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PMs from trolls

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Several people have let me know they're receiving vulgar PMs (troll). Don't respond (troll disables PMs). Please let me know when you receive one so I can block them.


I know some of you are going through difficult times. Do NOT take these despicable word vomits personally. This person is obviously ill.

Kiss 2


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Aniki, I just got a vile one from polarbear2- you are right- so many of us are end of our ropes.  Btw, based on the message, this is someone who is familiar/been around the boards turning things into chaos.  It's a 'resident' not a new troll I'm pretty sure.


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Yes!!  Please let myself or Aniki know if you receive any unwanted PM's.  If you don't hear back from one of us, PM the other.

Thanks in advance!!

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I am horrible about checking my messages. I checked in today to read some blogs. I am more of a reader than blogger. But I did a get message today from Lorde. It was so funny and sad at the same time because she has no life.  Don't know who this Lorde person is but she is someone who is on this site and my guess is still on here just under a different name.

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Got it!