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Karma Bus At Old Employer has Finally Arrived after 21 Years!

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This guy was on the board of my former employer (RHA) and although he wasn't at the time I was working there (that I know of) but probably was dabbling in it somewhere, they went out of their way to persecute ME...a true single parent with no CS just trying to make a living on some phoney "conflict of interest" charge.  Total PROJECTION because I would often call out fraud on the program (which was part of my job but they told me to just look the other way after a while).

High up people would pull up their trucks and get free siding that was meant for public housing projects, cops would have their baby mamas on rental assistance, social services, you name it whilst they lived in the same house pretending to be the landlord, I could go on and on.

They decided to prosecute me a year after I left there and also blackball me from getting another job so I had to switch my career path to IT.   Only because I purchased a house that had a subsidized tenant in it who was slated to move out in a few weeks anyway as was her MO.  They ended up bribing her to stay there and withheld rent payments to me at the same time so I would have to pay the mortgage (as small as that was) on my dime while supporting my family.  Because I was a CLERK with no policy decision making capabilities.  I merely shuffled paperwork for the most part and confirmed the owner of the rental property (where the fraud detection came in).



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WOW---Thinkthrice--just wow.

Look the other way??...........OMG I know I could not 'look the other way' that is scary stuff.