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Munchausen/Munchausen by proxy

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Ex MIL exhibits symptoms of this problem. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this regarding a bio or another individual who had access to their children. What did they do, if you documented it, how did you do it, and have you ever brought it up in court?

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First of all I apologize that I posted this in the wrong category, I meant to post in "Mentally Unfit", but clicked the wrong space.
This is an abridged list of some things that have been done or have made me feel suspect.

EXMIL (born in 1961) used to live walking distance from a clinic and would come walking back crying when she knew we were on our way to her house, and would regularly say she had some disease that would kill her. Once she said that she had Tuberculosis and had 5 months to live. She also regularly claims to suffer from gall and kidney stones, even though I lived with her for periods of time and she was never ill, even when claiming to be having a bout of stones.

She has 2 younger children, who were 14 and 6 when I had more contact with her. She claimed that the daughter had lupus, but was also never ill. Her son has been hospitalized for "heart problems" and various illnesses that there are vaccines for, but he has not been vaccinated. The son has been hospitzlized as recently as a year ago, that I know of. More suspicious is that these kids and her were always healthy when I saw them and "suddenly" developed strange illnesses, if that makes sense.

And lastly, my daughter. She took me to court and tried to take my child away from me, and she had received an EOW visitation shared with BF in claim to her "grandparent rights." On those weekends she would often take my daughter to the ER or Urgent care and somehow get her prescribed antibiotics and whatnot. When I noticed her coming home with a white paper bag full of pink medicine every 2 weeks, I got suspicious and started having her checked over by her ped. every Friday before visits and knowing that when she left my care she was NOT ill. And she would come home with medicine AGAIN. She would also not see a doctor in her care network, so when I would call the hosp or clinic that gave meds they would not speak to me, as she labeled herself as the child's mother. My child also had frequent severe vomiting episodes, often in my vehicle on the way home after I picked her up, and I was like she COULD NOT stop throwing up.
My daughter now only sees her every 3 weeks, b/c of her not following court orders, but I am still concerned and scared for her when she goes, due to things that have happened in the past.

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That is absolutely terrifying! Go to the judge and explain what you have witnessed!!! That woman should not be around your child!

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Ok, so the BF is not deceased, he is supposed to have supervised visitation on the wk ends grandma gets her. She tried to argue that she was a "de facto custodian" of my child and was granted the ability to file under this title due to her fudging the dates that I lived with her and claiming that I had "abandoned" my daughter.
She was out of the picture for quite awhile due to her sending unauthorized individuals to collect my daughter. She has not done anything *recently* to my child. The things that we had that were well documented were used in the court date we had last month. But since she is back in the picture, I wanted to be prepared, because it is perfectly clear she is still the same woman that I have been dealing with.

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What basically happened with her court debacle was that I was awarded sole legal and physical custody. They (ExMIL and BF) had to share EOW, with grandma facilitating the supervised visits for dad. She broke the rules for an extended period of time, I had to hire a lawyer and take her to court. Now since she was basically in contempt, they get a weekend every 3 weeks instead of EOW.