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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF! Sorry I'm so late to the game today. This has been the longest week and next week will likely be worse as I have to do my job AND someone else's (vacation). I need a clone for next week - only for work hours! Anyone have one I can borrow? Wink

Eff off to:

  • That SuperUltraMegaAsshat, King Pita. As if I'm not busy enough, that effer continues to waste precious time forwarding me emails I already receive; asking the dumbest effing questions on multi-recipient emails, making them endlessly long and torturous to read; and yammering on and on about things that are NOT for this zoom's topic - and this happens Every.Effing.Zoom. *dash1*
  • That wastoid little bloodsucking beeyotch, the mosquito. DH says, "Baby, critters eat them. They have a purpose." DH, I maintain that those critters can damn well eat something else. One bite is on my heel - right where every shoe rubs. Another got me on the bridge of my nose. WTH?! And some of those beeyotches have long noses because one got me smack dab in the middle of my left cheek through denim shorts! 
  • Stress manifesting itself into dreams/nightmares. I feel like the walking dead today. Blech.
  • Insomnia - thanks to one of those nightmares that was so horrific, I was actually too disturbed to go back to sleep for almost 3 hours (leaving me with 47 minutes before the freaking alarm went off). I planned to make steak with red wine/cherry sauce, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and cherry beer bread for dinner tonight. At this rate, I'll be conked out in bed by 6pm. Ugh.

Wishing you a stress-free and enjoyable weekend with good sleep!


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* Eff off to this week, for me, going by WAY too fast.  I haven't done my monthly budget projections yet!  EEKs.

*Eff off to YSD calling the shots, nicely in her way, but allowing for no changes.

*Eff off to, I think, more p*ss on the toilet seat - I didn't have time to deal with this yeseterday and I didn't use the toilet, only the sink but I'm ON IT again and I will not wait to see what DH does. I'm addressing it full on no stops.

Meeting up with a friend for an outside fish lunch tomorrow!  Yay!

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Cover, I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv fish! What kind of fish do they serve? 

As long as this week has been, it's simultaneously flying by because I have so much work - and am not getting it completed to my satisfaction.

THat p*ss on the toilet seat caca is irksome. I'd be tempted to give them a freaking Johnn-On-The-Spot. *diablo*

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The have ALL the fish that is sustainable. It's also a fish market. So their menu changes all the time. Best oyster shooters of my life there.

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I have never had an oyster shooter. One of these days...

My fave fish is Lake Superior whitefish. That cold water gives the fish a "meaty" texture. I've yet to eat a type of fish I don't like. Smile

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1. My favorite event of the year is sold out.

- however...A new event this weekend.

2. Toxic Troll - for making plans about SD15 driving without consulting with DH. But on the flip side I guess shes probably understanding that she failed with the first one, better try to get it right with the second one...

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CLove, bummer you'll miss your favorite event! I'm baffled by the eff off to a new event... *scratch_one-s_head*

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Corrected! And raise you one, as I JUST bought tix to another event for NEXT weekend Biggrin

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Eff off to mosquitoes. I can't take them anymore... I got 12 in 3 minutes the other day in the garden! Told SO I can't go back there anymore! 

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I say the flare up before they actually start going away! They are fine then bam... itchy! So annoying! Haha 

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I'm always hearing "don't scratch them". I don't! Maybe I'm glaring at them too hard... Wink

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And I HAD to come here.

My assistant manager did not buy the self-adhesive envelopes that I requested. I do the checks! So now I have 1000 envelopes I have to use my glue stick on. Thats about 3 years until I can get new envelopes Sad

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Yea... well my employer is too cheap to buy self adhesive I ALWAYS have to deal with this bs. 

Very profitable company. I half joke with the EVP all the time.....WE ARE NOT BROKE. 

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Do they have the ickle lickable adhesive? Look for an envelope moistener; small bottle with a sponge on the end.

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lying about their capabilities at job interviews. My boss just recently hired someone who had all this experience etc. to fill my newest co-worker's shoes since she left (she got hired in February after my boss had to fire my co-worker for being drunk at work many times, then the new hire got offered her dream job less than 6 months after starting for our company). So this week I have been pulling overtime to complete requests from clients because the new co-worker does not have the experience/knowledge yet to do so. I guess bright side is getting a little extra money this paycheck, BUT I hope this is not a constant thing because I do not have the capacity nor the desire to do overtime every week for the next couple months to pick up her slack. 

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That is such BS! I've worked with two people who sooooo obviously could not do the job the claimed they could. Never understood why there were not immediately terminated. *diablo*

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Can I eff off on a saturday?

SD15 backstabber ate a nice dinner last night. Her dishes remain.

I washed ALL dishes, and aske just that she wash a few pots and pans.

She does nothing for over an hour and Im still waiting. And got the big sigh of attitude when I asked, and the mopey attitude because when I asked she had to open the door.

And I cannot say anything ...

I need to get the heck out of dodge this weekend, her lazy and bad attitude is driving me crazy.

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CLove, you can do an eff off ANY day of the week!

Evil Aniki would no longer cook for anyone other than herself. Tell your DH that SD15 does the bloody dishes or he can do all of the cooking.