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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday finally! I've hit the ground running every day this week. "Aniki, here's yet another hoop to jump through!"

Eff off to:

  • Freaking Zoom. If I never do another Zoom for the rest of my life, I'll be soooooo happy.
  • King Pita. Please get laryngitis for the times we have Zoom together. 
  • Poop heads who read 2 of the 3 sentences in an email, then ask me what they should do. How about reading that third sentence, Champ? 
  • Anyone who believes that being kind and considerate is ABnormal.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!


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to the 16 digit password bs.  Good Grief...I mistype these and I have to have more than least twice before I get it right.  Ever hear of SINGLE SIGN ON....

Eff off the outsourced help....IT is 99% OF THE TIME NOT MY PROBLEM.  STOP trying to make it my problem, I will not accept the ticket/incident/email or whatever.  

I'm oncall for work this week.....kill me now

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Oh, I hear you on loooooong passwords. Awhile back, I had to manually key in a 32-digit password. It was a nukkin nightmare!

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I'm peacing out of here...I have no less than 6 passwords......all 16 chars...etc.  I couldn't take 32 chars

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There are some sites where I have to change my password every time I log on, because I can't remember all the password rules. 

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EFF OFF to the co-worker who every other word is LIKE. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!

Wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't a know it all and talk thru the entire Teams meeting.  I am going to start taking a count.

Dash 1


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Like, that really sucks!

Add the ones who say "you know" every few words. Gaaaaaaaah!!!

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I say Eff Off to getting old.  I had an MRI for one issue, which found another issue plus the first one I was having the MRI for (neither serious).  I feel like one of those old houses where if you try to fix one thing, you find 2 other things that need fixing.

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Eh, it's just old age. Nothing too serious, thankfully.

Thanks, though! Smile

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Glad it's nothing serious, tog!

I can tolerate the short, personal vacations in the tropics (hot flashes). What drives me crazy are the damn beard hairs!

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Yeah, I had cold flashes, since I tend to run warm.  Thank god that has passed.

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Eff off to:

- The opiod epidemic

- Trying to make tough, long term decisions in a f'd up world where you don't know what tomorrow holds

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F off to liars

F off to people who write "I dunno" --------Like, it drives me crazy, you know? LOL

F off to drunks, f off to meth heads and fake adhd drug users,  Imangin knowing someone who enjoys all three?

F off to the people who murdered , then buried those kids in Idaho.

F off to what is going on in Seattle.

F off to who ever stole my stuff.

Ahhhh, I feel better now. Thanks Anika





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F off to bullies

F off to management who never DO anything about ongoing problems

F off to our "manager" who was a bullying, raging B to us for 8 months then the company let her be off "sick" with "stress" for nearly 10 months!!!  The only people who were punished for her behaviour is our team who has been running so severely short staffed and no one gives a flying fig

F off to my employer and the stress and atmosphere they create by doing this b.s.

F off again as it has sucked the joy out of nearly purchasing our home together.

F off to the knots in my stomach and sleeping problem due to above

Just F off to most everything.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand breathe.

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Oh that issue of the manager bully who nitpicks and challenges every single medical leave request from employees (literally cancer in one case!) and the one who's father died (she was primary caregiver for her dying father in another city) who she monitored every single minute she was late coming into the office and didn't want to give her any extra bereavement leave (many many family issues happened after his death)...this same manger, when her mother passed away took 3 MONTHS away from work then decided it wasn't enough and gave herself another MONTH off.  To get personal stuff done at her own home.  And that's when I started looking for another job. 

So sorry!  I know what it's like to work in an office like that, plus she likely has a 'catty crew' around her too, just like high school.  Gross.

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Happy Fritag Aniki!  My eff off is to the effing wind!  Every weekend for the past month we get gale force winds that make going outside unbearable!  During the week when I'm locked in my building at work it's perfect, but even the hint of a weekend and here comes the effing wind!  

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Eff of to:

  • Remote desktop, always seems to be a PAIN
  • The last half hour of work
  • The EX. OMG, trying to get him to change things into his name and he's going all "this is the last thing holding us together though." Like I know dips***.  So just sign the damn papers that swap it to you and we're done (He's going monday to sign them he says... Fingers crossed)
  • How effing long the house buying process is. Like seriously overcomplicated as he!!.

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Eff off to my annoying headache that will not go away. 

Eff off to sexism at work. 

Eff off to inefficiency at work.

Eff off to MIL...for a variety of reasons that I won't go into. 

Eff off to BM for making a fight out of everything.