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Why skid is creepy (this time)

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So a few people have asked on here if skid is cruel to animals and I've always said no. Although she was when she was younger. Her and BM both portray themselves as over the top animal lovers, actually. 

Here was her convo with my ODS after school just now:

ODS: My grandmas dog died named (dog)

SD: okaaaay (in her snotty voice; this is usually about the only thing she says to ODS)

ODS: I really miss him

SD starts f'ing smiling! Like she couldn't contain her joy at him being sad about a dog dying. Creeped me out big time.

ETA: I told DH about it and is response was "yeah that's not good."  Which basically means hes blocking out the info but giving me somewhat of the response he thinks I want at the same time.


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Also related to pets! My kittenkins of 16 years had to be put down a few weeks ago. She was sick, it was time, but of course, still hard. I told skids about it, they knew it was coming, no problem.
A few days after she was gone, I told FDH that I could SWEAR that I heard meowing from the basement (where her kennel was). He looks at me like "OK crazy person"
That night in bed, I hear meowing AGAIN and sit straight up in bed and look at FDH and he says "OK, OK, I hear it too."
So we're joking about it the next day in front of skids. They laugh, no big deal. That weekend I'm doing some chores and I hear meowing AGAIN. Not just meowing, but kittenkins very specific rrrrroooooowwwwwwwwwllllll noise that she made. My stomach drops, I open the basement door and there's SS15, grinning like he's just the FUNNIEST thing.
That was the straw that broke the camal's back for me. I disengaged to the point of absence. I don't look at him, I don't talk to him, I'm polite, which frankly, is more than he deserves.

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SS is sick.  That is not funny in the least, and very hurtful and disrespectful.  I would majorly disengage too and demand DH make SS apologize.  

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Ask her why she finds this funny or amusing? If your DH is someone that backs you up, do it infront of him and require her to apologize. Make her apologize anyway!!!

If she is someone that tries to portray herself as an animal lover, tell her that when she laughs and smiles at finding out an animal died, people wont believe her when she says she loves animals.

Sorry for the rant, we are dealing wtih alot of accountability issues at my house and when my SD acts rude or selfhish I make herself explain herself. When she can't... then I explain that what was unaccaptable about her behavior.

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We spent a long time dealing with this kind of stuff by calling her out, trying to teach empathy, etc. All it did was teach her to be sneakier with her behavior and there was zero results in the empathy department. At this point I'd rather at least know what's actually going on in her head somewhat and just never leave her alone with my kids, tbh. 

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IMO, she simply learned to hide the reality - that she IS a creep.

BioHo claims to be such a good, God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christian. Blah, blah, blah. Because good, God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christians are verbally abusive, lying, cheating, drunken 'hos...

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Oh yes, theres plenty of people who hide behind the "good Christian" front. The "animal lover" front seems to be the alternative of that for non religious folks. 

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Chef called SD, the Animal Torturer, an "animal lover."

She would shoot helpless toads in the eyes and she shot my beloved, now passed, oldest siamese cat in the butt.

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Mary Bell

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Omg...all I looked at so far was the photos that came up of her and captions. She has the same look in her eyes and smirk as SD in some of them and it creeped me out too much to actually read about her right now. 

ETA: alright I read the story. Probably what would have become of SD if she didn't have the much better environment to grow up in than that girl.