 for the bugger. and they have boy and girl ones and freaking elf animals now. We went with standard... And I think Santa forgets to send it next year... Or goes high tech and writes them a letter saying that the elf was busy this year, but the technology has been programed to monitor their behavior instead....

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Dangit, MIL! Have that little bugger at YOUR house! The elf is needed at another house...

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Kudos to the kid for having some decency. I was hoping she had gouged the little buggers eyes out, we have that stinking elf at our house as well and I loathe him deeply.  Diablo

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Major, google "creative ways to kill elf on the shelf". There are some awesome ideas out there!!

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I love it !!!!!!   But my 8y/o would be devastated if anything ever happened to Bubbles.  It's ok, one of these days I'll find a way to repay my inlaws for this, they brought that little red demon into our lives !!!!!!!  (mostly my MIL, FIL could care less about it )

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This is a new thing for me, we didn't have it when I was growing up in the US and I completely missed out on it here in the UK, so never had any pressure to do that with my son. But I've seen one in a shop window here recently and shivers went down my spine. Christmas is hard enough. 

If I had one, it would have to spy on kids from the bottom of a drawer or the back of a closet.  

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I don't think it was NEEDED when we were growing up. That was back when parents were still able to discipline without fear of being reported to DFCS for making a kid eat broccoli or putting them in timeout for 15 minutes. We behaved or faced the consequences!

SD25 got one for her house. She asked DH a couple of years ago if she could bring it to our house on Christmas day for her then-6yo to see that the elf was keeping tabs on him as step-grandpa's house. DH told her if she so much as crossed the threshhold with that "F*cking POS" that it would go out the door in pieces and straight into the trash. He LOATHES that thing for some reason. LOL

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But the Skids had one at their mother's.  I mocked it.  I mocked it a lot.  I encouraged them to touch it so it would "lose its magic".  I did everything I could to make them disinterested.  It worked.  :)  (BM treated it as another way she was better than DH, so I did it to ruin her "tradition" that only started after the divorce.)

I'm so bad.  *diablo*

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Bahahahaha!!! That is fantastic!!

We used to do the elf thing when mine were believers. It was fun, not a someone's watching you thing- more what silly mischief did the elf get in to last night.

DH and I can't wait until my kids are all in high school - we are going to do bad elf! There are so many adultish humor to do with it- It will be hilarious! 

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Bad elf - love it!

If that elf could enjoy a lifespan in our home, it would solely be for me to display it in creative Kill the Elf ways!

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When it first started, I had no idea what the hell it was and when the boys came over for the weekend SS20 then 11 said to SS16 then 7 "hey better wash your hands or the Elf will see you"  I asked what elf?  DH said - oh that stupid Elf onthe Shelf, ya know the one that the parents move around after the kids go to bed?  It is supposed to make them behave.  

SSthen7 went home and called him mom a liar and threw a fit !

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Until Facebook. Im old, but I still dont recall elf ona  shelf from childhood.

Just on FB after an old scholl chum started posting all kinds of really gross nasty elf stuff. adult stuff. staging her elf to have s@x, booze, smoke.

I dunno. Never got into the elf thing myself.