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Bio mom is a creeper

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My SS13 and bio mom do full on mouth kisses, he sits on her lap, gives her huge twirling hugs. All in front of a crowd. This has happened THREE times that I have witnessed a school sporting event. He has no peer awareness that this is odd. I have a son14. I am very affectionate. This is completely different. It's like a romance movie. Counselor says the overly affectionate behavior is because he is protective of his mom & that sometimes comes out like this. It creeps me out. I literally have to look away when I see it. He gives her this lovers hug & when he turns to walk towards the car he's beaming & it wears off as he approaches us.

Some history. I've been told bio mom displayed weird affections with her younger brother. (Lingering hugs, hands on hips, staring into eyes, lip kisses... While she & DH were married... Her brother was 18-20ish when this behavior was viewed & person told me about it) bio mom cheated on my DH with an 18 year old, also confirmed another man, who was her peer age. Also bio mom was orally raped by her dad growing up (it's in custody evaluation & SD is not to be around bio moms dad (grandpa) But bio mom is really close with her parents (they're still married) to the point she sees them everyday. So with all that said it makes me think she's completely without sexual boundaries with her own son.

Bio mom has been caught having SD7 alone with bio moms dad... In counseling it came up. Bio mom flipped out saying he's not a threat to daughter & if something did happen, daughter would get over it like she has. Wtf!!! Counselor of course put a halt to that thinking. But wtf?

SS13 & SD7 have had some history with touching & it's been a long road but essentially the police interview happened 11 days after report, bio mom coached kids on what to say. In report it was noted that children used certain words that would indicate they were prompted on what to say. We watch the kids extremely close & have a safety plan in place at our home. The two don't even sit by each other in the car. Even with all that we do, there are times SS13 grabs onto SD7 & gives her a weird from behind hug, like lovers do. He says things like "when did you get to be so pretty" & tries to stroke her hair. It's not normal. No siblings act this way.

I have a daughter. 3 years ago SS13 tried to rub her leg, she told him one time to stop. He did it again & she dislocated his middle finger. Literally. I have taught my kids to stop that type of behavior, not just to tell me. But to stop it. She did. It's not happened again.

Ugh. I went on and on. I see that now. But sometimes I just need to let this crap out. Is anyone dealing with sexually inappropriate step kids?


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Ugh. He found out about the abuse 4 years into marriage, it all came out when she got pregnant.

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Yeah I couldn't take step kids in bed with us. Ugh. I could throw up just thinking about it. Even the SD who I am bonded with. Nah I'm good.

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The counselor involved is court appointed. I really don't think changing is an option. The counselor before was a million times worse. :/

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That is beyond weird! Keep him away from your daughter! Good for her for dislocating his finger!!!

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Yes. It's not an easy feeling. Interesting enough the finger incident has never been an issue of BM. She brings up if my kids stare at her coddled lil shits. Thankfully my daughter (& sons too) know they are not to let it happen.

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This will be "SS"9 and BM in a couple years. He curls up in her lap in the fetal position all the time. In public. She carries him around. Yes, at 9 freakin' years old. "SS," BM and SF all sleep together. She holds his hand everywhere they go. Ties his shoes for him and zips his coat. "SS"9 is constantly talking about MommyMommyMommy. Mommy is the only person who matters in his life. I keep waiting for them to start making out. Even though she's married, he's her confidante and companion. They have a strange, way too enmeshed twisted relationship.

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Sounds like it will. It's very uncomfortable to witness. At the public school sporting events I was like looking around to see if people noticed. Some did. Ugh. Weird as hell. He has sat on her lap thru a game also. She's short. He's average. 13. Weird. Weird. Weird. It's not like he's a dwarf or 9 for that matter. He's in junior high. And he gets giddy when they hug, kiss, when he sees her. I can see this look on her face like "oh that enough, later when we get home" Ewwww. It's too much. I'm about to video the damn thing & send it to counselor. This is how gross it is. But for that matter, he has sat on her lap during a sessions before. Aughh