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O/T: Employment

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This is really an off topic question but did anyone else notice this new trend of companies letting people go with zero notice?

In the city I live in two restuarants closed down and the way their employees found out was a note on the door when they showed up for their shift.

Twice I have been let go from jobs with zero notice. The first one was a state hospital I was working for, they had been telling me for 8 months that they were going to make me permanent and suddenly terminated my position. What I found out later was they KNEW they couldn't hire me, they just didn't want me to leave until they could get the hiring freeze lifted and could bring someone on from their layoff pool. The second one was another hospital (private this time) who hired me for 60 days. They let me go two weeks early with no notice, saying that I just finished early. Which I did find out was true but I also found out the deadline for the project that I did was two days after my last day so how was I supposed to be there for 60 days?

I'm not too terribly upset because I'm registered with multiple staffing agencies and I start another temp assignment on tuesday it's just irritating that if my dream job came along I would have given them a 2 week notice. I always believed the rule was one week notice for temp jobs and 2 weeks for regular employment. Maybe that's not the case anymore.


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Yep. Companies have no professional compass anymore. They are straight up assholes. If an employee pulls something like that they are black balled. I find companies are doing this more and more. They also don't follow up on interviews which is extremely unprofessional. Someone gives their time to interview and never hears back about the position being filled or otherwise. Their time is important but not your's. You are just a normal blip on radar and easily replaceable.

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I do t think it's really that new. The only time I was laid off, it was TD Ameritrade before the TD was added. Hundreds of us we're let go a week before Christmas with no warning. That was back in '01.

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I've been laid off before. 1 of the jobs I was given 3 months notice and a severance package (I know this isn't typical) the other job gave me 4 weeks notice.