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I'm having chest pain

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I'm 39 and 270 pounds so I am a big girl but I am healthy. I take no meds and my blood pressure is always great. Lately I have been having a feeling of discomfort below my left shoulder on my chest area. It comes and go and is never painful. The last few days I have been having sharp pain there to. Like stabs and then it is gone. Dh and I are trying to lose weight so we have been exercising. We are so active both my arms hurt to move them. Like they are weak hurt! We have been walking, jogging, swimming, kayaking, canoeing and more. I took some Tylenol which I never do because I hate medicine and drs and the pain in my arms is better. Do you think the pain is from exercise? I have a drs appointment Thursday but I hate my dr. They will send me for a million and ten tests. I have an innocent heart murmur that occasionally acts up and misbeats.


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I had chest pains about 6 months ago. I ignored it for a few weeks but it was scaring me. So, I called my Dr. and was told to go directly to the ER. After many test they couldn't find anything wrong with me. It was a pretty stressful time of my life and the ER doc recommended I get a stress test.

If you don't like your doctor, I would go to the ER. I was brought back and given a bed almost immediately.

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It's not just my dr it's all of them. I hate drs. I'm glad to hear it wasn't serious. Fingers crossed for me!!

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I had chest pain about 6 months ago. It went away when I was exercising, and was more annoying, not really painful. I'm 40 and a few pounds overweight. I thought it could even be heartburn, but nothing was helping. I went to my dr, and she did an ekg and said I was fine. I went on 25mg prozac, and within days it disappeared.

Yours sounds different. If you don't like your dr, definitely go to the ER or urgent care. You should not ignore this. It's not fun to go to the dr, but it's important.

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At your weight, you are not healthy. I know it is hard to hear. I weighed what you do and I lied to myself with the same lies. I am down 80 pounds and feel so much better. I would have sworn when I was still at my high weight that I felt the best I possibly could.

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I am not a fan of doctors either but just make the appointment and go for peace of mind. You are probably fine.

Keep up the effort to get down to a healthier weight, that is great.

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Oh my goodness, yes, you most definitely should go to the doctor. Although chest pain is not necessarily a sign of a heart attack, it can be, and it can be a symptom of other problems. I don't know how tall you are, but even if you are 6' tall (very unlikely for a female) you would be considered "obese." I am sure when you say you are "healthy," you mean you don't have any health problems that you know of, but obviously, at your weight alone, you are at risk for many health problems, including coronary artery disease and diabetes, to name a couple. It strikes me that you may have a blockage in your heart that has become more symptomatic due to exercise. However, I'm no doctor and am just someone who is very health-conscious in terms of diet and exercise. PLEASE go get checked ASAP. Hopefully, there are no problems, and you can continue on your newfound path to losing weight and getting healthier.

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Please go to the ER immediately!! While chest pain can be a result of stress (my DH was in the ER twice for this), it might very well be your heart. I don't like going to the doctor, either, but I'd rather go to the doctor than end up in the ground.


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My dad (obviously, older than you) was having chest pains, but only when he played tennis or mowed the lawn, they would subside when he rested. He finally went to the doctor, scheduled a stress test, (not good results), had the heart catheter, and ended up having a quadruple bypass.

He is doing great and had a really good recovery. I believe that's mostly due to catching it before he actually had a heart attack. He was lucky, with 4 blockages (all at more than 50%, one at 90%), he might not have lived through a heart attack.

My DH, perfectly healthy weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, no heart disease, had a heart attack at 46.

The ER is better equipped to run tests quickly and diagnose, than the doctor's office. When a co-worker went to his doctor with chest pains, they wouldn't even see him, they just sent him straight to the ER (which was in the same location). And yes, turned out he was having a heart attack.

Don't wait.