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Safety measures

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Anyone used safety measures with their child? Without getting into too many details we want to send ss to his mom.with some safety measures. If it's possible without her knowing what could those be? Of course we can say she's abusive or destructive but after all these years of hearsay nothings happened. We don't have full blown proof and I believe that's needed for court to change things. We are currently primary bc some of her terrible acts have gotten her to lose such as her kids. She still has weekends....somehow.

Just seeking ideas to ensure his safety. We've had a lawyer help us get primary last yr but we need more evidence so it's down to supervised visits or less. We don't have a good feelings things are OK as she's still racking up court dates this year...don't wanna wait til it's too late. Thank you

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Phone - he's 10yo and he goes there with nothing but the clothes he has on. She's pretty insane so if he had a phone she would probably break or lose it on purpose and although we can say she should pay...jus to avoid all that hoping for other ideas if possible?

Are there any other tech pieces or anything else others use these days for safety measure?

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I wonder if a cell based "life alert" button device would work.. that would alert to your phones (not directly to the police).. so you could call and check on him?

You could also do some previsit pictures to document his condition before and after the visit?

Beyond that.. if he isn't willing or able to corroborate anything.. it will be tough to prove.

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Your best bet is to arm him with knowledge, facts and confidence.  Does he know how to reach out for help? Who will or  could help him? Does he know the neighbors?  Phone numbers and your address?  Has he met a cop before and comfortable talking with adults ?    Can he call 911 and explain a situation?    I suppose you could plant an Air tag on his coat when it gets colder but you have to hide it well, a good seamstress could help you with that so you can retrieve it.