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hypothetical job

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SS17 and SS15 bombarded DH last week about SD17 buying his only car from him for half price. (she doesn't even have the funds) At least DH knows that giving up his only car would be out of the question. As if he didn't need it. Smh.  So after sulking she asks if she does get a job this year will DH pick her up from work and drop her back off at her mom's house... thats a 45 min deal depending on where she can even get a job. I know this is somewhat future tripping but I wanted to know what anyone else thought.

A double minded man...

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is unstable in all his ways. That is who I've become.  I oscillate between acceptance and getting outta dodge. Been reading this site for a bit and am very grateful to have found it. I guess I'm looking for some sort of encouragement that things are going to be okay.  Today MIL, who's currently in ICU asked for pictures of all the grandkids... so I'm looking at SD's Instagram page for pictures of her and her brother. Beside her selfies and food logs **eyeroll** looking at all the past memories of them as children and with BM triggered me something awful. Why?


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My mind will not leave the fact that my DH had a life before me. Another woman has his children. They are so much like their mom, since we have them EOW, to me it's like he's loving a part of her. I know this is distorted. Everyone always says "you knew what you were getting into." I never imagined it would be this hard. I have no children of my own, so I don't get the kind of bond that exists between a parent and their spawn.  SD17 is coming over today. Asking if we're in walking distance of safeway. She needs her specific bottled water and snapple.

they are teenagers for goodness sake

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My DH and his ex wife have to talk to each other through a parenting app. She hasn't messaged him in months. Also the children are now SD17 and SS15. Why do they even need to communicate with each other when the children are fully capable of making plans with their father? Am I wrong in thinking this? Out of the blue today for some little nothing that could have been told to SS.  Do ex wives know that the messaging irks?

Feels like it's always me

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SD17 and SS15 are on CO for visitation EOW and vacation time. The 2nd time they gave us a revised schedule of when they are going to visit this summer and we discussed it then. SD17 is very high maintenance and to get him to set some kind of schedule for the year and give us notice( not changing weekly) I make him take the day off when she is here. I thought this would deter him from allowing them to come over whenever. We live in an apartment, they are almost adults and I think giving notice to come visit is respectful. Anyways he took the days off but I am going to hide in my room.


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     Okay so we pay CS for every other weekend and some vacation. Which is totally the deal and understood. However my skids are SD17 and SS15 and I feel for that age, due to extra groceries and things, we need some notice for the summer visits and it is respectful. Now SS15 originally wanted to come the 26th-1st and his daughter we told that during the weekday DH worked so she said the weekend after which is the 29th.

New here*my vent

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My DH has been the disneyland dad to SD17 and SS15 for all their lives. It's extremely frustrating when ss15 comes over.  He literally spends all his time (upwards of 14 hours a day) playing video games. He could care less if his dad was even here! I am so fed up. My skids only come over because they have no rules here and DH has always spoiled them. When SD17 comes over, it's all about shine. Where we going, where we eating, let's get starbucks, so I can Instagram it. UGH.