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Super Blue Moon Humor

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Its not super humor, but here it is...

Since the BLBW (Burst Love Bubble Wedding) SDPowerSulk CPs has been REALLY friendly to me. I am reserved, but yes, am going with it. She wants to suddenly say "hi" "goodmorning" "goodnight", Im going with it. 

Last night, I didnt cook (skid time, clove no cook-ie) husband didnt want to cook. Tells me this. SDPS has been in her room. Its 9:30 pm. Husband sais "well theres a steak in the fridge..." trails off leaving it open to interpretation.

SD17PS ambles to the kitchen scouring the fridge for her normal scavenger hunt for leftovers. Finds nothing. Question mark cloud bubble over her head. "oh?"

Husband yells from man-cave garage chair "theres steak, but you gotta cook it yourself!"

What ensues I watch from the living room absorbed by "airport '77" and hear "do I use oil or butter to cook steak?" watch as dad tells her which pan to use. How to season. Watch him as he starts hovering. Takes over the cooking of said steak, because now hes hungry and invested.

I amble into the kitchen to get some more wine. Ask SD17 PS "Is that your first time cooking steak?" She answers "well, I did some..."

Me: "So youve only cooked steak once and this was it?"

Her: "yeah"

Me: "And its during a Blue Moon?"

*****HEEHEHEHEHEHE*******and yeah I had to explain it, so worth it though

For YEARS I have encouraged kiddo to become self-sufficent, to learn how to cook for herself as a basic healthy skill. To find joy in it.

ARRRRG. Thats all I got. 


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All positive.  She wants to learn a skill.  You didn't get roped in and disappointed.  She's being pleasant.  DH had to step up.  I think you've got it, Clove.

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I agree with JRI BUT... why did you ask her if it's her first time cooking a steak?! That's not being disengaged... IMO that's a "poking the bear" statement.. Those questions normally end bad for you..

And honestly... skids 20,18, and 16 wouldn't know how to cook a steak either... 

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"once in a blue moon". haha. I wasnt really invested in it being her first time.

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History proves that Ms. CPS doesn't take jokes very well. I agree that it was a "poking the bear" kind of thing. If you're disengaged, STAY disengaged.

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It's how they get us. Start being nice again...we run with it...and then the "crap" hits the fan again. I agree with MissK...I would not have asked one question. It opens the door for issues to begin. Staying disengaged is your safest place.

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Yea. Get me comfortable, then "bam" hit me down.

Im not falling for any of the niceness, just keeping things even-keeled.

But yes, keeping it even, even that is too much.

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Be nice, polite, but don't cook the steak.  Let DH tell her how.  Ignore and get you wine.  Perfect, good job!

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I bet your DH had a private talk with her and reminded her act right, turn things around, knowing your stance/boundaries surrounding her previous behavior. 

Good to hear it went well