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My mind will not leave the fact that my DH had a life before me. Another woman has his children. They are so much like their mom, since we have them EOW, to me it's like he's loving a part of her. I know this is distorted. Everyone always says "you knew what you were getting into." I never imagined it would be this hard. I have no children of my own, so I don't get the kind of bond that exists between a parent and their spawn.  SD17 is coming over today. Asking if we're in walking distance of safeway. She needs her specific bottled water and snapple. Even though we stocked the shelves for them before they visit. I am planning on disengaging this weekend and start to let him spend all the time with her. I hate playing house and pretending that these entitled kids are the coolest thing ever and boy does he love being disneyland dad. I will never understand!! and these thoughts keep plaguing me. Has anyone ever felt this way? Does it change?


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Let SD17 get her own bottle water and snapple - (whatever that is!)  The entitlement of SKIDs is one thing - but I think that your insecurity is prompting your feeling that DH is loving a part of BM.  Fact is, he left her and chose you.  My own DH stopped Disney Dadding when the SDs were in their late teens.  Hopefully this will happen for you also.